The Unique Bulletin Board Ideas worth Applying to Your Own

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You are likely to have seen a bulletin board in public places before, perhaps at school, office, or even communal residence. This tool provides information to people about varied ranges of topic. Sometimes, some unique bulletin board ideas being put into practice. In this case, such board does not only serve as informational platform, but also decorative piece.

The following list will show some ideas to create an attractive and unique board. The ideas below are not only applicable for school setting. Office worker, family, and residence manager can utilize some of the ideas for their own situation.

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    “Lucky to be Me” Gratitude Board

Gratitude Board

Learning to be grateful for various things in live is important and this board certainly teaches how to do just that. In the middle, there is a big writing that reads “Lucky to be me”. It is surrounded by paper four-lead clovers which have written “I like being me because…”. Each clover can be filled with handwriting to express one’s gratitude in life. It is one of unique bulletin board ideas.

  1. Autumn Themed Roommates Tips Board

Autumn Themed Roommates Tips Board

You will find such bulletin board in communal living space such as dormitory. What makes it interesting is the autumn themed throughout the whole board. It is surrounded by small pumpkins at the perimeter. There are makeshift maple leaves made of crepe paper in orange colors on top of the board. Decorative fallen maple leaves and bats are also added to the board. It informs people about the perfect way to deal with difficult roommate.

  1. Counselor List Board

Counselor List Board

The most glaring decorations that make it to the list of unique bulletin board ideas are the paper cacti. The cacti are placed in pots and placed strategically around the sides and lower part of the board. It informs the codes of school counselor. On the black background, the colorful paper looks very bright and inviting.

  1. Mindset Change Board

Mindset Change Board

This particular board helps people changing negative mindset into more positive one. There are printed papers which are filled with negative thoughts but they are countered by colorful sticky notes filled with more positive takes of those thoughts. The title of the bulletin board is written on top using orange and cerulean colored letters. The background is the pitch black to make the pieces of quotes stand out. The sticky notes come in neon colors to make it even more stick out.

  1. Back to School Board

Back to School Board

This one example of unique bulletin board ideas derives idea from popular TV shows. It shows magazine scraps from scene in that TV shows. Some of the tips to get back to school might contain quotes from that shows as well. It is simple, yet for people who have watched the show, hilarious.

  1. Family Life Vision Board

Family Life Vision Board

A family can definitely have bulletin board. This particular one encourages family members to treat live more positively. The contents are taken from magazine scraps, post-its, and even stickers. Those pieces are arranged together on top of plain black board. The color scheme chosen is rather subdued instead of having bright neon colors which gives it sort of retro look. It includes family goals and encouraging quotes.

  1. Reading Map Board

Reading Map Board

It is included in unique bulletin board ideas list because of its distinctive shape which resembles pointer map you can see in fairytales. It might be a great way to encourage people into reading some great fictions. However, it can also be a guideline to find books. The trunk is made of twisted black paper while the planks are simply created by cutting colorful papers. The destinations are written on the makeshift planks.

  1. Growing Mind Reading List Board

Growing Mind Reading List Board

This reading list board has spring theme because there are big green leaves at the bottom. Colorful flowers grow at the top of those leaves and there are some spring bugs like ladybug and butterfly on the design as well. If the leaves are lifted, you can see book title written on there. The background has bright blue sky color with maroon outer layer.

  1. Alcohol Education Beer Pong-themed Board

Alcohol Education Beer Pong-themed Board

It is one of unique bulletin board ideas usually found in university halls or student dormitory. The board emulates beer pong game, which is a popular drinking game among youngster. It utilizes red paper cup cut in half length-wise and attached to the black background. There are white ping pong balls made of paper that look like they are flying towards the cup. This board contains myth and fact about alcohol consumption.

  1. Positive Attitude Tree Board

Positive Attitude Tree Board

This board depicts a really huge maple tree. The tree trunk and branches are made of twister brown paper attached to the background. Colorful papers with pastel tone are cut to resemble the shape of maple leaves. The outline of this board consists of non-uniformed lines in rainbow colors. The board’s title is placed in the middle part near tree trunk. Positive attitude shown can be written on top of the maple tree with pen.

