Teacher End of Year Gifts for Students (They’ll Love)

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As teachers, giving the end of year gifts for students to the class is mandatory. Sometimes, the gift can be made on their own or they just simply buy it at stores. As long as the gift is colorful and interesting, the entire class is going to get excited when getting them,

For those who need inspirations on the end of year gifts for students, here are some of the best ideas for the gift that you can try to make or to get. They will inspire you how to please the entire class when the school year ends.

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    Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Every child love sweet treats, especially candy. That is why one of the best gift ideas should always involve candy.

The picture above shows a lollipop candy wrapped beautifully to be given to the entire class by the end of the school year. Surely it is a gift that no children will resist.

  1. Crayons


Crayon is easy to get and they are also relatively cheap. This is the basic reason why most teachers around the world consider giving crayon to their class when the school years end.

The crayons do not have to be the entire set, though. You can only pick several colors and wrapped them in decorative plastic, like the one in the picture.

  1. Toys


When you do not have the time for any DIY crafts, you can just go to the toy store and pick toys as the end of year gifts for students. Of course, this idea is going to cost more money.

The picture shows you a gift a teacher gives to their class and the gift is a plastic/ rubber ball. The children will totally love to play with it during summer time.

  1. Mason Jar Surprise

Mason Jar Surprise

Mason Jar is very versatile. It can be usef for anything, including making craft and make the end of year gifts for students. For this purpose, the car can be filled with candy and wrapped beautifully.

The example is in the picture. The Mason Jars are filled with sweet treats and the decorated, so they look whimsical and will make the children excited upon receiving them.

  1. Ball Pen

Ball Pen

Smaller children learn to write using pencils. However, for bigger children, like the third graders and older, they can handle writing using ball pen in permanent ink.

This is why teacher of third grade and above should consider ball pen as the end of year gifts for students. The pen is very cheap and most of them come in cute design, like the giraffe ball pen in the picture.

  1. Whimsical Bags


The princess-themed bag in the picture is the perfect example of the end of year gifts for students that will please the entire class. The bag is useful and cute to look at.

It has Disney’s Princesses design on it. However, for the boys, you can surely alter the design by using superheroes or other cartoon characters.

  1. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

For teachers who have larger budget, they can probably get the children water bottle as the gift. Water bottle is the kind of gift that will last longer and well-remembered.

Choose a water bottle with simple design, like the one in the picture, so that children will handle them with ease and use it every single day.

  1. Tumblers


The cheaper version of the water bottle is the plastic tumblers. You can see in the picture that these plastic glass-shaped tumblers are filled with other gifts to make it more interesting.

Instead of making DIY projects for the end of year gifts for students, the idea of purchasing store-bought tumblers seems better, especially for busy teachers.

  1. Playdoh Bucket

Playdoh Bucket

The end of school year and summer are close. Most children spending summer time playing on the outside. Give them something fun to play with, such as Playdoh.

The Playdoh here is packed in cute bucket. The teacher seems to understand that the gift must be really impressive for children. They will certainly love it.

  1. Colorful Cards

Colorful Cards

One of the cheapest end of year gifts for students that the teacher can make on their own is card. The colorful card in the picture is the perfect example of this kind of craft.

The card is decorated in pretty ribbons and the messages are written boldly. It shows how much the teacher has cared about the students. This is a cheap gift but meaningful one.

  1. Cookies


Every kid loves eating cookies. They won’t say no to one, ever. This is why a lot of teachers around the world have considered cookies as go-to gift ideas.

The picture shows you the example. The cookies are packed in cute wrapping and distribute to the entire class. It is a relatively inexpensive gift but still get everyone excited.

  1. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

During summer time, one of the most famous activities that children love to do is painting on the sidewalk. They use chalk to give colors to the sideway. The chalk is easily removable and cleaned so that it won’t permanently stain the sidewalk.

This is why sidewalk chalk should be given as the end of year gifts for students. In the picture, the teacher gives each student two sidewalk chalks packed beautifully in a plastic bag.

  1. Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag

Goodie bag is a great gift for any occasions. It can be filled with anything, starting from candies to stationary. The owl-themed bag in the picture is surely perfect for children.

Because it is from a teacher, the content of the cute goodie bag is probably school-related, such as books, crayons, and pencils.

  1. Personality Card

Personality Card

Personality card is often given by a teacher to their class as the school year ends. The card shows the personality of a student judged by the teacher.

In the picture, the card is prettily design and it has frame, too. This kind of gift takes longer to make because you have to make it individually for each student. However, the result is totally worth it.

  1. Notebook


Notebook is easy to get, cheap to buy, and perfectly useful. In the picture, it is shown a personalized notebook with each of the student’s name on the cover.

Making this kind of gift is quite easy but takes a long time. The notebook is store-bought but the cover should be handmade. This is why the book is not a last-minute idea to make.

  1. Cute Pencils

Cute Pencils

School is always related to pencils, especially smaller grade, like the first and second grade. They still write something with pencils instead of using permanent ink.

This is why pencil is very useful as the end of year gifts for students. The picture shows you a pencil gift wrapped prettily in cute packaging. It has cute card, too, on the edge. Certainly this is the perfect gift for students.

  1. Painted Stone

Painted Stone

When you are a frugal teacher who loves to make everything on your very own, the best thing that you can make as the end of year gifts for students is painted stone.

The stones are easy to find in any surrounding. After get cleaned, the stone can be painted with colorful paints and decorated beautifully. Take a look at the picture because it is an example of how good a painted stone can be as the gift for the entire class.

  1. Book Separator

Book Separator

To teach the children the value of reading, you can give them book separator. The book separator will make them more excited to spend the summer time reading books instead of just playing with their gadget.

The book separator in the picture is very unique because it has the picture of the student that receives them. The more unique the gift, the more excited the students. That is why this idea should be well-considered by any teachers.

  1. Kool-Aid Jug

Kool-Aid Jug

Many children spend summer time playing outside and they sometimes get very thirsty because of the scorching heat, too. That is why sometimes a glass of cold kool-aid should be very refreshing.

The teacher seems to understand the matter. It is shown in the picture that the teacher has given a set of kool-aid jug for the class. The refreshing beverage powder and the jug complete each other perfectly during summer.

  1. Popping Candy

The last idea on the list of the end of year gifts for students here is the popping candy gift. It is mainly given by the teachers because they can play pun with the name of the candy.

The name of the candy is Pop Rocks and the teachers should be taking advantage of the world “rock” to tell the students that they are awesome. The example is clearly shown in the picture.

Those are some of the best ideas when it comes to the end of year gifts for students. Choose the one that you think fit your children’s interest the most. More importantly, choose one that matches the budget that you have set before.

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