14+ Rustic Bathroom Vanities to Make You Step Back in Time

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Rustic bathroom vanities are the sink area in the room decorated and styled with old-fashioned designs. These days, people love everything rustic. It is because they look really unique and make everyone feels like stepping back in time when they see rustic stuff.

This is one of the reasons why homeowners build bathroom with rustic theme. The bathroom is using a lot of timber and distressed metals as the elements to create that old-fashioned kind of style. The result is mostly stunning, though.

If you are looking for rustic bathroom vanities ideas, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best inspirations about making vanities for bathroom that are using rustic theme. They are all beautiful and capable to make your bathroom looks incredibly stunning.

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    Rustic Medieval Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Medieval Bathroom Vanity

Something rustic is always related to something medieval. Back in the middle age, everything was almost certainly made out of wood. The picture above shows you a beautiful vanity in the bathroom made simply out of a big block of wood.

The rustic feel is certainly oozing from the vanity. The wood is totally raw-looking and it is look like handcrafted as well. Even so, the vanity is given a touch of modernity with the usage of the porcelain white sink, along with the faucet.

  1. Top Rustic Marble Bathroom Vanity

Top Rustic Marble Bathroom Vanity

When you want a rustic vanity, it does not mean that the entire thing has to be out of wood or timber. Take a look at the picture here. It is a picture of a beautiful vanity in the bathroom that certainly has rustic tone.

However, it is combined with a delightful-looking marble top surface. It balances the look of the furniture, allowing the lighter tone of the marble to blend perfectly with the slightly darker tone of the long-grained wood.

  1. Black Bowl Rustic Sink Bathroom Vanity

Black Bowl Rustic Sink Bathroom Vanity

The picture here shows you a simple-looking vanity. The bathroom furniture is made out of simple wood planks. The vanity feet are painted with darker tone to match the black bowl sink on the surface of the vanity. It is surely one of the best rustic bathroom vanities available.

The overall look of the furniture is totally dashing. It certainly has the old-fashioned kind of looking but the simplicity of the structure makes it belongs to the contemporary style as well. This vanity is great to be used in any bathroom of any themes.

  1. Victorian Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Victorian Rustic Bathroom Vanity

One of the best rustic bathroom vanities is the one involving Victorian era. Victorian style is known to be grand but very chic. The example can be seen in the picture. It is a really gorgeous Victorian vanity with all the goodness of that particular era.

The wooden structure is well-crafted. The surface of the furniture is covered with fine, shiny marble, and the faucet looks incredibly stunning as well. The vanity is paired with wooden-framed mirror on the wall to make it more functional.

  1. Copper Rustic Sink Bathroom Vanity

Copper Rustic Sink Bathroom Vanity

Some of the best ways to create anything rustic is by using copper. Copper is a very dark-toned material with rugged look. It has been used for centuries to make stuff, including for furniture and cutlery in the kitchen.

The picture shows you a beautiful wooden vanity for bathroom completed by a big bowl of copper sink. The sink looks really old-fashioned and it even has the rust effects here and there. It is paired with a black-toned faucet to elevate its look.

  1. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Farmhouse is surely old-fashioned and rustic. If you have a farmhouse-themed bathroom, the vanity in the picture is probably the one you are going to love. The rustic bathroom vanities in farmhouse style are usually completed by distressed look, just like the one in the picture.

The distressed pale white structure is paired with shiny wooden surface. The sink bowl and faucet are designed in old-fashioned sense as well with the rusty look and the unique shape. This vanity is really enjoyable to watch.

  1. Hunting Cabin Vanity

Hunting Cabin Vanity

When you are stepping into a hunting cabin in the middle of the wood, you will probably find the bathroom just like in the picture above. Yes, this bathroom, including the vanity, has a strong hunting theme.

The vanity itself is made out of old tree trunk. The dressers on the left and right are made entirely out of wood and compliment the vanity. The look of the vanity’s base is matching with the deer antler decor by the mirror.

  1. Rustic Bathroom Vanity with Cupboard

Rustic Bathroom Vanity with Cupboard

A vanity does not have to stand alone. That is why a lot of rustic bathroom vanities are completed by storage. This is the case with the furniture in the picture. You can see that the rustic furniture, made out of wood and metal stripes, is adjoined to a tall cupboard.

The cupboard should be useful to store many things, including to store bathroom stuff like towels and toilettes, and it can also be used to store clothes and shoes so that the owners do not have to step out of the bathroom to get ready every morning.

  1. Rustic Metal Bucket Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Metal Bucket Bathroom Vanity

When you really do not like timber or wood in everything, you can reduce its usage and still make the bathroom vanity looks rustic. Remember that it is not the entire rustic bathroom vanities available out there using wood.

The picture here shows a beautiful vanity made out of metal bucket. The metal bucket looks rusty and old, but overall it is delightful to see. The bowl of bucket is paired with a wooden backsplash, allowing the rustic style to ooze in the entire bathroom.

  1. Double Sink Bowl Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Double Sink Bowl Rustic Bathroom Vanity

If the vanity is going to be used by multiple people at the same time, you are going to need a vanity with double sink bowl. The perfect example of the furniture of that concept but using rustic style is the one in the picture.

It is a delightful wooden vanity with table style. It is very simple, very rustic, but sophisticated to see. The double sink bowls are made out of copper. The copper bowls match the tone of the well-grained wood material.

  1. Tree Log Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Tree Log Rustic Bathroom Vanity

When a tree is chopped down, the log can be turned into many things, basically. Some of the best things about having tree log are that you can make a vanity for bathroom out of it. The example of tree long vanity for bathroom can be seen in the picture.

It is a very rustic and unique-looking vanity that is obviously made out of an old tree log. The log is crafted into two parts. The upper part is slightly bigger to hold the sink bowl and the lower part is crafted as the base of the vanity.

  1. Shabby Chic Vanity

Shabby Chic Vanity

This distressed blue vanity is using shabby chic theme. The cute theme imitating French interior design back in the 1700s is indeed matching with any rustic tone you want for the bathroom. The vanity looks really old-fashioned yet delightful to watch.

To match the distressed blue color scheme, the surface is given a slightly finer tone. It has shiny marble top surface with chrome-colored faucet. The vanity can be seen to match the framed mirror on the wall as well.

  1. Raw Wood Bathroom Vanity

Raw Wood Bathroom Vanity


This picture may like an image of the inside of a cave or the inside of a very old castle. However, this is a modern bathroom, actually. However, the entire bathroom is using raw wood, including the vanity. It is probably going to transform you into the middle ages or even to the dark ages where everything was made out of chopped wood.

The vanity is built to be massive and sturdy. It has drawers with rustic tone as well down in the bottom. In the front of the vanity is an immense mirror with logs of wood as its frame. Overall, the look of the vanity is really old-fashioned.

  1. Floating Timber Bathroom Vanity

Floating Timber Bathroom Vanity

This is a kind of unique way to make rustic bathroom vanities. The furniture is made out of wooden log that has been transformed into smooth surface. However, its origin is still noticeable on the bottom.

The vanity is installed in front of the mirror using chains. The floating effect of the furniture has a really great impact on the overall look of the bathroom. It makes it really rough and unique. It will be great to have this type of furniture in the bathroom.

Even though the majority of those ideas above are involving wood or timber as the main material, you can surely use something else or other material to create the rustic bathroom vanities. There are many other materials that are considered rustic as well, including bricks, stones, and iron.

Choose the best idea for your bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom is in the rustic style as well so that the vanity can blend and be cohesive with the rest theme of the bathroom. With any of those rustic bathroom vanities above, you will end up having stunning-looking bathroom for sure.

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