3+ Beautiful Purple Accent Decor Ideas For The Modern Home

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Purple Accent Decor Ideas

Purple is a signature color, as it glamorizes the room. It is a color of identity and expression, boldly laying claim to beauty. A purple accent will continually blend with your design ideas, whether you use it as an accessory or purple-themed wall art.

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Purple as an Accent Color and Beyond

Firstly, an accent color is one that is used in modest amounts to raise or punch up a color scheme. An accent color should be complementary and may often be brilliant or bright.

The trick to using an accent color is to find a color that stands out and then use the color in a small amount. What you achieve with this design strategy can be likened to putting a small lamp in a dark room—the lamp stands out. Let’s look at purple accent decor ideas for the modern home.

A Touch on the Wall

Wealth, royalty, luxury, spiritualism, inventiveness, and mystery are part of the characteristics of the purple color. But do not put too much on your wall. A quiet; yet expressive dab on the far end of a wall speaks volumes.

Imagine a white-colored wall with beautiful wall arts and then the purple color finds its way into the picture. A few punches here and there, in the accessories, as an ashtray, a prominent color on a flower vase—and then it blends beautifully with the dab on the wall.


Spenc Design talks about many DIY ideas for home decoration. One of such ideas revolves around combining the color of curtains with other furnishings for a perfect blend. But remember, you don’t want a full purple fall. How about a light purple drape hanging behind the cream-colored curtain?

Certainly, the choice of primary color depends on the hue of the other surrounding colors, but you cannot go too wrong with a white or grey background wall.

Wall Arts

Wall Arts


Oh! The beauty of wall arts are unfathomable, especially when styled to accentuate certain colors. The purple-themed wall art speaks to the heart and beautifies a home in a thousand ways.

Imagine a beach wall art with many purple strikes hanging above your sofa—and then just behind it sits a plain white colored wall. Let’s play around with some more colors: how about yellow throw pillows, purple and bright yellow vintage lantern, and golden clocks?

The vision endlessly drives on, but you can always secure a balance with purple. Have a look at some of ElephantStock purple-themed wall arts.

Purple Wall Arts

  • Lake McDonald Su sunrise Reflections: Your mind and spirit will be refreshed when you stop and marvel at Lake McDonald Sunrise Reflections. This high-quality art poster can enhance any room in your home while also soothing your senses with the beauty of nature.
  • Underground Graffiti Panel Canvas: This will instantly spice up your wall design! This hip, one-of-a-kind, and sassy art poster are must-haves for any modern home.
  • Mandala In Blue Li Wall Art:  This is a handcrafted piece of art that will add a touch of distinctive flair to your house. With this abstract canvas print, you may change the entire vibe of any room and make an unusual statement.

Lavender Wall Arts

  • Waters Edge 1 Multi Panel Canvas: Whenever you stop and stare at it, it will revitalize your mind and soul. This high-quality art poster can enhance any room in your home while also soothing your senses with the beauty of nature.
  • Butterfly Effect 1: A great way to bring the beauty of nature into your house. Butterflies provide color, beauty, and joy to every room. This canvas art will uplift your spirits because butterflies represent hope.

Purple is an enigmatic color; yet, simple to work with. What’s better? You don’t even have to be a design student to do it. When deciding on colors to combine with purple, here are a few ideas:

Purple and Green

This is called the Aubergine color palette, and it can never go out of style. Purple and green complement each other perfectly and are exceptionally beautiful in dark green living rooms.

Grey and Purple

While green and yellow are purple’s complementary colors, a neutral grey is a safe bet. Grey and purple, a calm color scheme, is ideal for serene wedding events.

The combination of grey suits and plum bridesmaid dresses is attractive and classy—and when combined with some yellow, it becomes adventurous.

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