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Kids (and even some adults) who are avid gamers would want their birthday invitations to have their favorite game’s theme. This article will be discussing 20 samples of Minecraft birthday invitations.

As you know this sandbox game is highly popular despite its simplicity. People just find the pixelated environment to be addicting to roam around. How to incorporate its design in birthday party invitation?

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    Minecraft Pet Walk Theme

Minecraft Pet Walk Theme

As one of Minecraft birthday invitations that include pets, this invitation might be a suitable one for kids (particularly boys). You will be able to see the male game character walking around the forest with his pet dog.

You can see that the background for this character consists of tall trees and other pets. The font used for invitation message utilizes Minecraft classic font. The game’s logo is also included in the design.

  1. Girls Minecraft Invite

Girls Minecraft Invite

Who says that girls cannot enjoy playing Minecraft and have the game theme birthday invitations? This invitation perfectly suits girls of any age. It depicts a pink haired female character that walks confidently through the city’s concretes.

Some animal characters, like dog and bird, can be seen in the picture as well. The birthday invitation has various color combination with predominantly brown color. To complete the look, the pixelated font is added to the title.

  1. Avid Gamer Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Avid Gamer Minecraft Birthday Invitations

This invitation is perfect for avid gamer. There are three characters present on the birthday invitation: a female character, male one, and their pet piglet. What makes this invitation even more special is it emphasizes Minecraft’s pixelated world.

The birthday party host has a space to add their photograph on the invitation. For the title and its subtitle, you can see that classic Minecraft font is used.

  1. Crowded Minecraft Characters Invitation

Crowded Minecraft Characters Invitation

For those who have plenty of fellow Minecraft playing friends, this birthday invitation cannot be more perfect. There are various characters depicted in the picture. You can see the humanoid characters and pets on the invitation. There are also some monsters.

It is another invitation that celebrates the Minecraft’s pixelated environment. The background combines green and brown together. This is among Minecraft birthday invitations that give out forest vibe.

  1. Birthday Pool Party Invitation

Birthday Pool Party Invitation

Are you planning on hosting pool party for the birthday date? This birthday invitation perfectly suits that vibe. It has a male Minecraft character in his swimming gear and ready to jump into the water.

The vibe of pool party is further enhanced by this invitation’s choice of background color. It utilizes light blue sky color which is also pixelated like the character. This invitation is quite informational as well.

  1. Thought Out Minecraft Theme Invitation

Thought Out Minecraft Theme Invitation

Anybody would love to receive this well designed invitation, especially if they love Minecraft. The game’s characters are scattered all over the invitation. You can see the flying angel, warriors, zombies, and cute pets.

The main backdrop color for this invitation is earthy brown which is combined with green accent at top and bottom parts. This invitation utilizes Minecraft-like font throughout to resonate the theme.

  1. Character Loaded Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Character Loaded Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Often times, you will see birthday invitations that are too heavy with embellishments that you cannot make out the important information such as place, time, and RSVP number. This invitation certainly does not have any of that.

There are many Minecraft characters included in the design. You can see male, female, pet, and zombie characters placed on top of the invitation. The rest of it is solely dedicated for the information section.

  1. Minecraft Knight Invitation

Minecraft Knight Invitation

It is not odd for a boy to dream on becoming a strong knight that protects his surroundings. You will be able to see several characters within this design. However, the most palpable character is without doubt the knight on his horse.

You can see that the theme for this design is almost medieval with green and brown as the predominant colors. The font used within this design is without doubt the classic one of Minecraft.

  1. Adult Birthday Pool Party Invitation

Adult Birthday Pool Party Invitation

This is a representative of adult pool party Minecraft birthday invitations. Despite incorporating some Minecraft characters into the design, this invitation only has adult characters that are relaxing in the pool.

The pool that is pictured in this invitation is definitely derived from Minecraft world to complete the whole game vibe. Font used in this invitation also utilizes the game’s font. Like most pool themed invitation, the predominant color is blue.

  1. Simple Dark Invitation

Simple Dark Invitation

This birthday invitation is very simple but avid Minecraft players will respect it because on its header you will see call names that only gamers can understand. That includes zombies, creepers, and enderman.