  1. Christmas Fireplace Board

Christmas Fireplace Board

People will agree that this is a perfect example of unique bulletin board ideas. It is shaped like a fireplace and there is even a drawing of fire hearth at the bottom. On the top side of this board, you can see some paper socks hanging. Some paper mugs filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows are also placed on top of the makeshift fireplace.

  1. Book Review Board

Book Review Board

The board is perfect for a health club or even health service agency that is currently reading certain book. It is divided into several sections, such as: executive summary, author information, important contents, and scientific articles related to the book. The board utilizes printed photos, cards, and even documents to make it looking attractive. It is arranged in structured manner (with title for each section) so that people can easily follow it up.

  1. Ice Cream Scoops High GPA Board

Ice Cream Scoops High GPA Board

The board contains tips for students to get high GPA. What places it to the list of unique bulletin board ideas is the ice cream scoops theme. On each scoop, you can actually see the tip for better GPA written. The scoops are made of pink, yellow, and orange paper. There are decorative sprinkles on the board as well to make it more festive.

  1. Kindness Note Donut-themed Board

Kindness Note Donut-themed Board

The board attempts to encourage people to perform act of kindness. It has pastel color scheme. The background has untreated wood look. The decorations come in the form of paper donuts with varied colorful toppings. On the board, some sticky notes are pasted with written “I can show kindness by….”. Everyone has their own designated spot to write down what can be done to show kindness.

  1. Clover Vibe Meal Tips Board

Clover Vibe Meal Tips Board

This is a sample of unique bulletin board ideas that teach people to eat balanced meal. There are white and green clover leaves made of paper at the corners for decoration. Some quotes about healthy eating are also included in the design. In the middle, there is a paper plate divided into four sections. Each section shows what should be included on the plate. The information is written down clearly at the side.

  1. Spring Healthy Diet Board

Spring Healthy Diet Board

This board contains useful recommendations about low sodium snacks that can be eaten when one does not have enough time for food prep. It utilizes bright blue background which goes well with the dark blue board title. The food pictures are obtained from magazine and newspaper scraps. For each snack combo, there is an explanation printed on a piece of paper. There is also a list of food that should be avoided.

  1. Summer-themed Bucket List Board

Summer-themed Bucket List Board

Among many unique bulletin board ideas, this one is right on top. It provides bright summer vibe to the room. There is a brown paper that is used to depict sand on the beach. Each person gets a special spot to write down what they want to achieve in certain period. The bucket list has bucket shape and comes in colorful options. There is a shovel near each bucket too.

  1. Positive Quotes Romantic Board

Positive Quotes Romantic Board

This particular board has romantic vibe. It has vibrant but deep color arrangement such as maroon, deep pink, washed-out purple and soft peach. There are decorative round paper flowers which are hung from the top side of board. Quotes are written on top of those colorful papers. The quotes are positive and written in black ink which go well since the background is black.

  1. Diversity Handprint in Bulletin Board 

Diversity Handprint Board

This example of unique bulletin board ideas teaches children about diversity. In the middle of the board, there is a photo of all the classroom members. There are also some positive quotes in colorful papers being pasted on the board. What makes this board especially unique is the collection of handprints from all classroom members which surround the board like a perfect outline. Each person decorates their handprints uniquely.

  1. Morale Boost Office Board

Morale Boost Office Board

This particular board has simple presentation, but the combination of pictures and drawings makes it a lot more interesting. There are cue cards placed at the top which contain tips to have a happier workplace environment, such as: interacting with coworkers, being productive, and speaking up. It shows photo collages of office night outs. There are also appreciation letters from managers and customers for team’s good work.

Those unique bulletin board ideas are indeed quite new. It is not necessary to replicate the board just as described in the passage. Trying to come up with something unique and distinctively “you” will make the board even more special. You should treat the list as a guideline.

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