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What to do with Old T-shirt

There are a lot of things of what to do with old T-shirts. Instead of throwing them away, try to make something useful out of them.

Here are some of the best ideas about what to do with old T-shirts. You should consider making them all before trying to get rid of the shirts.

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    Baby Clothes


Baby Clothes

Making baby clothes is one of the best ideas when it comes to what to do with old T-shirts. Baby or toddler clothes are relatively smaller so that you can just cut larger old T-shirt and make the clothes.

In the picture, it is shown a colorful baby outfit made out of several stripes of old shirts. Combining several different patterns and colors seems to work perfectly to create whimsical and cute-looking outfit for babies.

  1. T-Shirt Bikini

T-Shirt Bikini

When it is summer time and you have not bought any bikini yet for the beach vacation, fear not because you can make one on your own using old T-shirts. The example is in the picture.

The blue bikini is surely made out of old fabric. The top and bottom part are cut from the chest area of an old T-shirt. As long as you can get creative, the bikini is so simple to make. It should be tried for sure.

  1. Dust Mop Refill

Dust Mop Refill

Throwing away an old T-shirt is such a shame because you can turn it into so many things. One of the best things about what to do with old T-shirts is to turn it into dust mop refill.

T-shirt with softer material, such as polyester and cotton, is perfect to clean up the floor. The picture shows you that an old shirt can be cut and applied on a mop. Then, it is usable to clean the floor, just like regular mop refill.

  1. T-Shirt Hair Band


T-Shirt Hair Band

If you have long hair, you will need hair band all the time. Instead of buying ones, you should try to make one on your own. The material to make the hair band is none other than old T-shirt.

Take a look at the picture. It shows you some hair bands made out of colorful shirt. All you need to do is just cutting the shirt into stripes, insert some elastics between stripes, and sew them together into hair bands.

  1. One-Shoulder Fancy Top


One-Shoulder Fancy Top

Old T-shirt is deemed “old” probably because it is plain and boring. If you do not want to turn the shirt into anything else, you can keep using the shirt but you can make it fancier first.

In the picture, it is shown that an old dark-colored shirt is turned into a fancy one-shoulder top. One of the sleeves is cut diagonally and sewn back together into one-shoulder-styled top. It is totally adorable and worth trying.

  1. Necklace



When people are talking about what to do with old T-shirts, they probably mention accessories, such as necklace and bracelet. Indeed, old shirt can be cut and formed into necklace to enhance the appearance.

The example is in the picture. A maroon-colored shirt is cut into stripes, yarned, and combined into a beautiful, multi-layered necklace. It looks beautiful as well as fancy. It does not look like an old T-shirt craft and people probably will think that the necklace is coming from expensive brand or something.

  1. Bracelet


Besides of necklace, accessories made out of old T-shirts are including bracelet, too. The bracelet, as in the picture, can be made from combining shirt stripes and weave them all together into large wristband-styled bracelet.

The color combination is just adorable and it looks fun to wear, too. You can wear the bracelet on casual occasion as well as on slightly more formal occasions, such as dining with friends after work.

  1. Scarf



One of the most needed accessories during the chiller weather is scarf. If you do not have any scarf or yours are already dull-looking, you do not have to buy a new one. Instead of buying, you can always make it out of an old shirt.

The example is in the picture. A sky-blue scarf is totally made out of large old T-shirt is worn by a woman. It looks great to wear and it will save your money because you do not need to buy a new scarf to wear.

  1. Plant Hanger


Plant Hanger

If someone owns lots and lots of plants at home, they will probably own tons of pots, too. If they do not want to run out of space, they need to hang the plant pots down the ceiling.

The best plant hanger to make is by using old shirts. They are relatively stronger and durable. Just like in the picture, cut the shirts into stripes, weave it to enhance its strength, and use it to support the plants before hanging it.

  1. Dog Chew Toy

Dog Chew Toy

One of the best what to do with old T-shirts ideas is to turn the old outfit into dog chew toys. Instead of letting the dog chewing on furniture, give something for the dog to deliberately chew, like this toy made out of old shirt.

The shirts are cut into stripes and weave together forming a big bone-shaped toy. It should be sturdy enough so that it can be chewed by the dog and not get ruined quickly. The best thing about the toy is that it should be washable.

  1. Doll and Stuffed Animals

Doll and Stuffed Animals

Buying dolls and stuffed animals is common thing to do when you are parents. However, it can cost you lots and lots of money. Instead of buying the dolls, make one on your own using old shirts.

Large shirts are easier to cut into shapes, sewn together, and stuffed. Use fluffy stuffing like synthetic cotton or foam. The result should be adorable, just like the doll in the picture.

  1. Cat Tent

Cat Tent

When you have a cat, the best thing about what to do with old T-shirts is to turn the shirt into cat tent. Cat tent is going to give personal space for the feline. It is easy to do as well.

The two things you need are the frame and the shirt. The frame is usually made out wire or old cloth hanger. Once the frame is ready, you can use a large old shirt to cover the frame. It is ready for the cat then.

  1. Coffee Sleeve


Coffee Sleeve

Bringing coffee every morning to work is normal for everyone. Sometimes, the coffee tumbler can be so hot that you cannot handle it with ease. The solution here is to make coffee sleeve.

Take a look at the picture; it is a great idea of what to do with old T-shirts. The shirt is turned into coffee sleeves, along with the buttons and cute design. This is the right craft to make when you need to bring hot beverages in daily basis.

  1. Rug


A rug is something common to be made out of old shirt. The rug or welcome mat is easy to make and it only needs a few materials.

The picture above shows exactly how beautiful and unique it is to own a rug made out of old shirt. The shirt scrapes are combined together into fury-looking rug that will warm your feet at home.

  1. Braided Yarn Basket

Braided Yarn Basket

Braided yarn basket does not have to be made out of actual yarn. Instead, you can use old shirts, just like the one in the picture.

Three shirts of three different colors are cut into stripes, weaved together, and then used to wrap around a basket. The overall look is surely dashing.

  1. Tassel Shirts

Tassel Shirts

When you are totally boring of your plain-looking shirts, the idea of what to do with old T-shirts of yours is probably turning it into tassel shirts.

Tassel shirts are cute, fresh-looking, and have a kind of Bohemian touch on it. Some examples of DIY tassel shirts are in the picture. They are totally adorable for sure.

  1. Cute Beanie

Cute Beanie

During winter or colder weather, you need to cover your head with something warmer, such as beanie. There is no need to buy a beanie, though, because you can make it out of old shirts.

The picture shows you several beanies made out of old T-shirt. It comes from the torso area of the shirt, cut and sewn into unique looking beanies to wear.

  1. T-Shirt Bag

T-Shirt Bag

This is probably the best thing of what to do with old T-shirts. T-shirts, especially the larger ones, are perfect to be turned into bag. They are fashionable and totally adorable to wear.

Some of the examples of T-shirt bag are in the picture. The colorful shirts are cut on the sleeves to turn it into usable tote-bag kind of thing.

  1. Quilt


Quilt can totally be made out of old shirts. They are basically just blanket made out of scrapes of fabric, including shirts.

In the picture, you can tell that the large, fury blanket is made out of old shirt. The shirts are combined together into a quilt and then sewn together.

  1. Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover

The last idea of what to do with old T-shirts here is to turn the shirt into pillow cover. It is easy to make and totally capable to improve the look of your room.

Choose a large T-shirt with bold design on it, just like the one in the picture, and then cut off the sleeves and neck to turn it into the pillow cover.

Those are some of the best ideas of what to do with old T-shirts. You can choose which one to make and avoid you from wasting perfectly usable shirt.

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