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Rock Painting Ideas

Finding the best rock painting ideas is essential if you want to make the craft soon. Rock painting is just fun to do and the result can be used for many purposes, including decorations.

Here are some of the best rock painting ideas you can try today. They are all suitable for kids and adults of all age.

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1. Delicious Foods Paintings

Delicious Foods Paintings

A lot of rocks are already shaped like foods, including vegetables, fruits, and others. Take a look at the picture and you can see how it is true. The picture shows you cute assembles of rocks painted as foods. There is carrot, watermelon, and even pizza and a sunny side-up egg.

The rocks can be used for decorations in the dining room and you can turn them into fridge magnet by sticking a magnet piece on the back. They can also be used as the kids’ toys. Basically, they are very versatile.

2. Christmas Theme

Christmas Theme

When Christmas is coming, you are going to need tons of decorations for the house. If the house is surrounded by rocks and pebbles, you can easily paint the rock and turn them into Christmas decorations.

The example is on the picture. The rocks are painted into Santa’s head, snowman, and baby Jesus. The oval and long rocks are painted into some cute penguins. They are incredibly whimsical and perfect for decorative elements during the holiday.

3. Summer Time

Summer Time

During summer holiday, kids have a lot of spare time home. Fill it with rock painting activities. One of the best rock painting ideas that can be tried is to paint the small rocks with summer-themed pictures.

Some of the best painted rocks using this particular theme are shown in the picture. The rocks are painted with a chilling sun image, beach, picnic basket, and many more. It is so fun to do in summer.

4. Quotations and Puns

Quotations and Puns

If you have steady hands and capable to write words on the rocks, why not turn the rock into something to show messages and quotations?

The examples are in the picture. Those rocks are decorated with quotations, using rock puns to add more wittiness. Be creative and write whatever you want on the rock and display them at the house.

5. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Kids love Angry Birds! The legendary game has numerous weird-shaped birdie characters. Some rocks are thankfully shaped like the characters. All you need to do is find the rock and paint them.

Take a look at the picture above. It shows how easy it is to paint rocks into Angry Birds characters. The round-shaped rocks are even perfect to be turned into the bad piggy.

6. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Painted rocks are not only suitable for decorations. They are also great as practical toys. One of the best rock painting ideas is the tic-tac-toe one. The picture shows you how it works.

Each piece of rock is painted in different colors and marked either with an X or with an O. Then, a board is prepared and the rocks can be immediately used as tic-tac-toe pieces.

7. Funny Faces

Funny Faces

Many rocks have odd shapes. On them, funny faces can be painted. The results are stunning and whimsical at the same time. Some of the examples are displayed in the picture above.

The rocks are left in its natural color. The painting is just on the facial features and expressions. They are so fun to play with and great to be displayed on the wall or on the shelves.

8. Creepy Mummies

Creepy Mummies

When Halloween is coming, you can turn white rocks or white pebbles into creepy mummies. The white color is already the base color of a mummy. All you need to do is painting some lines as its bandage wrap.

Do not forget to paint creepy, yellow eyes for the mummy, surrounded by black background. The last thing to do is painting its mouth and teeth. You are done and the Halloween decor is ready.

9. Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers

If you are a beginner in the art of painting rocks, do not worry because there are a lot of patterns and rock painting ideas you can try. One of them is this pretty flower idea.

Choose a medium-size rock and then start painting a large circle in the middle. Then, paint the petals around the circle. When you are done, fill them with colors, including the background.

10. Pokemon

Pokemon Rock Painting

Who doesn’t love Pokemons? The cute little creatures from the cartoon are basically adored everywhere around the world. This is why rock painting ideas using Pokemon is always spot on.

The example is in the picture. Small rocks are painted with some of the most well-known Pokemon’s characters, including Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and of course Pikachu.

11. Sporty Balls

Sporty Balls

One of the easiest rock painting ideas for kids is painting sporty balls. Rocks are already shaped like balls. The long and oval one looks like a football and the round one looks like any other balls.

Take a look at the picture. It shows you how effortlessly it is to turn rocks into sport balls. The football, tennis ball, baseball ball, and basketball ball are just easy to make.

12. Whimsical Ladybugs

Whimsical Ladybugs

If you like painting animals on the rock, you can choose ladybugs. Ladybugs are easy to paint on the rock because the overall shape of round rock is basically the same as ladybug’s.

All you need to do is painting the head and the body. Then, paint the details on the face and give some dots on the body and the wings. Paint them in different colors to make it more adorable.

13. Superheroes


Superheroes are just adored these days by any boys. They would love to have them in their bedroom. The rockpainting ideas of superhero is basically easy to try, as long as you have steady hands.

The example is in the picture. It is assemble of superheroes made entirely out of rock. There are Iron Man, Captain America’s shield, Hulk, and Spiderman. There are Batman and Superman as well.

14. Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob rock painting

SpongebobSquarepants is such a loveable cartoon. The characters of the cartoon show are well-remembered by any kids, even adults. Turn a rock into the characters of the cartoon.

The picture shows you exactly how it is done. The double-sided painted rocks show numerous characters from the show, including Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krab, Plankton, and Gary.

15. Yummy M&Ms

Yummy M&Ms rock painting

The most effortlessly rock painting ideas are probably involving M&M candies. The sweet, delicious, shelled chocolate candy is indeed legendary. They are colorful and fun to eat.

They are in round shape, which is the same as most rocks. That is why all you need to do is just paint the rocks with colorful shade and give them the facial expressions and the “M” sign.

16. Emojis

Emojis rock painting

Everyone loves Emojis these days. The whimsical-faced characters are often used on chatting messages and on social media. You can bring them to real life by painting them on rocks.

They are so easy to make as the emojis are just in round shape, just like the rocks. What needed here is just some patience to draw on the details on each emoji character.

17. The Rock Family

The Rock Family

If you want rock painting ideas to apply on the garden or on outdoor part of the house, try this rock family idea. Find four rocks in the generally same shape but with different sizes.

Turn each one of them into characters. The biggest rock is the dad and then the smaller one is the mom. The smallest rocks are turned into the children. Take a look at the picture to see a great example and to inspire you.

18. In the Jungle

In the Jungle

If you have a nursery in safari theme or jungle theme, the rock painting ideas shown in the picture is just perfect for you. It turns rock into several wild animals found mostly in the jungles.

There are lion, tiger, monkey, hippo, and gorilla there. They are painted using acrylic paints and then some goggle eyes are applied to make the characters more alive.

19. Lovely Hearts

Lovely Hearts Rock Painting

For more neutral home decorative elements, you can choose this lovely heart theme for the rock. It is so easy to make. All you need to do is finding round or triangle-shaped rocks.

Then, paint hearts and some decorations surround it. They can easily get used as decorative elements for living room, bedroom, or even for the kitchen.

20. The Minions

The Minions Rock Painting

The last rock painting ideas here can be the cutest one. They are Minions. The adorable yellow creatures from Despicable Me franchise. They are just round and oval in shape, which is the same as many rocks’.

When they are done, they can be used easily as the decorative elements for kids’ bedrooms or for decoration of living room. They can also be used as toys in the nursery.

When you are trying to make crafts out of rocks and pebbles, do not forget to include those rock painting ideas above as your inspirations. They are so easy to make and absolutely fun to do!

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