Wine Bottle Chandelier Designs for Any Part of the Home

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Lighting fixture does not only illuminate the house. Beautifully designed lighting feature also increases the aesthetical point of any room it inhabits. You should consider wine bottle chandelier as a light fixture option for your room.

The chandelier is relatively inexpensive if compared to other types of chandeliers. Even then it is no less beautiful than the others. The chandelier definitely has its own charm. You can even take one of the designs that are going to be elaborated below as a DIY project. Let’s take a peek at these gorgeous chandeliers.

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    Majestic Wine Chandelier

This wine bottle chandelier definitely looks majestic. More than fifty classic style wine bottles are arranged in circular motion against a strong metal structure that is hanging on the ceiling.

Their lips are the parts which are connected to the structure. Light bulbs are installed inside the bottles. The circle shape gets bigger as it goes to the top. It is perfect to be installed in a big room.

  1. Electric Blue Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier Designs

This light fixture is perfect to be placed inside a modern theme room or even in a high end bars. The electric blue wine bottles are arranged in square shape to give out symmetrical vibe you will find in modern furniture pieces. White color light bulbs are installed inside the wine bottles.

This chandelier already looks great when the light is not switched on. When the light is turned on, however, the chandelier emits neon blue color.

  1. Vineyard Theme Wine Chandelier

Various unique wine bottle chandelier designs are available in the market, including this one. The design has an aim to recreate the look of grapes (wine materials) growing in the vineyard. Bottles are connected to the ceiling structure by rigid ropes that are arranged to look like vines.

The outer parts of those bottles are also adorned by vine-like ropes in order to enhance that look. Circular wooden plank is used to hold the structure.

  1. Small Chandelier with Halved Bottles

This small chandelier will fit nicely inside your moderate size living room. It incorporates colorful wine bottles with their bottom parts cut down. There are blue, green, yellow, and red wine bottles. Each bottle is connected by wire to the support structure on the ceiling. The wires have different length so you will get the illusion of tiered chandelier at a first glance.

  1. Wine Rack Hanging Chandelier

Recreating wine rack as wine bottle chandelier design is a great idea. A metal rack is installed to the ceiling. This rack provides a nice industrial feeling due to its simple and rustic design.

Used wine bottles that have been filled with vintage light bulbs are arranged to in line to create the vibe of wine rack. It seems like adhesive is added to secure the wine bottles position against the narrow rack to prevent them from slipping.

  1. Upside Down Wine Chandelier

This is a very gorgeous chandelier that will be a perfect addition to your house. The wine bottles are hung upside down against a rack that has circular holes in perfect size to hold the wine bottle securely.

Each bottle has different cap to hold the light bulb safe inside. Because of the cap, the light it emits becomes very colorful. There are red, green, and blue caps for the clear colored bottles.

  1. Romantic Chandelier with 3 Wine Bottles

Are you looking for simple wine bottle chandelier design that even someone with basic crafting skill will be able to recreate? This small chandelier utilizes three wine bottles that have their bottom parts cut down.

They are attached to rectangular wooden slab that is hanging to the wall by simple chain. The light bulbs that are installed inside the wine bottles have soft yellow glow. It will be nice to be placed in dining room.

  1. Rustic Chandelier with Gradient Lighting

This chandelier looks rustic due to its support structure that is made of used wood and metal. Several bottles that have been removed from their bottom parts are installed in tier style to the structure. Each tier emits different kind of light. The bottom part has reddish hue and it goes green nearing the top. When combined, the result is enchanting gradient lighting that will make everyone super fixated.

  1. Industrial Style Bottle Chandelier

If you want something that has industrial vibe, you should consider this wine bottle chandelier design. Several clear colored wine bottles are aligned in one line. The bottles’ lips are connected to heavy duty metal pipe. Warm white lights are used to fill the inside of those wine bottles.

The result is cool looking light fixture you can hardly find in other places. This particular piece looks great when installed in a room with rustic brick wall.

