20+ Interesting Plastic Bottle Crafts for Kids and Adults to Try Out

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Plastic Bottle Crafts

It is a well-known fact that our landfills can hardly accommodate more garbage piles. As a consumer, we should be able to repurpose our non-compostable garbage, such as plastic. Some good plastic bottle crafts ideas might inspire you to get down and work.

The craft ideas which will be discussed in this article are not only look cute. They are very useful and can be good replacements for your regular furniture pieces. Let’s take a look at them.

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    Decorative Plastic Jar

Decorative Plastic Jar

The plastic bottle crafts have a nice purpose as a container for your favorite items. You can keep candies, USB cables, and other kind of light items inside of it. The jar has a lid that you can open and close as you please.

It is decorated with few embellishments to make it looking more beautiful. Light blue cloth covers most of its body. There are flower decorations as well as few glossy beads on its upper and lower body.

  1. Beautiful Easter Basket

Beautiful Easter Basket

You cannot deny how adorable this Easter basket is. Its sturdy structure does not give an impression of it being made from used plastic bottle. The pink and blue bow at its handle is definitely the highlight of this basket’s design.

The handle is made of blue foam stripe that is decorated with golden beads. Glittery blue and pink foam circles are used to decorate the plastic basket. You can see white flowers encircling it too.

  1. Plastic Piggy Bank

Plastic Piggy Bank

It turns out that you can make piggy bank plastic bottle crafts using used materials at home. There is a sizable slit on one side of the table for people to get coins inside. The bottle is decorated to look like cartoonish pig.

Its body is covered in orange colored paper with two jutting ears on the sides. Two dots are placed on the bottle cap to resemble the pig’s nose. Four fat supports are placed for the legs.

  1. Plastic Flower Wall Art

Plastic Flower Wall Art

Does your room look bare? This plastic flower wall art is going to make you room infinitely more colorful. There are nine flowers attached to the wall art. There are green, red, sea blue, yellow and other colored flowers.

The flowers are arranged neatly against six wooden sticks painted in brown color. They form diamond shape when put together. You can set it up on your bedroom wall.

  1. Colorful Plastic Vase

Colorful Plastic Vase

You can recreate this kind ofplastic bottle crafts to make a nice container for your fresh flowers. To make this craft, you should choose bottle with rounded flare bottom. The entire bottle is covered with colorful crepe papers.

The papers are arranged so that they form puzzle pieces that make one cohesive design when assembled together. The pieces have vibrant colors such as bright red and light blue.

  1. Plastic Windmill 

Plastic Windmill

Windmill is a nice addition to your outdoor space. You can place it in the garden then watch the blades rotating when it is blown by the wind. It is possible to make small decorative windmill using plastic bottle.

The windmill looks like a flower with colorful polka dots. This flower shaped windmill is attached to a sturdy wooden stick that is being planted inside of can pot.

  1. Self-Sustaining Pots

Self-Sustaining Pots

This particular pot design would be a wonderful plastic bottle craftsto try out if you are a type of person who constantly forgets to water their plan. The plastic bottle is divided to two pieces.

The top part is filled with ground and small plant. It is placed upside down on the bottom part of bottle which is already filled with water. A tiny hose is placed on the cap to send water to the plant.

  1. Flowery Desk Lamp

Flowery Desk Lamp

The beautiful desk lamp proves that you can always repurpose your used plastic bottles into useful and beautiful item. This lamp utilizes plastic strands that have been painted in green, yellow, or red. The strands are gathered around the bulb to provide nice ambience.

Those plastic strands are attached near the light bulb core to give impression of growing flower. Desk lamp that is being utilized has bendy handle.

  1. Decorated Plastic Bowl

Decorated Plastic Bowl

The particular plastic bottle craftsdo not only looking cute; it is very functional as well. The bowl has narrower base at its bottom. You can choose whether you want blue or pink for the color. Thick foam decorations are added around the sides.

The tall foam pieces serve as barriers for items that you are putting inside the bowl. You can place a pencil in standing position there.

  1. Plastic Bottle Cap “Painting”

Plastic Bottle Cap

Do you have the caps of plastic bottle around the house? Sometimes, when you are making crafts, you just do not need the caps. Those unused crafts can be assembled into a nice “painting”. In this particular example the “painting” resembles Starry Night.

