20 Unique Teacher Appreciation Cards to Make

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teacher appreciation cards

Teacher appreciation cards are made by the students by the end of the year or when the Teacher’s Day is coming up. Do you want to get inspired to make such cards?

Here are some of the best examples of teacher appreciation cards for you to make. It works well for both kids and adults.

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    Frolic Frame

Frolic Frame

One of the best teacher appreciation cards is the one made on your very own. This card is the perfect example. It is made entirely by hands and it looks simply beautiful.

The card is based on purple craft paper. It has hand-drawn frame with dollops of paint inside the frame. The best part of the card is the tissue paper flowers around it.

  1. You Color My World

You Color My World

A teacher is surely the one who colors your world, especially at school. This is why the card in the picture suits perfectly. It can be handed to the teacher by the end of school year or on the teacher’s day.

The design is simple. It is just like a plain card but with a lot of colors. The standout characters of the card are surely the colorful crayons with cute faces on it. The message “You Color My World” is written by the middle of the card.

  1. Quotation Card

Quotation Card

If you like making crafty card, get creative and make this unique card. The card is not in the shape of traditional one. Instead, it is looking like a plaque with quotations and lovely messages written on it.

The card has ribbon on it so that the teacher can hang the card on the wall or anywhere they want. This is the perfect card to make when you appreciate the teacher so much.

  1. Lovely Hearts

Lovely Hearts

The card in the picture surely looks pretty. It has lots of hearts in it. The card can be made with ease, though. You just need lots of wrapping paper and a thick white paper.

Cut the wrapping paper into small heart-shaped cutouts. Then, arrange the small hearts into a larger heart shapes and write the message inside of it. Surely this is one of the loveliest teacher appreciation cards ever.

  1. Card with Gift

Card with Gift

When you want to give something more than a card, you can combine a card with the gift. The example can be seen in the picture. It is a lovely card combined with a gift bracelet.

The card has a thank you message as well as some quotes in it. The centerpiece of the card is surely the gift bracelet in the middle. It looks so beautiful and will make the teacher happy every time.

  1. Chalkboard Card

Chalkboard Card

A teacher is often associated with chalkboard. Back then, chalkboard is used a lot in a classroom. Making chalkboard card will be perfect for teacher’s day. The card is easy to make. You only need chalkboard paint and a piece of paper.

Chalkboard paint will give a rough, chalkboard-like surface to the paper after it dries. Once the paint dries, you will be able to write any messages on the paper, using chalk or more permanent ink, such as white Sharpie.

  1. Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting

If you have quite a talent in painting, making watercolor card is surely one of the best ideas you can do. Take a look at the picture above.

The card is made 100% by hand and using watercolor as its main painting material. It has flowery background with a couple of pretty butterflies on it.

  1. Flower Buttons

Flower Buttons

Making teacher appreciation cards can be done with ease, too, especially when smaller children are trying to make them. The card in the picture is the example of a simply-designed craft for teacher’s card.

The card is made out of thick paper combined with flowers. The flowers are made out of felt paper. Cute buttons are glued in the middle of the flower. The overall result of the card is truly amazing, colorful, and lovely.

  1. Footprint Butterfly

Footprint Butterfly

For kindergarten teacher or preschool teacher, the perfect card to get them is this one. The card is made using their pupil’s footprint. The wee foot is dunked in paint and stomped into a piece of paper.

The card is then accessorized with Sharpie pens. Butterfly details are drawn and the messages are written. The final look of the card is really outstanding. It is out of the box and surely creative.

  1. “Thank Ewe” Teacher

"Thank Ewe" Teacher

“Thank Ewe” is a common pun to be heard. It is imitating the sound of a sheep. This is why the teacher appreciation cards with this message should involve a cute sheep as well.

Take a look at the example in the picture. The “Thank Ewe” message is decorated with a whimsical sheep made out of wool strings. Surely this is a lovely card to be left on the teacher’s desk on special days.

  1. Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet

If the teacher loves flower, you can make her a flower bouquet. It does not have to be real flowers because the real flowers are surely expensive. Make bouquet card full of flowers. The flowers can be made entirely from paper.

The example is in the picture. A round-shaped flower bouquet with colorful paper flower around it is completed by lovely messages and a ribbon. It looks so dashing and creative for sure.

  1. Surprise Box Card

Surprise Box Card

One of the trendiest teacher appreciation cards these days is the surprise box card. The 3D card is in the shape of box and when the box is opened, assorted pop-ups are coming out of it.

Making this card requires a lot of creativity and take a long time, too. However, if you really want to appreciate your teacher, there is no doubt that you have to make this kind of card.

  1. Scrapbook-Styled Card

Scrapbook-Styled Card

Scrapbook-styled card is always fun to make. It is like arranging something so special into one single card. The card needs a lot of accessories and so you can prepare buttons, cutout shapes, ribbons, and anything you can think of.

The best part of scrapbook is that it does not have certain rules about its arrangement. You will be able to put or write anything you want inside the card. The example can be seen in the picture. It surely looks lovely and inviting.

  1. Ladybug

This ladybug card is very popular among kindergarten and preschool teachers. The ladybug can spread her wings and inside of it there is the photograph of the pupil or just some written messages.

This card is very easy to make, especially for children. This is why the design should always get considered when they want to make teacher appreciation cards.

  1. Colorful Sharpie Card

Colorful Sharpie Card

When you only have a piece of paper and a set of Sharpie pens, you can still make a lovely card out of it. Paint colorful strips on the piece of paper using the pens. Then, on another blank paper, draw something lovely and write the message.

The teacher appreciation cards just like in the picture should be the perfect example of this colorful Sharpie card. It looks really good and the fact that it is made entirely by hand makes it even better.

  1. Popup Teacher Appreciation Cards

Popup Teacher Appreciation Cards

This popup card is actually working as a giftcard holder, too. The card is quite easy to make and it holds a surprise inside of it. You can fill the card with anything, not just giftcard. It can get filled with treats or with jewelry as well.

The card in the picture is printed but the messages inside is hand written. If you have the time to write it and design it on your own, you do not need to use computer in creating the card.

  1. Pencil-Shaped Card

Pencil-Shaped Card

The teacher appreciation cards shown in the picture are in pencil shapes. Pencils are often associated with teachers at school so that it looks just perfect for teacher’s day.

The card is completed with giftcard. So, besides messages, you also leave something valuable for the teacher to have. Try to get as creative as possible when creating the messages or choosing the giftcard.

  1. Fingerprint Balloons

Fingerprint Balloons

For collective teacher appreciation cards involving the whole class, this idea is perfect. Everyone in class dunks their thumb on paints and then presses the thumb onto a piece of paper. It is then designed to look like a bunch of balloons.

A lovely messages then written on the bottom of the balloons. It is perfect to be given to the teacher by the end of the school year.

  1. Woo Hoo Thank You


Woo Hoo Thank You

This card shows how much a teacher is appreciated by the entire class. The card looks neat from the outside but once it is opened, the messages are very unique. It has the signature of the whole class, too.

They are colorful and certainly lovely. Try making one and your teacher will get really flattered.

  1. Calculator Cards For Teacher Appreciation

Calculator Cards For Teacher Appreciation

The last idea of teacher appreciation cards here is the calculator one. It looks dashing and unique. Every bottom of the calculator contains lovely messages for the teacher.

It shows you how beautiful a handmade card for teacher is, especially in unique form like a calculator.

Now that you know a lot of designs of teacher appreciation cards, you can choose the one that you like the best, make one at home, and hand it to the teacher.

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