  1. Massive Purple Chandelier in Dropped Ceiling

The chandelier design is suitable for people who have taste for grandiose items. This chandelier definitely looks grandiose with its ten feet length. It hangs from the dropped down ceiling on the second floor all the way to the first floor.

The glass of its wine bottles are colored purple which why when turned on, the chandelier will emit nice and warm purple color. There are hundreds of bottles involved in the chandelier design.

  1. Oil Lamp Style Wall Chandelier

This wine bottle chandelier replicates the idea of vintage oil lamp. Instead of the usual fixture, though, wine bottle is used as the lamp structure. Fuel is placed inside the bottle and ropes that will transfer the fuel to fire on top of those bottles are secured inside. It is a great fixture to be placed alongside the hallway. Nonetheless, you have to be careful of the fire hazard risk.

  1. Garden Chandelier with Fresh Plants

This particular chandelier looks great hanging in your garden. The wine bottles are halves and placed upside down. Candle is placed inside of each of each wine bottle to provide romantic lighting that will look great in your garden during the night.

A great feature that makes this lighting fixture very unique is the addition of fresh plants that are made to grow alongside the wine bottles. When the flowers bloom, it adds nice color notes.

  1. Colorful Chandelier in Singles

The wine bottle chandelier is designed to have several wine bottles placed distant from one another. Each bottle has different color scheme: blue, red, purple, pink and yellow. When the light is turned off, the chandelier already looks like an artwork.

If the light is turned off, each bottle will illuminate different color tones due to its varied glass colors. This light fixture is perfect to be placed inside the bedroom due to its ambient lighting.

  1. Circular Fairy Light Chandelier

The design of this chandelier will make it suitable to be placed inside the bedroom. Fixture that is used to attach the chandelier to ceiling is the top of wooden keg. Wine bottles are arranged in circular pattern.

Inside of those bottles, you will find fairy lights in warm white color. When it is being turned on, the chandelier emits soft light to the room. You will be able to sleep peacefully with this chandelier around.

  1. Varied Shapes Bottle Chandelier

This wine bottle chandelier combines several bottle shapes together to give it unique look. You will be able to see regular wine bottle shape as well as the unique ones that are usually used for rose. Since each bottle has different glass color, it will emit varied light color. It is hung to the ceiling by wooden plank.

  1. Neon Green Chandelier

The chandelier will look great in a boy’s bedroom, particularly boys who enjoy reading fantasy books and graphic novels. It utilizes regular wine bottles that have been separated from their bottom halves. Soft green light bulbs are installed inside the bottles. When turned on, the chandelier will emit neon green color that looks super unique.

  1. Crystal Like Bottle Chandelier

If you want to have chandelier that looks luxurious but inexpensive if compared to crystal chandelier, this wine bottle chandelier can be a nice alternative. It utilizes multiple clear colored wine bottles that are designed in multiple tiers. The chandelier emits nice and bright lighting that is perfect for living room installation.

  1. Tight Together Wine Chandelier

This chandelier design is for simple and chic person who enjoys coordinated mess. It combines several convention shape wine bottle in green colors. Each wine bottle is connected to the ceiling support by light bulb wire. The wires are tied together to those wine bottles are looking like they are mashed up together.

  1. Aligned Bottle Chandelier

The wine bottle chandelier has simple and clean design that will make it fit perfectly in modern style room. However, the support structure is actually inspired by medieval style light holder.

It utilizes clear colored wine bottles with soft warm white light bulbs. This chandelier emits soft glow when turned on. You can place it in dining room and living room.

  1. Medieval Style Bottle Chandelier

You will often see chandelier like this inside an old school bar or library. The unique part of this light fixture is certainly the medieval style ceiling support and its wine bottles. This chandelier will match perfect to be installed outdoor or any room in the house that has brick wall. It emits bright light that is not too harsh to the eyes.

Hopefully these wine bottle chandelier designs will be able to help you tackling your next home projects. They are not only beautiful, but also affordable.

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