How Thick Should a Mattress Be to Provide Sound Sleep

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There are many benefits of enjoying a sound sleep. However, many people want to have a goodnight’s rest, but they don’t consider the necessary components that facilitate one. A good mattress, for example, is a crucial component to ensure that you enjoy the best sleep.

One key consideration is that the height of your mattress is a crucial factor that affects how comfortably you will sleep. The material will also matter at some point, but how thick your mattress is will affect the quality of your sleep. So, let’s begin by learning what affects the mattress thickness.

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What Affects Mattress Thickness?

There are three significant layers on mattresses that affect the thickness. Although some mattresses might have more than two layers, the main ones are

1. Base Layer

Also known as the support layer, this is your mattress’s foundation. It is usually made of pocketed springs, poly-foam, or latex. This layer makes up a larger percentage of your mattress, above half the thickness or more in some cases. Mattresses with thicker base layers are more durable than those with thinner layers.

2. Comfort Layer

This is the soft top layer of the mattress. They are where you lay while sleeping and give you comfort and relaxation. They have a plush feeling because they are made of cotton, poly-foam, or wool to accommodate the curves on your body.

They also facilitate isolation of motion transfer, making it ideal for couples to sleep together on a single bed. They make up the least part of the mattress, although they are about 30% of the mattress. Some mattresses have more than one comfort layer depending on the design of the manufacturer.

3. Transition Layer

This layer lies under the comfort layer, and it acts as the buffer between the soft and firm core layers. Its insulation properties offer comfort to sensitive body parts when sleeping. They are made of latex, wool, or high-density poly-foam.

Mattress Thickness Chart

Mattress Thickness Chart

Purchase of mattresses is entirely on the taste and budget of a buyer, although most high-quality mattresses range from 8 to 14 inches thick. Below is a chart of the mattress thicknesses and how they are rated

  • 2 – 5 inches: Low profile mattresses
  • 5 – 8 inches: Slim mattresses
  • 8 – 12 inches: Standard mattresses
  • 12 – 16 inches: Thick, deep, or tall mattresses
  • 16 inches and above: Extra thick, extra deep, or different tall mattresses

What to Consider When Choosing Mattress Thickness

There are several things to consider while selecting the right mattress dimensions for you. Some of these factors include

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position will determine the thickness of your mattresses. Here are some points to note

  • Side sleepers should opt for 12 – 14 inches thick mattresses
  • Stomach sleepers should buy 10-inch mattresses
  • Back sleepers should get 10 – 12 inches mattresses
  • Combination sleepers should get at least 12-inch mattresses

Body Type

Your body type will also affect the thickness of the ideal mattress for you. Lightweight sleepers should opt for at least 12 inch thick mattresses, 10 – 12 inches is okay for average-weight sleepers, and 12 – 14 inches is ideal for plus-size sleepers.

If You Are Sharing the Bed

If you share a bed, you should consider getting a 10 – 12 inches mattress to be comfortable for both of you.

Your Foundation’s Height

A longer foundation will call for a thinner mattress and a thicker mattress for a shorter foundation. This is for the accessibility of the bed.

Mobility Issues

If you have any mobility issues, then consider getting a mattress less than 14 inches thick.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Thick Mattresses

A thick mattress offers the sleepers more comfort due to the cushioning and ultra-plush sleeping area. They can also withstand the weight of two people if you are sleeping with your partner.

The disadvantage is that thick mattresses have multiple layers, which increases the price of the mattress.

General FAQs

Can a Mattress Topper Add Thickness to Your Mattress

Mattress toppers will only affect the support of your mattress, softness, and luxuriousness.

What’s the Average Thickness of a Mattress?

The average thickness of a mattress is about 8 – 14 inches.

Should I Get Bigger Shits for A Thick Mattress?

Thicker mattresses will need bigger sheets to cover them.

How High Should My Bed Be?

The recommended height is about 25 inches.

Having a thick mattress will guarantee you sound sleep and comfort. Thick mattresses are also ideal for couples since they support both weights.


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