Pallet Projects That Sell and Some Creative Ideas for the Projects

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Creativity can bring you money. Even, it can be applied on some unused woods and pallets can become the options. You can have pallet projects that sell and these surely can be turned into various functions.

The pallet projects can be made into furniture. The wall decorations may also be made from the wood pallet and these only need some paints or stains. Of course, there are still other ideas to try.

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    Wooden room decoration

Wooden room decoration

First idea of pallet projects that sell is the wall decoration. It is actually simple wall decoration. The wood planks are arranged horizontally on the wall and it does get special paints, so they keep the rustic and old color.

Then, the woods are painted with nice quote. The quote is divided into four bars of wood and they have different colors. These are to emphasize the meaning and add the good details of decoration.

  1. Recycled furniture set

In fact, the wood pallets can be turned into nice furniture set. The woods can be recycled and it can become valuable results.

The wood pallets are turned into tables and chairs. They are repainted and polished to get brighter tone of color. Even, the pallet projects can be made into nice desk for receptionist.

  1. Table for construction tools

Hammers, nails, and other tools are needed when you want to make the pallet projects that sell. In fact, one of the ideas is also related to these tools.

The project is applied to make a table dedicated as storage for the construction tools. The table has level and wood panels to hang the tools. These are great and useful.

  1. Nice side table

Nice side table

Table can be one of the easy ideas of the pallet projects. There can be many kinds of tables and side table can become the good reference to try.

The side table is made tall with two levels. These levels give nice and useful space to place decorative items in the interior. Then, the table is polished and varnished to give shiny surface.

  1. Storage box

Storage box

For the other idea of pallet projects that sell, you can make the storage box. It is not kind of cube box. Yet, it is made to have good height. It will be useful to keep umbrella or other stuff with length.

The box is created attractively. It keeps the natural color of the wood bars. Then, it is made to have a cover, as if it is a paper box instead of the wooden box.

  1. Bar table

Bar table

The pallet projects can be made into unlimited ideas. Even, bar table can become good reference of project to make and surely it can be sold to get the profits.

The bar table is made in two colors. The countertop is colored in light brown and it is fully polished to get soft and shiny part. Then, the lower part is painted in white. It is designed as a fence.

  1. Coat rack

Coat rack

When you only have wood pallets in short size, it may not be enough to make tables. That is why coat rack becomes good idea of pallet projects that sell. It is nice and simple.

The coat rack keeps the used texture and color of the dark wood. Then, it gets six hooks on the wood plank. These are to hang the coats. At the same time, it also becomes good interior decoration. 

  1. Laundry self

Laundry self

The wood pallets will not only become useless stuff. When there are long woods, you can turn them into nice laundry self. The self can be repainted and stained to get better look.

The self is made into three levels. Each of them has holder that will become shelf for laundry basket. On the top of shelf, there is hand-written text showing the word “laundry”.

  1. The blue bottle

The blue bottle

After discussing about furniture, it is also good to have reference of wall decoration. In this case, the pallet projects that sell can be turned into nice painted wall decoration.

Four dark woods are made into square board. Then, the board is painted with blue color. It is to create picture of bottle. To make it complete, there is bottle cover in white. The dark tone of wood, blue, and white color become simple and attractive combination.

  1. Rustic wood arrow

Rustic wood arrow

This is also about the wall decoration. The woods are turned into nice arrows. These become valuable decorative items to make.

Of course, it requires your hand skills to make the arrow. However, it is the good items when you need something that can be sold in good price. 

  1. Coffee table

Coffee table

The next idea of pallet projects that sell is to make coffee table. This kind of table is small and does not have height, so it will not take many wood panels to make.

The table is made solid. The wood pallets are also smoothed. However, it does not get paint or stain treatment, so it has the natural tone of wood.

  1. Fish-bone table

Fish-bone table

The pallet project can also become nice table for the living room. In this case, the table is designed perfectly to give both good function and nice design.

The table is made to have small storage in a form of shelves. Then, the good point is that the wood panels are arranged to create design of fish bone. There are different woods with various design and these create special design.

  1. Small storage drawers

Small storage drawers

People sometimes need small storage or drawers to keep some items. It can become nice idea of pallet projects that sell. The woods can be turned into useful and cute drawers.

The drawers are made small with three levels. The frame and drawers have different color of wood. Then, there is also picture of heart as the decorative painting to make the drawers more attractive. 

  1. Wheeled table

Wheeled table

Some families need the moveable furniture. In this case, the moveable table can be made from the pallet woods. These will not be difficult to make.

The table is made simple. There are four small wheels on each corner. Then, there are also four drawers on table as the dedicated storage. It is useful storage since some books and other items can be stored in there and it gives additional values for the table.

  1. Shelves of box

Shelves of box

When you have many pallet woods, it is good to make something big. Shelves with box can become the good idea of pallet projects that sell.

It is actually regular shelves. However, instead of using wood bars, there are box and these give extra storages. Three boxes are arranged vertically and these are not polished, so bare design of wood is offered.

  1. Double-chair furniture

Double-chair furniture

Usually, chair is made separately. However, it will be nice to have two chairs combined with a table. The double-chair is also made from the used woods, so it looks creative.

The chairs are made to have large width. Then, between the two chairs, it has small table to connect the chairs. The table is not wide enough, but it is good to have some glasses of coffee on it.

  1. Long chair

Then, the other ideas of pallet projects that sell can be found in a long chair. It is kind of chairs that will look great for the outdoor furniture. Although it is a pallet project, its construction is made solid and sturdy.

For the wood treatment, it does not get something special. The paint or stain is not applied, so it only shows the natural color of wood. However, the surface is already smoothed and died to give better durability and comfort.

  1. Wall decoration with mounted pots

The next idea is quite unique and attractive. The wood bars are made into wall decoration, but it has some nice part that may not be found in other decoration.

Instead of painting or drawing picture on the wood board, it has some boxes and these are dedicated as storage or place for small pots. Of course, these look great since the wooden color is combined with the colorful leaves and flowers. This surely becomes surely valuable ideas.

  1. Dark shelves

Dark shelves

Then, there is an also big shelf with dark tone. Actually, it can be considered as either shelves or cupboard although it does not have any door.

The wood bars are made into doorless storage. The height is quite unique since it does not make tall, but it is only on the height of shoulders. It means that the upper part can be good spot to place some decorative items.

  1. Stove set

Stove set

For the last idea of pallet projects that sell, it is something great and useful. It is dedicated for the kitchen and it looks both attractive and functional.

The wood panels are made into stove set. Even, it gets spot for small sink and a simple shelf. It is mini cooking spot that will become additional part of your kitchen. Although it may not be fully used, it is good part of interior decoration.

Those are some great ideas of pallet projects. They are not only good for personal use, but these results of creativity can be sold. Surely, these pallet projects that sell become great ways to turn garbage into something useful.

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