15 Amazing Kids Bedroom Ideas for Boys and Girls

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There are a lot of kids bedroom ideas to try these days. Creating a special space in the house for the kids, which is so called bedroom, cannot be taken for granted. The bedroom must look beautiful and comfortable for kids, so they will love spending time and sleeping there.

Whether you have boys or girls at home, the bedroom should match the children’s personality. Otherwise, they will never like the bedroom and won’t enjoy being in bedroom. This is basically why the bedroom for children should be carefully designed.

If you have the plan to create or redecorate the kid’s bedroom, you will have to get some inspirations. Down below, there are 15 amazing kids bedroom ideas that you can try. They work for boys, girls, and some of them even gender-neutral ones. Here they are.

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    White Bohemian Kids Bedroom Ideas

White Bohemian Bedroom

When the kids are not too young, they will rather choose more subtle bedroom. They do not like bright, neon color for the room for sure. This white Bohemian bedroom can be the greatest option for that. In the picture, you can see how simple and elegant the bedroom is.

The room is dominated with white color scheme, especially on the bunk bed and the boho-style hanging couch. The bedroom is given a slight colorful touch by using a few different colors on the pillows and blankets.

  1. Bunk Bed and Slide Combo

Bunk Bed and Slide Combo

Boys or girls, they all love slides on their bedroom. This bedroom in the picture shows you how to rock a slide in the room. The slide is installed on the top area of a bunk bed. That way, the kid sleeping on the top will be able to slide down easily.

The slide does not have to be fancy, though. The slide in the picture is really simple and so is the room. The room has only a few furniture items and dominated with subtler colors. Having that slide is going to make the kids love spending time in the bedroom even more.

  1. Princess’s Castle Kids Bedroom Ideas

Princess's Castle Kids Bedroom Ideas

Every girl, particularly the small ones, loves to be a princess. Of course, it will be their dreams come true if you give them princess’s castle bedroom. Take a look at the picture. It shows you how gorgeous it is to literally has castle inside the girls’ bedroom.

The castle is the focal point of the room. It serves as the bed with staircase leading to the top of the bunk-bed styled bed. Instead of another bed, the top area can be turned into a sort of playroom for the girl.

  1. Nautical-Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas

Nautical-Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas

Nautical theme, with ocean blue color scheme and boats, is loved by a lot of boys. It is believed even some girls love this theme as well. That is why you need to consider having this theme when your kids are into pirate ships or anything nautical.

The picture above shows you an amazing bedroom with the nautical theme. The bed is literally a pirate ship. The wall is painted in ocean blue color and decorated with sea and beach-related items, including sea stars and small boat.

  1. Unicorn and Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas

Unicorn and Rainbow Kids Bedroom Ideas

One of the trendiest kids bedroom ideas these days is the unicorn one. A lot of girls are falling in love with unicorn. They love how colorful and glittery the magical horse is. Of course, you can bring the theme to the bedroom with ease.

Take a look at the picture, it shows you a girl bedroom ideas with a lot of unicorn items here and there, including the wallpaper, the bed treatments, and even the curtain. They are surely colorful and going to please the girl.

  1. Fancy and Girly Kids Bedroom

Fancy and Girly Kids Bedroom

Older kids love kids bedroom ideas with less fuss. They like it fancy and yet very girly. The bedroom in the picture shows you exactly how to do it.It is a large bedroom with simple design on the furniture.

It shows the combination between neon color and neutral one. The idea is perfect for pre-teen girls, especially when they want simple bedroom.

  1. Colorful Kids Bedroom with Bunk Bed

  2. Colorful Kids Bedroom with Bunk Bed

Sometimes, kids bedroom ideas will have to involve a lot of colors. It makes the room looks suitable for kids. The room you see in the picture is the one with lots and lots of colors in every corner.

The colorful schemes are combined with classic bunk bed which obviously belongs to kid’s bedroom. It makes the room looks perfect for any kids, both boys and girls, to have.

