37+ Tiny House Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You, Best Ideas !

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Outdoors in - Bathroom Ideas

Tiny house bathroom design ideas – A tiny house bathroom design should be considered when you are living in a very small house. You have to manage the space as efficient as possible. The most important elements of the bathroom should be installed in the tiny bathroom.

It has to accommodate, a bath or shower, a toilet, and a sink. Installing those elements in such small space might be pretty challenging. The size of a bathroom in a standard small house is about  45 square feet, it’s still too big for the tiny house.

Although, tiny house bathroom can still be gorgeous. It should be designed both beautifully and functionally. If you are in search of the best bathroom design for your tiny house, here are some ideas I recommend to inspire you in designing your bathroom.

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Tiny House Bathroom? Expand Your Space With These Organizers

expand tiny bathroom space

Do you have a tiny house bathroom? It’s highly recommended to have all elements that are expandable. The organizers in the tiny bathroom play an important role, making it expandable would be very helpful to make the tiny room more spacious.

Stress Pole Shower Organizer

Stress Pole Shower Organizer

Tiny house bathroom would need elements that are very functional and space-saving. Try this elegant stress pole shower organizer or also well-known as tension pole shower caddy. This can be the best solution to organizer your much-needed shower items.

With this organizer, you do not need to be struggling to find your shower items in the morning anymore. This caddy will be very helpful to streamline your morning. Your morning bathroom routine would be more effective than ever.

The design idea came up from the expert of a home organizer. He said that the best thing to have in tiny bathroom is a space-saving organizer that can accommodate your much-needed shower items.

Over Door Two Basket Towel Shelf

Over Door Two Basket Towel Shelf

A towel shelf might not be the most important element in the bathroom. But, some people need to have it when they have some towels to organize. Have it in a basket shelf over the door. It’s a clever idea to add more element without wasting more spaces.

Originally, it’s made for craft room to put all the clutter you have from crafting. The two baskets are perfect to organize your towels. You can find this kind of shelf from the online store like Wayfair and Bed Bath and Beyond with a reasonable price.

Over Commode Space Saver

Over Commode Space Saver

It’s also called as over the toilet storage. I highly recommend it for your tiny bathroom. Bathroom in most houses got the space above the toilet unused. Since the room is tiny, don’t get any space left unused. For that, you will need over commode space saver.

The opportunity to take advantage of the wall space should be taken beautifully. The cabinet storage over the toilet is designed to fit around the toilet. It’s a perfect solution for your who needs storages for your small bathroom.

Once you have the space saver over your toilet, there will be no clutter on the countertop anymore. Your tiny bathroom would feel more comfortable to be enjoyed.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

Under sink storage or shelf tends to be in a kitchen. It is used to keep the kitchen utensils. Having this shelf inside a tiny bathroom is very useful too. You can put your bathroom goods away from sight under the sink

Door Waste Basket

Door Waste Basket

A trash can existence in the bathroom is also crucial. A mounted wastebasket might sound uncommon for you because you won’t find it in an ordinary house. In a tiny house, you need to consider to have one on your door.

The tiny bathroom needs a garbage can that saves a space. With a metal frame to hang the basket, your mounted trash can is ready to go. It can be mounted in the door of the cabinet, or the bathroom door.

Bathroom Caddy

Bathroom Caddy

Take a look at this simple and clean caddy for your tiny bathroom. Every tiny bathroom needs this caddy. It looks so elegant, it doesn’t take too much attention. There’s a space for a small towel to hang. It’s just perfect

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Tiny house bathroom Design Ideas Packed With Style

Tiny house bathroom – Deciding which style to be applied in a room might get a little bit tricky. You have to be sure what kind of style that matches your personality. If you do that, you will find the right one for you and the most comfortable too.

When it comes to the tiny house bathroom, here are several ideas you can be inspired with.

Green With Envy

green with envy tiny bathroom

Almost all of the elements are in the neutral shades, it will be questioned, what the green cabinet did there? Well, the green color of the countertop breaks up the natural tones. I add the green color to make the room less boring and give space some subtle personality.

Suggestion. The green color would suddenly become the focal point of the bathroom. If you get disturbed with the distinctive effect that green cabinet gives to your eyes, having this design is not recommended.

Light and also Bright

Light and also Bright

The White color is not only offering you the brightness but also the calmness. A natural light from the outside world through the window really helps bring in the warm of the sun. It’s a perfect treatment for your tiny house bathroom.

I chose to have a dark cabinetry in this bright and light bathroom. They are there to make a balance of the white domination.

Suggestion. If you like the tiny house bathroom brighter, you do not have to apply such amount of dark accent. Just have the accent colors from the decor or accessories.


lovely tiny house bathroom

Take a look at this chic idea for your tiny bathroom. The creativity is the key to designing this eye-catching bathroom. The flooring using some nice tiles. As you can see, the walls look like it’s a trottoir but it’s actually a honeycomb design for the walls.

I believe you won’t find similar bathroom design from another place. It’s very unique, this tiny house bathroom is beyond your imagination. I picked the neutral color combination to make this unique bathroom more comfortable.

Tiny Shiplap Bathroom Ideas

Tiny Shiplap

You might wonder, what is Shiplap? It’s a type of wooden board that is commonly used as the siding of the exterior in the residences, sheds, barns, and outbuildings construction. Applying this design in the tiny bathroom can be a great idea.

Your tiny bathroom will be less boring, with the shiplap pattern on the walls. That thing looks gorgeous. If you want to apply Shiplap to your bathroom, it’s better to apply it to one side of the walls. Do not get all side of the walls in Shiplap, that won’t be good for your bathroom atmosphere.

