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Restoration Hardware living room inspirations are often sought by home owners. They are adored how simple and outstanding the furniture items from the company can look and that is why they want to bring it to the living room.

Here are some of the best examples of Restoration Hardware living room inspirations that you can see. They are all looking stunning and amazing for sure. They will be great to be applied and brought to any modern house these days.

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    Large Picturesque Gray-Themed Living Room

Large Picturesque Gray-Themed Living Room

The living room is like very mesmerizing. It looks like the perfect blend between rustic and modern at the same time. The large couch and Restoration Hardware living room table are all carefully upholstered to match the entire gray color scheme of the room.

The chandelier hanging above is designed in a really old-fashioned, almost like in middle-age style. Instead of regular light bulb, it has candle-shaped bulb on it. The overall look of the living room is very pleasing to look at. It has elegancy and sophistication without all the odd-looking furniture being there.

  1. Cutting-Edge Living Room Style

Cutting-Edge Living Room Style

The style of this parlor in the picture is definitely non-traditional. It has everything you will find on a contemporary living room. Even though it has a lot of furniture in it with natural timber colors, you can see that there is more unique-shaped stuff inside of the Restoration Hardware living room.

They are including the sphere-and-stick chandelier down the ceiling, the black and white wall art, and the usage of large mirror on the back. They look absolutely stunning. To balance the neutral color of the living room, the owner has added plants, too, in the parlor.

  1. Modern Living Room with Large Couch

Modern Living Room with Large Couch

The focal point of the living room is surely the large L-shaped couch. The white couch looks so fluffy and comfortable. The overall white color scheme of the couch compliments the rest of the room completely.

The modern living room emphasizes its sophisticated look by using a lot of light fixtures. In the picture, you can see that there is a massive chandelier in flat oval shape hanging down the ceiling. There are also two identical floor lamps behind the couch.

  1. Old-Fashioned Themed Living Room

Old-Fashioned Themed Living Room

A lot of people do not like the idea of odd-looking furniture and too much modernity in the design for the living room. They prefer something subtler and something more pleasing on the eyes. That is why they tend to go all old-fashioned.

The Restoration Hardware living room in the picture is the example. The parlor is surely using the Restoration Hardware inspiration seen from the color scheme and choice of furniture. The rustic and old-fashioned feel can be seen from the wooden box table along with the copper bowl on top of it.

  1. Avant-Garde Living Room Decoration

Avant-Garde Living Room Decoration

This is the best idea for those who want to use Restoration Hardware inspiration blends heavily with modernity touches. This is an avant-garde parlor that everyone will love. The contemporary style can be seen from the unique looking wall arts as well as the living room table.

The living room seems to be on the high ground apartment in which it has been drenched with natural light. That is why you do not see a lot of light fixtures in there. The L-shaped couch as well as the plant in the room completes the overall prettiness of the parlor.

  1. Black and White Living Room

Black and White Living Room

Black and white combination is still a very popular color scheme for any living room. The picture shows you how amazing it is to have those two colors blending together in the Restoration Hardware living room. The modern living room is mainly painted in white. The couch and drapes are in the same color, too.

Black accents are given cleverly in the room by using throw pillows and rugs. It creates something unique and something pleasing to look at in the living room. This is why the idea should be tried by everyone.

  1. Eccentric Living Room

Eccentric Living Room

Restoration Hardware furniture is all about subtle shape and neutral color scheme. However, the usage of the furniture can be done using any type of style, including eccentric style. The example is seen in the picture.

It is a unique-looking Restoration Hardware living room with a lot of sophistications in it. You can tell that the owner of the house seems to like everything eccentric by the usage of the sphere chandelier as well as the installation of tall windows to access the mountain view on the outside.

  1. Victorian Style

Victorian Style

For those who adore Victorian style, this Restoration Hardware living room in the picture is totally the perfect example. It is like the parlor coming out of the late 19th century castle. It has tall window, drapery, floor lamp, and old-fashioned wall art and decorations.

The color scheme of the room is a bit darker because it has deep gray shade. However, it is all balanced by the usage of the wall art, rugs, and the light fixtures which all are available in lighter shade.

  1. Shabby Chic-Inspired

Shabby Chic-Inspired

Restoration Hardware furniture items can also be blended so perfectly with shabby chic theme. The pretty looking theme is characterized by pastel color scheme and furniture items with curves. The example can be seen in the picture.

The look of the parlor is so elegant and classic. It is like stepping back in time. The Restoration Hardware living room is made larger by the usage of large mirrors on the walls. The living room is using a lot of decorative elements, including the display cabinets.

  1. Luxurious Mansion

When you have large living room and you want to style it so elegantly, the inspiration in the picture is probably the best for you. It is a massive parlor with stairs and immense chandelier down the middle. It has cream-colored shade that matches the upholstery of the room as well.

The room is design symmetrically. The left and right parts of the room are totally identical and seem like mirrors. This is the kind of style that you need to use when you have the privilege of living in a vast space.

  1. Rustic and Unique

Rustic and Unique

Rustic living room does not have to be used in old-fashioned, rugged looking house. Even in modern houses, rustic theme can be brought to the parlor. The example is in the picture. The house is totally modern judged from the floor-to-ceiling height.

However, the Restoration Hardware living room looks rustic anyway. The choice of coffee-colored furniture items as well as the large, curvy upholstered couch and chairs make the room looks incredibly stunning. The room uses round-shaped mirrors, too, to enhance its unique look.

  1. Living Room with Fireplace

Living Room with Fireplace

One of the best ways to add something intriguing to a living room is to add a fireplace. Even though the fireplace is not technically in constant usage, it can add a lot of great things to the parlor, particularly on the decoration.

The living room in the picture you see above is using concrete fire place along with the herringbone design inside of it. It looks stunning and so sturdy. The color of the fire place is cohesive with the rest of the room, including with the slightly-darker-colored drapery and couch set.

  1. Cozy and Modern

Cozy and Modern

A living room should be cozy. That is like the number one rule. The Restoration Hardware living room in the picture is using a lot of contemporary items in it but still look very cozy. The couch set is in dual tones. The long couch is using white, the lighter color, and the side couch is using coffee brown color.

A lot of elements are added there to enhance its modernity. They are including the odd chandelier, round-shaped shelf, and floor lamp. They are all look amazing and cohesive. The overall look of the living room is outstanding for sure.

  1. Completely Contemporary

Completely Contemporary

This is probably the only picture of living room in this list that using red as the color scheme. It is understandable as the theme of the parlor is contemporary. It has nothing traditional in it, including the color scheme.

The selections of furniture as well as the placement of a bar inside the room are the signs that the living room is totally sophisticated. It does not have any of the gloomy-looking color scheme and furniture items. It prefers something more modern, even for the window treatment.

  1. Restored Farmhouse

The last item here is a simple looking living room that has probably come from a restored farmhouse. As you can tell by the hanging pictures on the wall, the living room was once a old, rustic house in rural area.

However, the Restoration Hardware living room is currently designed with a lot of modernity in it. The only rustic thing you can see there is the selection of brown-and-white zebra patterned chairs and a log coffee table with the copper bowl.

Those are what you need to know about Restoration Hardware living room. The information and inspiration above will certainly make you design the living room even better. By the end of the day, the parlor at home is going to be even more dashing and comfortable.

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