  1. Monochrome Kids Bedroom Ideas

Monochrome Kids Bedroom Ideas

When the kid loves specific color, you will have to try applying it to the bedroom. What if the kid loves black and white colors? Making monochrome bedroom for kids is surely not as easy as making a colorful one.

Take a look at the picture. It shows you how to make the perfect monochrome bedroom using lots of black and white combo all over the room. The white can be painted entirely white and then decorated with some black wall stickers. The bed, carpets, and furniture use the monochrome theme as well.

  1. Vintage-Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas

Vintage-Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedroom ideas do not have to be very modern and sophisticated. Sometimes, a lot of kids want their bedroom to be simple. The bedroom in the picture shows a simply-designed bedroom with vintage theme. The bedroom has twin bed and each of them is decorated with vintage style as well.

The simplicity of the room is shown on the less furniture used in it. Instead of cabinet for toys, the room uses woven baskets for the stuff. It also has a cute little round table for the kids to do their homework or for them to play the toys.

  1. Kids Bedroom with Dropped Ceiling

Dropped ceiling is a great idea to make a room look fancy. The room showed in the picture above shows you exactly how to use dropped ceiling in kids’ bedroom.

The room is designed to be very girly, with pink and magenta color schemes everywhere. The dropped ceiling has yellow center with some palm trees designs on it. It makes the room looks incredibly frolic and amazing.

  1. Character-Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas

Character-Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas

A lot of kids are in love with certain characters from movies or cartoon. The room in the picture shows you the example. The owner of the room clearly loves the characters from the movie Frozen.

The room is full of the icy-themed items, just like in the movie. It is including the snowflakes stickers on the wall and also the fancy chandelier on the ceilings.

  1. Simple and Sophisticated Kids Bedroom

Simple and Sophisticated Kids Bedroom

When the kids ask for simple yet modern bedroom, you can actually make the bedroom with ease. The key of making a sophisticated bedroom is on the furniture. Take a look at the kids bedroom ideasin the picture for inspiration.

The room is using simple design. However, the furniture is highly sophisticated. It has modern-styled bunk bed with 3D staircase that serves as storage and cabinet as well. The desk is combined with high shelves for the kids to store their stuff and toys.

  1. Starry Night Kids Bedroom

Starry Night Kids Bedroom

Numerous kids love the things they can see in the sky, especially the moon, the stars, and the vast blue sky. Take that theme to the bedroom by creating a starry night bedroom.

The example can be seen in the picture. The picture shows you exactly how to bring a starry night theme to the bedroom. The wallpaper and the color scheme are all enhancing the theme, making everything looks cohesive and awesome.

  1. Noah’s Ark Rustic Room

Noah's Ark Rustic Room

If you want to incorporate a lot of wooden stuff in the kids bedroom ideas, try to have this theme. This Noah’s ark theme is so cute and yet rustic. The room is dominated with woods, starting from the ceiling to the furniture.

It is filled with a lot of stuffed animals here and there to imitate the animals on Noah’s Ark. Surely, this theme is going to be loved by the kids. Even adults will get impressed with how beautiful the room is.

  1. Football-Themed for Boys

Football-Themed for Boys

Last but not least, the theme for boy’s bedroom is always football. When the boys love sport, you just have to bring it to the bedroom.

The picture shows the kids bedroom ideas with football theme everywhere. The wallpaper of the room, the bedroom sheet, and even the rugs are all in football style. It is just perfect for boys who love the sport to the heart.

It is believed that designing a bedroom for kids is hard to do. However, when you know your kids so well, it won’t be difficult to project the personality of kids to the bedroom. Make sure the kids get involved in the designing process.

It is important to keep them involved because by the end of day, it will be the kids spending times in the bedroom, not the parents. Those kids bedroom ideas up above are just giving lots of options to consider together with the kids.

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