Painted Wine Glasses with Various Colorful Pictures and Patterns

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Painted Wine Glasses

Wine is great for all occasions. Of course, it is good drink for the special moment. Romantic dinners will also be nice to have wines. In order to make it a special moment, the painted wine glasses can be chosen.

Clean and transparent wine glasses are too common. The painted glasses will not change the taste, but these will be perfect to give nice vibe. The details painted on the glass and its color combinations give something attractive. They may also become great decoration when the glasses are stored.

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1. Glass with summer dragonfly

Glass with summer dragonfly

For the first reference, you will have colorful dragonfly on your glass surface. It is quite rare to see pictures showing dragonfly and actually this is attractive animal to have on the painted glass.

The dragonfly has nice color of summer. Instead of using the bright color, the dragonfly is painted by using pastel tones. There are also additional details that make it perfect picture of summer garden.

2. Colorful ribbon in your wine glass

Colorful ribbon in your wine glass


Ribbon in various colors look great. Even when they are unrolled and scattered on the ground, these can give nice pattern of random colors. This simple beauty can also be found on the wine glass.

The wine glass shows good painting skills. The ribbons are painted on the bottom part of the wine. It does not use mate colors, so these are still quite transparent.

3. Trees during summer

Trees during summer

Summer becomes one of the special moments to see some trees. The falling leaves and the warm air of outside give perfect vibes. The nature is like inviting you to enjoy the nature.

Then, this theme is painted on the wine glass. Surely, vibe of autumn will always be seen in your favorite glass. There are trees in grey tone and falling leaves in share of yellow.

4. Lavender flower wine glass

Lavender flower wine glass

Lavender has iconic purple. Then, this beauty can be perfect to become the painting on the wine glass. It surely bringing and capturing the natural beauty in the special glass.

On the painted wine glasses, lavenders are not painted in big size, so there is still clear space on the glass. The lavenders appear from the bottom of the glass. It will be perfect once the wine is poured into the glass.

5. Colorful tulips on wine glass

Colorful tulips on wine glass

Tulip is one of beautiful flowers. There are various colors of tulips. Moreover, the crowns have nice shape that makes the tulips so lovable. Then, it will be nice to see painted wine glass with these tulips.

The tulips are painted and the crowns almost cover the whole parts of the glass. There are also some color options. Indeed, this is one of the great ideas in decorating the wine glasses.

6. Wine glass with flip flops

Wine glass with flip flops

Flip flops are so comfy to wear in doing outdoor activity. The sandals look simple, but these give perfect flexibility. These also come in colorful patterns.

Actually, these are not only good on your feet. The cheerful tone of color can also be painted on the wine glass. There are also cute quotes about these sandals. Surely, these make the glasses so unique.

7. Colorful dots on the glass wines

Colorful dots on the glass wines

Regarding the painted wine glasses, there are many kinds of pictures to make the glasses look attractive. Of course, patterns are also great and colorful dots become good choice.

The dots are spread randomly in the wine glasses. In a glass, there are only two colors of dots and they are from the same shade. Somehow, these simple concepts give beautiful look on the wine glasses.

8. Beautiful garden on the wine glasses

Beautiful garden on the wine glasses

When you have some wine glasses and you want to make them look fresher, painting them is great solution. In this case, fresh and colorful garden can be painted on the glasses.

As garden that has various plantations, the wine glasses have various pictures of plants. They look colorful and these combine the neutral, pastel, and bright colors. As the results, the set of wine glasses have fresher look.

9. Cute monkey on the wine glasses

Cute monkey on the wine glasses

Cute monkey can make the wine glasses look unique and attractive. The animal is painted in brown and it is sitting on the green branch of tree.

There are also some details of leaves in various colors. These make the glass surface so colorful. The dominant color is green, so these also give refreshing effect. In order to make it perfect, the green shade is applied on the whole body of wine glasses.

10. Nice bar on the beach

Nice bar on the beach

Bar can create unique painted wine glasses. The glasses are painted in blue and white to show the color of beach. Then, the bar has nice details of wooden construction.

In order to make it perfect, there are some coconut trees. The picture is more attractive since some words in unique fonts are painted on the glass surface.

11. Trees with bottles of wine

Trees with bottles of wine

The next painted glasses have unique picture. It is has a tree wrapping the glass surface. Commonly, trees will have fruits or flowers. However, this tree has some bottles of wine.

The dominant color on the painting is green. It is made as if the tree has its roots in the lower part of the glass. Then, the green leaves appear in some locations. Related to the bottles, they have some color variations.

12. Painted wine glasses for best friend

Painted wine glasses for best friend

When you have best friends and they are great companions in enjoying wines, it is good to give them painted wine glasses. It is very clear that these are for your special persons since there are words of best friend.

The words use simple and nice fonts. On each first letter, there are additional ornaments in green color. These details make the letter unique. As the background, these have three colors consisting of blue, white, and purple.

13. Wine glass as birthday gift

Wine glass as birthday gift

Birthday gifts can be in many kinds of stuff. Even, painted wine glasses can become good gift. Even, this can become special gift since none will expect and predict it. Moreover, the glass has beautiful color and painting.

On the center, there picture of board with letter of happy birthday. There are additional details with various colors. There are flowers, box of gifts, and other sweet ornaments. All of these become perfect picture.

14. Golf field on the wine glass

Golf field on the wine glass

For those who love golf, anything about this sport will be considered as special. It is also when there are painted wine glasses and these have details of the golf field.

The green landscape is painted on the glass. It also has pole and its flag to show that it is a golf field. Of course, there is also white ball with some trees as the background.

15. Golden queen bee

Golden queen bee

Regardless the stings, bee is cute. The yellow and black stripes become nice identity of the animal and now these cute flying insects are painted on the glass.

It emphasizes on the picture of animal. There is also letter of queen bee under the animal. Then, there is no additional detail, so there is large transparent area. However, the lower part is painted in the golden color.

16. Super bling glass

Super bling glass

The next glass shows great luxury. It has silver color painted on most surface of the glass. Then, the painted wine glasses also have some great bling ornaments.

These details make the glass shiny. There are sparkling details. Although it has only one color, the surface looks attractive.

17. February wine glass

February wine glass

If you have friend celebrating birthday in February, it is nice gift to choose. The glass clearly shows the letter of February in nice combination of blue and purple.

Then, there are some pictures as the details and background. There are birthday cakes and other cutes ornament. This is perfect gift for your friend.

18. Wine glass with peacock feather

Wine glass with peacock feather

Next, you can find beautiful peacock feather painted on the glass. The picture is actually handmade, and it gives unique texture on the picture details.

The color is dominated by green as what is found on peacocks. There is also blue and yellow for the center parts that look like beautiful eye. It is beautiful example of painted wine glasses.

19. Colorful elephant inside the glass

Colorful elephant inside the glass

Elephant has grey color as its identity. However, you see different colors in this elephant. The animal is colored in some bright colors. It is like having picture of ornaments inside the elephant.

The colorful pattern is made by using doodle art. That is why the space is filled by colors and they look cute.

20. White wine in the wine glass

White wine in the wine glass

The last reference of painted wine glasses has unique painting. It takes the picture of white wine. The texture of white wine poured in the glass becomes unique painting.

By having this, red wine will still be seen as white wine. To make it perfect, it does have flat surface, yet it looks wavy and there are also small bubbles in the picture.

Those are some great references of paintings applied on the wine glass. There are still many great ideas of paintings and designs. By seeing those pictures, surely all of these painted wine glasses show awesome creativity.

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