There is only one Minecraft characters depicted within the design. It also has green pixelated accent on top. However, the rest on this invitation is in black color. That way, you can read the information that is typed in Minecraft font clearly.

  1. Brown Theme Invitation

Brown Theme Invitation

It is an example of Minecraft birthday invitations suitable for little children. The invitation includes various different characters on the left side. You can see the pets, monsters, builders, and other characters in the bunch.

The design is simple with predominant brown color and several green squares to give out the pixelated vibe. Meanwhile the Minecraft font is used only for the title. The rest utilizes normal font.

  1. Simple Minecraft Party Invitation

Simple Minecraft Party Invitation

As you see, this is a fairly simple invitation. There is a male creeper character depicted in the invitation. You can see a pixelated land block and an axe in the picture as well. The items are highlighted in otherwise dark vibe invitation.

This invitation utilizes Minecraft font that can be found easily in various internet sources. Party host must write down information such as date, place, time, and RSVP number.

  1. Zombie Fight Birthday Invitation

Zombie Fight Birthday Invitation

In Minecraft, there are many exciting things to do. However, one can hardly beat fighting with zombies. This is a great sample of zombie fighting Minecraft birthday invitations. It has the creeper character utilizing sword to defeat zombie character.

The color used for its main theme is green, while the font comes in white to provide stark contrast. You can see some embellishments in form of game items.

  1. Smooth Chalkboard Minecraft Theme Invitation

Smooth Chalkboard Minecraft Theme Invitation

At a first glance, you will not notice that the theme of this birthday invitation is Minecraft because there is no trace of pixelated design on it. Everything has been embellished to look smooth and glossy.

However, this birthday invitation uses terms that only Minecraft players will know (e.g. creep). This design utilizes various types of font in diverse color. The design gives the impression of it being made on a chalkboard.

  1. Heavily Pixelated Birthday Invitation

Heavily Pixelated Birthday Invitation

Minecraft birthday invitations are the perfect medium to celebrate the game’s pixelated world. This particular invitation showcases that notion quite perfectly. Nearly all items present within the design are pixelated, including characters and environment.

You can see that the characters are in some sort of forest, so you will see predominant green and dirt brown colors. Minecraft font is used in this design to make it more wholesome.

  1. Minecraft Ticket Style Invitation

Minecraft Ticket Style Invitation

If you want something a little more special than mere Minecraft themed invitation, you can take a further step by making it looking like a ticket. The guest will feel like they are participating in a special gaming event.

This invitation incorporates several characters including creeper and his pet. The information is written in Minecraft form in concise sentence. There is a barcode provided underneath which guest can scan before entering the party.

  1. Easy to Understand Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Easy to Understand Minecraft Birthday Invitations

The layout for this particular birthday invitation makes information contained within it easier to understand. Its page is divided into eight squares and two rectangles. There are the filler squares that only contain pixelated items.

You can also see Minecraft characters in one of those shapes. The rest geometric shapes are used to convey the message. It is a simple layout that will make people understanding the message easily.

  1. Handwritten Birthday Invitation

Handwritten Birthday Invitation

Perhaps you want to personalize the invitation to your birthday party? There is nothing more special than sending handwritten invitation. This template should be able to cater your need. It has Minecraft theme with few game characters and items.

There is an empty space that you can use to write down your invitation. The design looks festive by colorful decorative flags on top. This invitation is perfect for small birthday party with only few invites.

  1. Game Interface Invitation

Game Interface Invitation

Minecraft birthday invitations that look like the game’s real interface will surely make people clamoring to be invited to your birthday. The game’s environment is clearly depicted in this invitation’s design. You can see the buildings and various collectibles.

Information for the party is written down on the functional buttons. It gives the illusion that you have to click on them. The font used for this invitation is classic Minecraft font.

  1. Green and Brown Invitation

Green and Brown Invitation

The first thing that you will notice whilst looking at this birthday invitation is its pile of Minecraft characters. You can see pets, zombies, creepers, enderman, and other characters there. The second thing that you will notice is the green and brown squares used as background.

Despite its heavily textured appearance, you will still be able to make its information clearly due to the contrasting information box on the right side. It is set in light blue color.

If you are planning on hosting birthday party, these samples of Minecraft birthday invitations might give you some designing inspirations.

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