Water Bottle Crafts and Some Creative Ideas Made of Garbage

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Water bottles become one of the common trashes to find. Bottles are only needed when the water still in there, and after that the bottles will only become garbage. If you also have water bottles, it is good to make water bottle crafts.

There are many interesting ideas to try. From garbage, the bottles can be changed and reshaped into something interesting. It can also become nice activity with your kids. For the crafts, these are the references.

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    Nice vase from bottle

Nice vase from bottle.jpg

First easy idea of water bottle crafts is to make a nice vase. This is very easy to make. Even, you do not need special crafting skills since you only need to cut the bottles into halves.

After that, the upper half is placed downward and it is inserted into the lower half. By the position, it can be filled with soil and plant. In order to make it interesting, paints can be applied.

  1. Lava lamps

Lava lamps

Then, you can also make the bottle into nice interior decoration. In this case, lava lamps become awesome handicrafts to make from the wasted water bottle. As its name, it will become artistic lamps.

It is very easy to make. You only need to prepare the ingredients of the lava and it is made from oil. The oil is combined with color. Then, the effect of lava will appear once you spot a lamp on the bottle.

  1. Terrarium Water Bottle Crafts

Terrarium Water Bottle Crafts

Bottle can also become nice terrarium and it is good idea of water bottle crafts that can be made easily. What you need to do is only to get some soil, sands, and plants.

It is not only for your collection. The terrarium can become creative gifts. You can make it as birthday present and your friend will be impressed. 

  1. Pencil case from mineral bottle

Pencil case from mineral bottle

Next, there is pencil case. In case you no longer use pencils and pens, these crafts can be made for your kids and they can also join in the process of making the cases. It can be fun.

The bottle is cut into two halves. Then, you can use zipper and attached or glued the zipper on the bottle. These will become the access to open the case. Of course, it is perfect once you and your kids decorate it with paint and ornaments.

  1. DIY Table lamp from water bottle

DIY Table lamp from water bottle

Fixture for table lamp becomes next idea of water bottle crafts. Instead of buying the fixture, it is better to make it and it will not be too difficult to do.

The bottle half will become the shade for the lamps. Then, you may find rod or wood bar as the stand. These look simple, but things will be more attractive once you apply colors on them. 

  1. Handmade flower

Handmade flower from water bootle

When you want to have something nice on your table, you should see this handmade flower. It is made from the water bottle and the result is surely shocking. The simple bottle can become something beautiful.

For the crowns of the flower, these are made from the sides of bottles. Then, there are beads attached on the tips of each bottle cuts. These are painted and the beads have various colors and these give nice look.

  1. Cute pot with soil

DIY Cute pot with soil

Then, the next idea of water bottle crafts is about the plant. However, it has different design. In this case, you get cute pots.

The pots are made from the lower half of bottles. These are cut and filled with soils. In order to make it cute, the cuts are designed as if it has ears. Then, the surface is painted with the face of cat. It looks simple yet attractive.

  1. Feeding the birds

DIY Feeding the birds from water bottle

It is always nice to see the wild birds coming to your garden. It will be nice to see them feeding on the foods that you prepare. In order to make it happen, the water bottle can give you the chance.

The bottle is hung on the trees. It also has plate as the place for the birds to stand. Then, the holes are made around the bottle and these become the access for birds to take the seeds. Seeds can also be replaced with water.

  1. Princess’s crown

Princess’s crown from water bottle

When you have daughter and she loves to become princess, it can become good idea of water bottle crafts to make. You can make crowns from the bottles.

Bottle surface is to get the shape of crown. Then, the surface can be decorated with glitter and gel. These will look like having crystal crowns. Surely, your daughter will love it.

  1. Mini aquarium water bottle craft

DIY Mini aquarium

If you love seeing fish, water bottle crafts can be made into nice aquarium. Of course, it is only part of decoration, so there will be no real fish on the bottle.

Basically, it is like making terrarium. However, it is filled with water and there are colorful fishes made from plastics. In order to make it perfects, straws can be added as if these are corals or anemones. 

  1. Hanging pots

Hanging pots

The next craft is hanging pot. This is also nice idea when you love to have small and hanging garden around your house. The bottles can become your pots or vases.

It is not difficult to make. The bottles can be cut and you only need fill the bottles with soils and small plants. It is also fine to paint the bottle in order to make them more attractive. Then, strings can be added to hang them.

  1. Flower crowns

Flower crowns

Next, water bottle crafts can be made into nice flower crowns. These crowns can be hung on the doors or made as wall treatment. These surely look nice.

The flowers are made from some bottles. Each of them has different color. They are connected by using wires, so these can make nice circle.

  1. Wind spinner water bottle craft

When you are going to make water bottle crafts from the bottles, these are not only for your interior. Exterior can be alternative spots and making wind spinners are great idea.

The spinner is hung on the ceiling or trees. Then bottles are painted with bright colors, so they will spin and show beautiful color spectrum. Adding some details to create sounds can also become additional part.

  1. Nice Jetpack

Nice Jetpack from bottle

Kids love to make imagination as if they are flying. In this case, you can support their imagination by creating rockets or jetpacks from the water bottle. It is easy yet amusing.

The bottles are painted in grey to show as if it is a rockets made from metal. To make it look realistic, effect of fire is good to add and it can be from papers colored in red. Then, you get the great rockets. 

  1. Flowery bottle print

Flowery bottle print

If your kids love to play with colors, you can use the bottom of bottle as color or pattern print. You do not need to cut or change the shape of the bottle.

What you need to do is to prepare paints and place to print the patterns. Then, you can ask your kids to put the bottle and leave the trace of pattern. These are good media to let your kids be creative.

  1. Water bottle flower

Water bottle flower

The next idea is to make flowers. These are not flowers with beads. Yet, these look like real sunflowers.

It is very easy to make since it only uses the bottom of bottle. These parts are cut and attached on the rod or stick. Then, the parts are painted to create better colors of flower.

  1. Minion bowling pins

Minion bowling pins

Playing bowling with kids is interesting. In order to get greater laugh and happiness, pins can be decorated and these use the water bottle.

The bottles can be painted in yellow as the color of minion. Then, eyes and other details of face can be added. These are simple, but your kids will love to play with the minion bowling pins.

  1. Water bottle fireflies

Water bottle fireflies

Kids love to see animals and fireflies become animal that can attract their attention. The glowing part of animal makes them special. Now, you can make big version of fireflies with water bottle.

It is very easy to make since the bottle can serve as the body. The wings and other body parts can be made also from bottles. In order to make it perfect, LED lighting can be inserted and these only need battery. 

  1. Water bottle penguins

Water bottle penguins

Other animals made from the water bottle crafts are penguins. These are also become cute animals and there are many cartoons and animations about these unique birds.

These are easy to make. Even, it is easier since you do not need LED lamps. You only need to paint in black and white. Then, wings and peck can be added.

  1. Cute bracelets

Cute bracelets

The least idea is bracelet. These are cute and unique. Moreover it can be made easily since most bottles have perfect size for bracelets.

The bottles are cut into some parts to form the bracelets. Then, these are painted. Adding chains can give good details.

Those are some creative ideas in using the bottles. You can make many kinds of products and ornaments. Of course, water bottle crafts can become good activity to spend with your kids. 

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