Comparing the Top New Home Security Companies

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Top New Home Security Companies

With so many new technological developments, the home security industry has seen several new and innovative companies take up market share that used to belong to traditional companies like Brinks or ADT.

While having options is great, it can also make it seem more difficult to find the best security system for your needs. Here, we have compared some of the top new players in the home security space.

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Abode smart home security

Abode is one of the pioneers when it comes to smart home security. Their system is built on an open platform that allows for compatibility with a number of devices and services, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest Protect software updates, IFTTT automation support, Z-Wave integration through their gateway device (sold separately), Ring doorbell alerts/video recording/two-way audio, and much more.

It’s also one of the more affordable home security options on the list, offering a wide range of products at a relatively low price. You are required to purchase the system upfront, but you are given the alternative to finance it as well.

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel home security

This company is the newest (and possibly most expensive) player in the game, but it is already making a big splash. Some of the brand’s top features include facial recognition (which is unique to home security devices), outdoor access for service providers like housekeepers and pet sitters, Bluetooth connectivity with other smart devices around your home, and geofencing capabilities.

Their main differentiator, however, is their preventative system. They successfully combine camera surveillance, real-time human monitoring, and A.I. in order to focus sensors on real threats rather than false alarms. When something triggers the system, alerts are sent to a monitor in real-time and are reacted to or corrected.

However, they only offer outdoor cameras at the moment and their equipment package starts at around $500. If you have a high budget and are only concerned with securing an outdoor space, this may be your best choice. If you are interested in home automation, indoor security, and other things, you will have to look elsewhere.

Honeywell Smart Home

Honeywell Smart Home Security

Honeywell, the well-known brand across many industries, has their own new take on the smart home market. Their system is built around a control panel that communicates with all of your devices through one app and an interactive interface.

While it doesn’t offer live human monitoring, you can create custom alerts for certain events (like when doors are opened) to help you monitor your home even when you are away.

With Honeywell, the package is completely customizable. You can choose the equipment that you want and add on products through their easy-to-use website or authorized vendors in order to perfectly suit your needs. While they do not offer installation, you may find some through a third-party authorized vendor.


Nest Home Security

Google’s Nest was first brought into the spotlight thanks to its innovative smart thermostat. However, in the past few years, they have expanded into other smart home and home security devices.

Nest offers a full line of products that are simple to use and work together seamlessly with one another through their app. They also offer 24/hour human monitoring services through their partnership with Brinks, which is unusual for new companies that aren’t major players.

Nest offers a three-part system that includes their Nest Secure alarm, which is an interactive base station with several services built-in (including 24/hour monitoring). It also has the Nest Guard as well as its line of security cameras and home automation devices such as doorbells and thermostats. When paired together, you can create a custom security system that covers all of your needs.

Their products are also a bit expensive, but they offer some valuable perks for their price (like 24/hour monitoring and compatibility with other Nest products). You will need to pay around $400 upfront and then an additional monthly fee of $19 per month if you decide to choose professional monitoring with your system.

While these are a few of the newest companies, there are many others to choose from. The bottom line is that the best home security is the one that fits your needs and budget. Always remember to do research on the company and reviews before making a final decision.

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