15+ Creative and Beautiful Sunroom Design Ideas

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Sunlight is beneficial for your health. It increases serotonin levels, chemicals in your body that make you happy and keep your mood good. However, during winter it can be difficult to spend a lot of times outdoor. To enjoy the sun from inside, you probably want to consider building a sunroom. Below are sunroom design ideas you can use for inspiration.

To start planning the sunroom, you need to think about what it is mainly used for. Some people use it for reading or meditating, and the others just use it just for taking a nap and listening to music.

These sunroom design ideas will provide some information about the styles, materials, decorations, and furnishings. Check them out to make sure you create sunroom that you will truly enjoy.

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    Modern Sunroom with Fireplace

Modern Sunroom with Fireplace

This sunroom embodies the words warm and cozy. With stone wall being built on one side of the room, it gives rustic feelings. The color palette to match with the design is neutral colors for the frames and one main bright color for the furniture. It is spacious enough for you to enjoy with friends and family members.

The focal point of this sunroom is the fireplace you can enjoy at winter season. Also you can add television above it.

  1. Simple Innovative Sunroom Design

Simple Innovative Sunroom

Not a fan of putting a lot of things in your sunroom? You can consider this one of many kind of sunroom design ideas to apply at your home. It will give you direct view to the outside. Plus, as it is simple and clutter-free, it has neat vibes.

You need some hanging chairs for your room. Spending time sitting on hanging chairs is better than spending your leisure afternoon outside. They are perfect for naps, with gentle rocking motion that will help you relax. Put on some pillows to complete it.

  1. Sustainable Sunroom Design Ideas

Sustainable Sunroom Design

If you are a person with environmental concerns, maybe this is one of the sunroom design ideas that will fit you. Built mainly by wood materials, it exudes natural feelings. Even the coffee table is created from branch woods and looks unique.

Choose furnishings in the matching color palette. You can go with minimalistic set of sofas to balance the room. But don’t forget to add pillows to increase the coziness of the room.

  1. Exciting Multicolor Sunroom Design

Exciting Multicolor Sunroom Design

Be creative and do not be afraid to try different vibrant colors. A lot of sunroom design ideas provide monochrome looks or muted color themed. This one though, will remind you of summer even in the middle of the cold winter.

The colors combination of your room, from the rug, furnishings, and curtains is vital to this design. Go with neutral one color background to begin with. Do not hesitate to play with patterns and textures. Add a piece of art on the wall to give the artsy feelings to the room.

  1. Green House Inspired Sunroom Design

Green House Inspired Sunroom Design

This sunroom is relatively easy to install and put together. It can be adjusted according to the size of your space. The main attraction of this sunroom is the greeneries which are easy and pleasing to the eyes.

Go with white frames for the sunroom, to match the green. The taller your sunroom is, the more possibility to set taller plants. But even if it is not, you can place some plants in the pots. Use different kinds and types for pots since it can add attractiveness to your sunroom.

  1. The Sunroom Gym for Exercising

The Sunroom Gym for Exercising

So you want a functional sunroom than can be doubled as gym because the sunlight is motivating you to exercise. This is one of the sunroom design ideas that can occupy your health needs to stay fit.

Put a set of exercise machines such as the shoulder press, chest press, or leg extension machines. If you are not up to fancy equipment due to the limitation of your budget, you can just toss yoga mats or a DIY pull-up bar.

  1. Sunroom Design Ideas with Ocean View

Sunroom Design Ideas with Ocean View

You are lucky if you happen to live just next to the sea. Make sure you make the most out of it by utilizing your sunroom to the maximum. You might want to try this one design amongst all the sunroom design ideas out there.

Place a large wooden cabinet as the focal point of the room. You can hang your flat-screen television on it. Choose your other furnishings in different shades of blue to match the ocean color. To balance the room, choose a rug with interesting patterns such as animal prints.

