One Wall Kitchen with Various Attractive Layouts

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All houses have kitchen. It is important parts to prepare the meals. Some families also unite the dining room in kitchen, so it becomes multifunction room. Related to kitchen, there are various layout and design. In this case, one wall kitchen becomes one of the references.

As its name, the kitchen has compact design or layout because all parts are installed on the wall. Therefore, there are no L-shaped kitchen and other layouts. These give simple look, but it does not mean the space will be less comfortable.

In fact, many kitchens look great with the layout and design. Somehow, it also gives tidy and minimalist look. The design can also save the space in kitchen, so the other area can be used for island or dining table. Related to this design, there are some good references of layout.

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    Bluish one wall kitchen layout

Bluish one wall kitchen layout

It becomes the first reference of one wall kitchen. From its name, it is already clear that the kitchen has the tone of blue color in the kitchen furniture. Specifically, the color is applied on the cabinets and refrigerator.

In term of kitchen parts, space between the cabinets becomes the spots for stove and sink. It has nice backsplash with the pattern of square. The lines are painted in the lighter tone of blue, while the square is in white.

  1. One wall kitchen with shelves

One wall kitchen with shelves

It is great to have shelves for decoration and storage in the kitchen. It is also what to find in the next reference of kitchen layout. Instead of using the cabinets for upper parts, it uses shelves. Somehow, it gives simpler design.

The shelves are simple since they are only wooden bars mounted and attached to the wall. These have no complicated designs since the wood bars are only painted in white. These give simple look.

The white color is also found in the cabinets in the lower parts. In order to give different color, the countertop is in black. There is also a sink and it has good shade of grey and white. These colors create good layout.

  1. One wall kitchen with doorless cabinets

One wall kitchen with doorless cabinets

Then, the next reference of one wall kitchen gives good idea of optimizing the space to create nice design. Basically, it has two parts of cabinets. They are the lower and upper parts. These two parts come in different color tone.

The lower part has blue color. Then, the upper cabinets are colored in white. However, the middle cabinets are made without door, so these only show the shelves. Moreover, these also have different color since it takes the natural color of wood. This color is also found on the countertop.

  1. Simple design of one wall kitchen

Simple design of one wall kitchen

Some people think that the one wall kitchen should provide simple and minimalist concept. When it is what people need as the concept, there is a good reference to see.

In term of color, the layout has no color combination. It only has the nice tone of brown. These are applied in the kitchen parts, cabinets, and also the walls around the kitchen. Even, the floor and its small kitchen island also have same color.

In term of part, there are two rows of cabinets. Between these rows are the space for cooking and preparing the dish. On the left side, there is nice shelf attached to the wall. It only has small space, but it gives good touch for the kitchen layout.

  1. White and chrome kitchen

White and chrome kitchen

The next idea of one wall kitchen has nice color combination. It combines the white and chrome color tone for the main concept. Somehow, it gives modern and clean look for the kitchen.

The white color is applied on the cabinets. For the chrome finishing, it is found in the refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. These electronic appliances give good theme for the kitchen.

In order to give additional color, there is countertop and it is in black. Moreover, there is upper cabinet that have glass door with illumination. It allows people to see the inside of cabinet, and it gives good detail in the kitchen layout.

  1. Wood and brick kitchen

Wood and brick kitchen

Next reference of one wall kitchen combines two materials for the layout. It has bricks for the walls, and then there are wooden material for the cabinets and kitchen furniture. It looks rustic and it is good for those who love the unique design.

The wall shows the natural character and color of bricks. Then, the furniture has some colors for its finishing. For example, the lower cabinets have brown and grey color, while the upper cabinets are painted in black. There are also shelves in natural wood color.

  1. Minimalist and simple one wall kitchen

Minimalist and simple one wall kitchen

The one wall kitchen is usually intended for the limited and small space of kitchen. The arrangement of furniture and other parts play important roles. It is also what is found in this next idea.

The kitchen is united with the dining room and it has direct access to the living room. However, the layout shows the clear position of kitchen. Since it is dedicated for the limited space, the kitchen looks minimalist with cabinets and refrigerator. It has no complicated details and it makes the space look tidy.

  1. Refreshing design of kitchen

Refreshing design of kitchen

It is good to find one wall kitchen in the open space. The kitchen has large space and it has refreshing accents to make the room more comfortable. Surely, this shows good layout.

The kitchen is actually small and this has shelves for some kitchen appliances. Then, there is small garden next to the kitchen. Actually, it is large space divided into some parts and these have no separators. Of course, it looks unique.

  1. Compact one wall kitchen layout

Compact one wall kitchen layout

Some people think that it is good to have compact package for the one wall kitchen. When it is kind of layout to look for, this can become good insight to check. The kitchen is like inside a box and separated from the room.

It is unique to see the kitchen since it looks like modular and portable parts that can be removed from the house. The compact design is surprisingly effective in creating the cooking space. It also has good color combination.

The kitchen is framed in brown color. Most parts are painted in brown, yet the wall of the room is painted in white. That is why it looks like different part of house. There are cabinets on the lower, upper, and one of the sides. The cooking area itself is painted in black and it gives bold design.

  1. White and blue kitchen layout

White and blue kitchen layout

White and blue can become good color to apply for the one wall kitchen. These two colors create the clean and spacious look for the kitchen. Moreover, the vibe is good; it is like inviting everyone to cook in the kitchen.

Basically, the kitchen is dominated by the white color. However, the backsplash gets blue tone. There are some parts spotted by good illuminations. These are for decoration and the spotlights successfully create modern look.

  1. Kitchen with patterned tiles for backsplash

Kitchen with patterned tiles for backsplash

Backsplash should become necessary part to consider in the one wall kitchen. Since it may have compact and sleek design, having good details on the backsplash can make the kitchen look more attractive. It is also what is found in the next kitchen layout.

The backsplash uses tiles with unique patterns. There are some patterns and these are arranged randomly. For the furniture, these use combination of natural wood color and light gradient of brown and white. The existence of the backsplash surely gives aesthetic look.

  1. Brick wall kitchen layout

Brick wall kitchen layout

Then, the next wall kitchen has brick wall. It is natural brick wall without additional layers and other treatments. These give good accents for the kitchen layout. It looks traditional and attractive.

Then, in order to point out the wall, the cabinets are only found in the lower parts. These cabinets are wood and these are painted in the good shade of grey. With its brick wall, it gives good rustic layout.

  1. Metallic kitchen layout

Metallic kitchen layout

Metallic and chrome finishing makes the one wall kitchen looks modern. Even, it creates futuristic looks and it is what is found in the kitchen. Most of the appliances and furniture have metal material with shiny finishing.

There is also accent of black applied on the lower cabinets. These give attractive combination. These color tones make the kitchen look bold and futuristic. Moreover, it also gets island with unique dining chairs.

  1. Kitchen in wood tone

Kitchen in wood tone

The last reference has nice wood tone to point out. Actually, the kitchen is dominated by white color, but its wooden cabinets become the central point due to its different color.

The natural color of wood is supported by the shade of lighting above the cooking area. Since the wooden cabinets are on the lower parts, the illumination is like the bridge for its kitchen layout in order to emphasize the wooden texture and color.

Those are some great references of kitchen installed in one wall. In fact, there are many variations, and each of them has different character and attractive points. Surely, these can be awesome reference for designing one wall kitchen.

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