There are blue, green, purple, red, white, and orange colored caps on the painting. Together, they form the infamous painting’s patterns.

  1. Plastic Halloween Decoration

Plastic Halloween Decoration

Halloween is an exciting year, but sometimes decorating the house for this event can be stressful. You can make plastic bottle crafts for decoration. In this particular example, it takes a simple form of garden gnome.

The bottle is covered with blue wrappers. Eye beads are added to create the face, along with makeshift nose and mouth. Two pieces of crepe papers in orange are planted on the sides for the gnome’s hands.

  1. Glittery Jewelry Box

Glittery Jewelry Box

It is possible to repurpose used plastic bottles as jewelry boxes. In this example you can see that it utilizes the top part and rounded side of bottle. The outer sides of bottle are covered in glitter. The bottom is covered in gold while the top can be red, pink, or blue.

There is an elastic band that can be hooked to its bottom part to seal it. You can see imitation pearl decor around its top.

  1. Garden Lights Plastic Bottle Crafts

Garden Lights Plastic Bottle Crafts

This idea ofplastic bottle crafts can lit up your garden with its gentle light. A small candle is inserted inside the bottle to emit warm orange color. Insulation is provided to prevent the plastic bottle from melting.

The light fixture is decorated with decorative butterflies that are also made of plastic bottle. Fresh and colorful flowers also decorate the piece.

  1. Flower Bouquet Plastic Bottle Crafts

Flower Bouquet Plastic Bottle Crafts

If you are up to new challenges, you can take this particular craft as an idea. The flower bouquet is made entirely of plastic bottles. There are flowers that are made by cutting the plastic into various flower shapes.

The flowers are painted in multiple colors. There is a pink flower with purple and orange stripes. You can see white and yellow flowers with orange core as well.

  1. Art Supplies Container

Art Supplies Container

Art supplies that are lying around unorganized can be a headache. You can take this simple plastic bottle crafts idea to save your space. As you see, the container only consists of the bottom part of used soda bottle.

In order not to make it looking boring, the bottle is decorated with a piece of paper that has been drawn on. The paper has fallen leaves pattern.

  1. Plastic Angel Bottle Craft

Plastic Angel Bottle Craft

When Christmas is nearing, the need to buy for decoration supply is very high. You can take a note at this craft to gain inspiration. The angel statue is made of plastic bottle.

Old golf ball is used as the head then it is decorated with eyes and lips for the angel’s face. The body is covered in white angle clothing. The look is completed by paper wings on left and right sides.

  1. Cute Plastic Organizers

Cute Plastic Organizers

This option ofplastic bottle crafts is an interesting piece to add in your house. Within one piece, you can see five containers that are made of bottom parts of plastic bottles. They are arranged in staircase-like positions.

The bottles are attached to a steady structure to ensure that it is not falling down. To make it look cute, this organizer is covered with red paper that has little white dots all over it.

  1. Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder is able to hold several brushes at once with an additional weight of toothpaste package. It can be hung on a hook on the wall.

As you can see the holder is made of moderate size plastic bottle, particularly the bottom part. Colorful paper is used to cover the body. Glossy paper is used to battle bathroom’s moisture level.

  1. Vertical Hanging Planter

Vertical Hanging Planter

Are you interested in gardening but do not have enough space at your home? This kind of plastic bottle crafts is certainly able to cater such need. In one vertical planter, there are four different bottles to accommodate four plants.

The bottles are linked with strong rope so that they can remain intact together. This planter can only accommodate small and lightweight plants. You can hang this planter over a strong hook or pole outdoor.

  1. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

You might think that plastic bottle chandelier is too bizarre. However, some people have already tried this idea and it works wonderfully. In this example, the plastic bottles are arranged in several tier levels.

The tier starts as large circle on top before gradually turning smaller as it goes to the bottom. It is attached to metal structure that it hung onto the ceiling.

These ideas are interesting and doable enough for home craft projects. While you definitely should limit our use of plastic bottle, you can start making craft following the plastic bottle crafts ideas.

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