  1. The Cozy Cottage Sunroom Design

The Cozy Cottage Sunroom

Different elements can be incorporated to achieve the coziness of sunroom that you wanted. This one design is a mixture between traditional and contemporary interior styles. It looks and feels warm, homey, and inviting.

Mainly built by wooden frame, it is also equipped by natural plants on the ceilings. Wicker chairs with muted colored covers and pillows are must. The primary focus of this sunroom is the miniature of the ship, but you can change it to anything you favor. Include some DIY projects you have made for personalized touch.

  1. Sunroom Besides The Pool

Sunroom Besides The Pool

If you have a swimming pool on your house, you can install your sunroom just next to it. It gives you great view to the outside, plus you can relax yourself after swimming inside the sunroom.

Place neutral colored furnishings with wooden table. You probably do not need many plants considering there are plenty outside. But you can set a flower vase in the table to make it looks more pleasant. Consider marble or ceramic tiles because you may wet your floor inside from the pool.

  1. Sunroom with Hot Tub Inside

Sunroom with Hot Tub Inside

Having a pool outside is a commitment that is pretty high-maintenance. This one of the sunroom design ideas may be the answer for you. It is a luxury that worth the price all year long.

However, there are some things to put into consideration. You have to think about the shape, size, and placement of the whirlpool. Also you should be budget-ready because you have to install the heating and ventilation. Invest a humidifier with high quality to reduce the humidity inside.

  1. The Essential Sunroom Design

The Essential Sunroom Design

Let’s go back to the basic! It doesn’t mean your sunroom should be boring, dull, and unexciting. It’s just mean you have to go with the essential for the sunroom design ideas.

Cushions and wicker chairs will forever be associated with sunroom. They are the old-fashioned beautiful items common sunroom would have had. Plants feel natural to have because sunroom is most likely the brightest room in your home. You cannot also miss out on some beautiful curtains.

  1. Casual Dining Space Sunroom

Casual Dining Space Sunroom

Aside from the private space to spend your free time, sunroom is also a space for spending time with friends and family members. What is better than having a gathering with delicious food to eat?

Re-purpose your dining table simply by moving it to the sunroom. On a cold winter day, you can watch the snow fall around you in your sunroom. It can make your dining feel remarkable and delightful.

  1. Modern Resort Vibes Sunroom Design

Modern Resort Vibes Sunroom Design

If you prefer to go with more modern interior design, this is one of the sunroom design ideas that may suit you. It gives off chic and sleek feelings.

Opt for dark and neutral color palettes.  Black and white will do just fine. Choose curtains with a single color and avoid patterns. You can go with small bed instead of chairs to keep you warm in the winter.

  1. Kids Playroom Inside The Sunroom

Kids Playroom Inside The Sunroom

This is also one of the examples for double-functioned sunroom. Sunroom can be used as living rooms, but other than that, you can use it for playing space for younger family members. It can provide healthy amount of sunlight for the kids.

It is better to choose bright colored furnishings. To make it safe and comfortable, lay a thick rug inside the sunroom. A mini slide or a swing will be fun for your kids.

  1. Small Sunroom Design in The Corner

Small Sunroom Design in The Corner

Spacious sunroom is amazing, but it doesn’t always have to be. When you have limited space, small sunroom design ideas can be the answer.

This sunroom for example, is perfect for intimate lounge space or reading nooks. It gives you nice view of outside scenes, and perfect to spend you evening alone.

To organize your small corner of sunroom, choose compatible furnishings to go with it. It is common to place a small sofa, but you can choose or change it with armchair or chair. You can also add a coffee table to place your favorite cup of coffee.

There are a wide range of sunroom styles. The sunroom design ideas above are just a portion of them. You can absolutely take an inspiration and personalize it to suit your taste. However, do not forget the main purpose of sunroom, which is to get enough sun even if you stay inside and to make your house brighter. It can enhance and elevate the value of your home, as home is one of the biggest investments in your life.

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