Ways to Add Storage Space on Your Garage

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Ways to Add Storage Space on Your Garage

Did you know that there are many different ways to add storage space to your garage? Whether it’s for a car, tools, or even the inside of your house – adding storage is an easy way to get organized. This blog post will show you different ways on how to add more room to your garage.

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Hang up an extra set of shelves from the ceiling

One of the primary things that you can do to add storage space to your garage is to hang up an extra set of shelves from the ceiling.

This will create a more vertical storage space for things like ladders and tools that wouldn’t fit otherwise. In this case, the installation of overhead garage storage systems will also prove to be beneficial. The key is in knowing where and how to store everything else from there.

Take advantage of hanging cabinets and storage units on your garage walls

You can also take advantage of hanging cabinets and other types of storage units onto your garage walls. This is a good option for you if you don’t want to use up space in your driveway or yard with additional items that will be stored in the garage.

The cabinets bring out the practicality of the space since you can use them to store things like your lawnmower or other home improvement tools that may not be used very often but are still important to have around.

Use hooks for storage on walls and ceilings

Another thing you might consider doing is using hook-type storage on walls and ceilings. This is one of the most used spaces in garages since you can use it to hang items such as bicycles, ladders, shovels, rakes, and other outdoor equipment. The great thing about hooks is that they are not permanent which means that you could easily remove them when they’re no longer needed or if you need to use the space for something else.

Add a standalone shelving unit 

There is also the option for you to add a shelving unit in the garage. This is very common but you can add anywhere from one to three different shelves depending on how much room you have available and what you plan to use them for.

In this case, it’s best that if your garage already has its electrical wiring then all of the outlets should be put into good use by adding an extension cord to the shelving unit.

Install a workbench in your garage

Another option is to add a workbench in your garage which can be used as additional storage but also doubles up as an area where you could do some simple DIY projects or repairs around the house such as repairing cabinets or even building furniture from scratch.

A bonus of having a workbench is that it’s also another space where you can get creative and add your personal touch to the garage.

Recycle storage materials

Ways to Add Storage Space

  • Use old shoe boxes as drawer organizers 

What better way to recycle than to use old shoe boxes as drawer organizers in your garage. You can also use them to store small items like screws and nails. This is a great way to get more out of your storage space and keep the items in one place so you won’t lose them since they’re all organized.

  • Use old milk crates as storage bins 

Another idea that’s very practical and inexpensive to do is to use plastic or wooden milk crates as storage bins in your garage which can be used for items like tools, cleaning supplies, and hardware. If you have a lot of these crates around the house, then you can use them as inexpensive storage bins.

  • Use an old dresser or cabinet for storing large items

You can also turn an old dresser or cabinet into a storage unit where you can store things like winter clothes, lawn equipment, or even toys for the kids. You can use it for anything that doesn’t fit in your cabinets and has more than one item like sports equipment which you might need on different occasions.

Put shelves on top of your vehicle if there is enough room

You can also opt to put shelves on top of your vehicle if there is enough room. This will give you more floor space inside of the garage since there are no shelves inside. If you have wall space on the side of your car available, then this is a great option for you as well.

  • Purchase a bike rack or car organizer

With a bike rack or a car organizer, you can keep your bike or car clean and orderly. The car organizer can be used as a great way for you to keep the interior of your vehicle clean and tidy. It will also help prevent things from rolling under seats or inside door panels which makes it easier to find them when they’re needed. This will prevent the clutter from your car from finding their way to your garage. 

A bike rack, on the other hand, is a very practical item that allows you to safely store your bike in your garage without taking up too much space. You can choose from a variety of different racks that are made specifically for bikes – or you can make your own!

  • Add an electric garage heater to the floor

If there’s room on the floor, then it is also a good idea to add an electric garage heater. Installing one will help keep it clean and tidy since you won’t have any cords on the floor to trip over. It will also keep you warm when the weather is cold and it’s snowing outside.

garage storage

The garage is one of the most used spaces in your home, but many people forget to make it more organized and functional. Investing time into making changes like installing shelving units for additional storage space or hooks on the walls so you can hang up coats will help keep clutter at bay and make things easier when you’re looking for something specific.

All these are geared towards ensuring that your garage is one of the parts of your home that will be able to increase its value because of the storage space available.

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