Wonderful Woodwork Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Wonderful Woodwork Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Some amazing woodworking can a great addition to your sink. With the wood grain countertops and some artistic woodwork, your tiny bathroom couldn’t be more beautiful. In this bathroom sink, I choose to have that distinctive lighting design. That works really well with the woodwork.

Wooden walls need more attention when dealing with cleaning and caring. So, if you want to make it looks dazzling every day, make sure to always do the cleaning.

Mirror, No Mirror

mirror no mirror tiny bathroom ideas

Mirror plays important role in a bathroom. People need to face a mirror when they are using the sink. But, what if there’s no mirror on the sink? Can it still be a bathroom? Sure, it is. With mirror or without a mirror, a bathroom can still be amazing.

Instead of having no mirror, you can still have a tiny little mirror on the shelf above the sink. It can be functional and decorative.

Close To Nature

Outdoors in - Bathroom Ideas

Do you want to feel close to a nature in your bathroom, like you’re taking a bath outside? Well, you can try to have this one of natural design of mine. Adding some floral decoration inside the bathroom would increase the amount of nature inside the bathroom.

It’s a good thing because something natural offers you a soothing atmosphere. Those fresh plants which are hanging on the wall are ready to impress you and spread the freshness all over the room.

Simply Spa-Like

Simply Spa-Like

Have you ever been to a spa before? A bathroom in a spa has its own characteristic. It has wooden floorings, Neutral colors, Unique concrete countertops, etc. A simple touch of custom art is one thing that you always see in a spa.

When I designed this spa tiny bathroom, I was thinking about the spa that I’ve ever been. So, it’s quite easier to apply the design in the tiny bathroom. Also, the spa-like design offers a cozy getaway.

10 Tiny House Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Tiny house bathroom – Well, it’s time for you to get inspired. There is some inspiring bathroom design you can definitely apply in your tiny bathroom. All these stylish tiny bathroom ideas are ready to be explored

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The Alpha Tiny House’s Bathroom

The Alpha Tiny House’s Bathroom

This tiny bathroom design is ready to embrace. As you can see, the hardwood floor makes a great accent into this bright and light bathroom. The floorings are here to balance the atmosphere. Two perfect size windows let the natural lights in.

You can add a flower decoration between the windows like I did. If you think it’s a little bit too sweet, you can let the space empty, and it’ll still look gorgeous. The washer machine existence makes this room a combo of bathroom and laundry room.

Little Lou’s Bathroom

Little Lou’s Bathroom

Wanna go rustic for your tiny bathroom. This one should inspire you then. I described this tiny bathroom as the king of a rustic bathroom. It’s very distinctive, you can’t find it anywhere. You can only find it in Burlington, VT.

The Little Lou’s bathroom has all the elements that are made of reclaimed and rescued materials. That what makes the bathroom, fun and quirky. The simple toilet looks like it comes from the past. I believe the wall catch a lot of attention. It’s made of corrugated metal roofing from an old barn.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel in Portland, OR

Tiny Bathroom Remodel in Portland

I made the most out of this very small space. There’s only shower and toilet, just everything you need for a bathroom. The toilet is not just a toilet, it has multiple functions. There’s a sink on the top of the toilet. The toilet is also used as a shower seat. It’s very clever, isn’t it?

Joel Weber’s Tiny House Bathroom

Joel Weber’s Tiny House Bathroom


This design idea is inspired by Joel Weber, I combined the rustic and modern elements inside this tiny bathroom. The result is magnificent. I’m quite surprised that the combination actually works really well. Wooden walls are the main event of this bathroom.

Tiny Heirloom’s Tiny Spa-like Bathroom

Tiny Heirloom’s Tiny Spa-like Bathroom

Get a little bit antique from this Heirloom’s bathroom. It feels like you are in a tiny spa. A large window in the bathroom would let you enjoy the outside view while you are enjoying your bath time. It also lets a lot of natural light inside.

Backyard Bunkie’s Tiny Bathroom

Backyard Bunkie’s Tiny Bathroom


This modern tiny bathroom has a perfectly-proportion small sink and toilet. A large mirror above the sink is very useful.

Thai Style Micro-bathroom Addition

Thai Style Micro-bathroom Addition

This bathroom design is inspired by a bathroom from Thailand. This tiny bathroom is beautifully designed. Even though it’s very small, it’s managed to have a toilet, shower, vessel sink, and a lot of stylish modern elements. They are all combined with the functionality of Thai Bathroom.

Tiny Luxury House on Wheels’s Bathroom

Tiny Luxury House on Wheels’s Bathroom

We make use of the very limited space that we have left in this tiny bathroom. The storage shelves are above the toilet to save the space. A rectangular small sink really makes this tiny bathroom spaciously complete.

Small-scale Bathroom Redesign


Small-Scale Bathroom Redesign

There’s nothing more simple and elegant than this clean tiny house bathroom. It’s completed with all important elements of bathroom along with luxurious design. The focal point of this bathroom is the sink. The wall of the sink is pleasing to the eye with such unique elegant pattern.

The Hill Ranch House Bathroom

The Hill Ranch House Bathroom

Are you into Texas house design? If you are, you will definitely like this one. It is dominated by dark-brown wood which is the typical design from Texas. They use some reclaimed and vintage materials to be the element of the bathroom.


Choosing a perfect design for a tiny bathroom can be tricky. You have to decide what to have and what not to have in the bathroom which has very limited space. With a perfect design, the tiny house bathroom might be a lot better than the ordinary bathroom.

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