Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas to Celebrate the Special Moment

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Christmas becomes special moment. It is a great celebration in the end of year. In order to make it perfect, there should be ugly Christmas sweater ideas.

It is not literally ugly in term of design. It is more about creative and unique sweater. These outfits are designed especially for the Christmas celebration. That is why the sweaters show the joy and there are some nice and unique ideas.

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    The red sweater of Christmas

The red sweater of Christmas

As its name, the first reference of ugly Christmas sweater ideas is colored in red. However, it is not the only unique things to find in the sweater since there are some details.

The details are taken from the ornaments of Christmas tree. There is the funny ginger bread human on the sweater. It also has the colorful sparking balls. All of them are attached on the sweater.

  1. Selfie of Santa

Selfie of Santa

The second reference actually has simple design. It does not have complicated detail, but it still has its funny part on the sweater to show that it is dedicated for Christmas.

On the sweater, it has the beard and cap of Santa Claus. Then, in the middle, there is picture of old man. The picture replaces the position of Santa’s face, so now it is not just imaginary character, but it is real character of Santa.

  1. The sparkling sweater

The sparkling sweater

This is also one of the crazy and ugly Christmas sweater ideas. The sweater has base color of red. It is not bright red, but it chooses the darker tone of red. It is also combined with black color in the middle of sweater.

However, these two colors are not the interesting part of this outfit. The sweater is unique and perfect for Christmas since it has small decorations of tree. In fact, the black color represents the Christmas tree and all details of ornaments are to decorate the tree.

  1. The blue Christmas

The blue Christmas

Christmas is identical with the color of red. However, it does not mean that blue cannot be picked for the color. It is also what happens on the next reference of ugly sweater for Christmas,

It is totally colored in blue for the base color. Then, it has all decoration of Christmas tree, including the red star and the glowing balls. Once the people who wear the sweater pose as a tree, it totally becomes the Christmas tree.

  1. Green tree and red stripes

Green tree and red stripes

The next sweater has less details or ornament. However, it does not mean that this has no ugly Christmas sweater ideas. It still looks great since it has other style of details applied on the outfit.

The sweater has main color in black. Then, its long sleeves use stripes of red and white. It already brings the Christmas tone. Then, on the black part of sweater, it has picture of Christmas tree together with the stars.

  1. The milky Santa

The milky Santa

Then, there is also unique design of sweater for Christmas with the funny picture of Santa Claus. The sweater itself is in tone of green. Then, it gets details of stripes in the end of sleeves and sweater.

The Santa in this picture is like the common image of Santa. However, the Santa does not ride the slate, yet he plays with milk. It looks cute and attractive.

  1. Christmas sweater in red and white

Christmas sweater in red and white

It is good to have cheerful color for the Christmas sweater. It will look nice and attractive. It represents the joy of Christmas.

However, the sweater will not become the reference of ugly Christmas sweater ideas if it does not have the crazy parts. On this sweater, there are some ornaments and it is the gloves for oven. The gloves are in various colors with foot trace of dogs. It surely looks cute.

  1. Complicated Christmas

Complicated Christmas

The ugly sweater is not only to wear by women. Men are also great to wear the ugly sweaters. Of course, men will have different standard of ugly design and it is surely interesting to see the design.

The sweater surely has complicated ornaments. Even, the sweater is not seen anymore. It is full of ornaments and details. It is like moving all Christmas tree decoration to the sweater but these are randomly arranged.

  1. Christmas sweater with the angel

Christmas sweater with the angel

Sometimes, the ugly Christmas sweater ideas do not show complicated ornaments or details. The design can be simple but it still looks unique and attractive. It is also what is found in the next idea.

The sweater is actually simple. However, the main details make it funny. There is doll of angel wearing the Santa’s outfit. The doll is attached on the sweater and it is like bringing small baby.

  1. Sparkling stars of Christmas

Sparkling stars of Christmas

Christmas is always identical with stars and the sparkling decorations. These are to show the joy and light granted by God. Then, it will not be wrong when people have sparking sweater.

In this case, the sweater is colored in black. However, it has many shiny details. On the skirt, it is more complicated and sophisticated since many stars decorate the skirt. It is totally shiny outfit.

  1. Stuck in chimney

Stuck in chimney

What will happen when someone is stuck in the chimney during the Christmas? Of course, all the decorations will be attached to him or her. It is also what is offered in the next reference of ugly Christmas sweater ideas.

The outfit is attractive since it represents the decoration of chimney. The sweater has the LED blinking lamps. Then, it has the whole ornaments, even the shoes of Santa and the flower crown bucket. It is really like being stuck in the chimney.

  1. Couple ugly sweater

Couple ugly sweater

Sometimes, Christmas is special because it is celebrated by couple. It is not only families, but two love birds can also wear the sweater and it is great to share the craziness in the Christmas vibes.

The sweaters have same basic colors. However, the man and woman have different details on the sweater. Of course, both of them have great decorations. To make it perfect, there is headpiece of deer horn.

  1. Green and red sweater

Green and red sweater

Then, the ugly Christmas sweater ideas can be fun in both green and red color. It is also what is found in the next reference of ugly sweaters. They are sweaters in couple.

They have different colors, and the designs also look different. However, these have similar parts, starting from the sweater, headpiece, and the boots.

  1. Brown cookies sweater

Brown cookies sweater

One of the iconic stuff to find during the Christmas is the brown cookies. The cookies are shaped in a form of cheerful doll. Usually, these are decorated with the smiling face and colorful choco chips.

It is also what is found in the next ugly sweater. Big picture of brown cookie doll is found. It also gets some details of colorful ornaments.

  1. Funny couple

Funny couple

There is also funny couple as the reference of ugly Christmas sweater ideas. These two sweaters are dedicated for the couple who want to celebrate Christmas in funny and crazy way.

The sweaters are actually in different colors. However, both of them have similar picture. The first one has the face of Santa, while the second one has the snow deer.

  1. Snowman on the sweater

Snowman on the sweater

Christmas in some places will not be complete without the snowman. If it is not possible to make the snowman outside, it is good to make the snowman on the ugly sweater for Christmas.

To make it attractive and ugly, it is not only a snowman. There are also other ornaments and details to show that it is to wear in the Christmas celebration.

  1. Printed Christmas tree

Printed Christmas tree

Sometimes, the ugly Christmas sweater ideas are not only in the form of added or attached details of ornaments. The ugly and crazy designs can be printed, so it gives better access to wear the sweater.

It is also what is to find in the next reference. The sweater has nice pattern showing the Christmas tree and all gifts. There are also details of snow ball.

  1. Cups for party

Cups for party

Party will never be complete with some drinks. Then, the drinks need cups. In this case, red cups are great for Christmas. It is also what is found in the next crazy and ugly sweater.

There are red cups attached on the sweater. These are designed to make a triangle. In fact, these are not only for ornaments, but people can play trick shots on the cups.

  1. Christmas dwarf

In some stories, there are also dwarves celebrating Christmas and it is good to apply in the ugly Christmas sweater ideas. This makes the sweater nice.

The sweater is colored in dark tone and it has no details. The only details are the picture of dwarf wearing the Santa outfit.

  1. Deer sweater

Deer sweater

Then, the last reference of ugly sweater has the picture of nice deer. However, it is sweater for couple, so there are two of them.

Each of them has picture. When the man and woman stand together, the image of Christmas deer will be seen.

All of them are great reference of sweater with funny and crazy ideas. These are surely the great and funny way to celebrate the special moment. Of course, it is fine to wear any of these ugly Christmas sweater ideas.

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