Amazing Ideas on How to Make a Candy Bouquet

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Candy bouquet is the fun, affordable, easy to do gift to show off your creativity. It is perfect for any occasion like birthday, anniversary, Valentine day, holiday, or graduation gifts. To give you inspiration for this thoughtful homemade gift, below are best ideas on how to make a candy bouquet.

Most of the candy bouquet supplies can be found easily in stores around you. It’s also customizable in a sense that you are able to match the candy with the favorite goodies of your gift’s receiver. There are plenty of decoration ideas available too, to match the gift with the special occasions.

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    Candy Bouquet with Pink Theme

Candy Bouquet with Pink Theme

This candy bouquet looks pretty with pink wrap and ribbon. It’s a perfect gift idea for semi-formal occasions like a school prom, dance recital, or Valentine day for your dearest one. On how to make a candy bouquet with this theme, you need various kinds of candy.

  • Glue each candy to a stick; collect them in a bundle like a flower bouquet.
  • Wrap them with colored crepe paper layered with decorative plastic wrap.
  • Finish it by tying a ribbon to secure the bouquet.
  1. The Mini Candy Bouquet

If you ever need a lot of bouquets to give to, for a class graduation gifts or party souvenirs for example, this mini candy bouquet will be a perfect choice. It looks stunning, but really easy to recreate.

  • All you need are chocolate candies, marshmallows, and few other kinds of candies as fillers.
  • Wrap the plastic first to create a cone-like container, fill it with your candies, and add some accessories to complement the bouquet.
  1. Fancy Gold Bouquet Tutorial

Fancy Gold Bouquet Tutorial

If your partner is a chocolate lover, they will definitely appreciate this bouquet. Using the elegant gold theme, using chocolate candies in gold wrapper, it is really lovely and expensive-looking.

  • To create this bouquet, pack each individual chocolate in brown polyester fiber tissue paper.
  • Don’t forget to glue a stick to the chocolate candy so it will be easier to form the bouquet.
  • After you wrap all the chocolate candies, collect them is a glass jar and tie the jar with gold colored ribbon to finish it up.
  1. Candy Bouquet in a Jar

Candy Bouquet in a Jar

Get creative by using a mason jar as the bouquet container. For a medium sized jar, fill it up with 12-14 candies.

  • Insert small candies first as the base for the larger candies.
  • Form a candy bouquet with flower wrap and then set it inside the jar.
  • For more colorful candy bouquet, choose a wrap with vibrant and bright colors like blue, green, and yellow.
  • Last step on how to make a candy bouquet; add accessories like ribbon or fabric ties to the jar.
  1. Lollipop Tree Candy Bouquet

Lollipop Tree Candy Bouquet

Even the small and cheap lollipop can turn into beautiful candy bouquet. By using black and white paper wrap, these lollipops could turn to be more than decent wedding or birthday gift for your beloved friend.

  • To recreate this candy bouquet, wrap each of the small lollipops with the paper and bundle them into one.
  • The small lollipops do not have large enough stick that act as the stem, so place it inside a cute simple flower vase.
  1. Candy Bouquet for Person with Sweet Tooth

Candy Bouquet for Person with Sweet Tooth

This sweet gift is perfect for special occasion like wedding anniversary. If your partner has sweet tooth, they will be flattered by this beautiful personalized candy bouquet. So, how to make a candy bouquet? You do not even need to use a flower warp, instead you can use any bucket and decorate it as much as you’d like. This candy bucket has complete package of sweet stuffs like the macaroons, marshmallows, and chocolate candies.

  1. Football Candy Bouquet

Football Candy Bouquet

So, your school football team has succeeded in winning recent competition. It’s time to celebrate by giving them this cool sport themed candy bouquet.

  • Use a glass jar or recycled can for the bouquet container.
  • Paint it with the color and pattern of a ball.
  • Set a green paper wrap to mimic the field’s grass color.
  • Fill the container with your football team’s favorite candy.
  • To level up the decoration game, stick the photos of the football team members.
  1. Candy Bouquet for Halloween Party

Candy Bouquet for Halloween Party

Double the fun of the Halloween by creating this candy bouquet! You can give it as a gift or use it as the centerpiece for a decoration of Halloween party.

  • The first step on how to make a candy bouquet, paint a plastic ball with black spray paint.
  • Arrange various candies with orange and black wrap.
  • To make the bouquet sturdy enough, glue the outer package of the snacks and candies to each other.
  • Decorate the bouquet by using faux leaves and branches from plastic materials.
  1. Create Graduation Candy and Snack bar Bouquet

Create Graduation Candy and Snack bar Bouquet

Graduation is a worth to celebrate occasion after all the hard work and efforts someone has done. If there is someone you know graduating, this is the perfect gift idea to create. It is fun, simple, and budget friendly.

  • To create this, you will need a mug with some words to congratulate the one who graduates, candy bars, snack bars, wooden sticks, and flower paper wrap.
  • Set the paper wrap on the base of the mug. Attach the candy bars to the sticks and arrange them inside the mug.
  • To elevate the bouquet looks, you can add cute personalized gift cards.
  1. Candy Bouquet with Character Theme

Candy Bouquet with Character Theme

If one of your kids, cousins, or friends is having a character themed party, this idea will fit as a gift or as a decoration. Choose candies and snacks with package colors similar to the character. Anything can be used for the candy container, such as mason glass jars, cups, mugs, or regular glass.

Do not forget to add decorative accessories that match the character theme. For example, on how to make a candy bouquet, a cardboard with the character logo is added to the bouquet.

  1. Simple Candy Bouquet in a Mug

Simple Candy Bouquet in a Mug

If you are wondering how to make a candy bouquet that are quick and easy, this is the perfect idea for you. There are endless candy bouquets options tons even for a handmade gifts beginners. This simple bouquet is an example for a beginner or if you are making a last minutes gift.

  • Just grab any decent mug for the container, candies, skewers, glue, tissue paper, Styrofoam and ribbon.
  • Set the Styrofoam to fit half the mug. Glue the skewers to the candy and stick them to Styrofoam.
  • After that, add few tissue papers to mask the uncovered part of the Styrofoam.
  • Finally, tie a ribbon or a piece of twine as a decoration.
  1. Candy Bouquet in a Soda Can

Candy Bouquet in a Soda Can

If you are tight on money, but still wanted to give a cute and memorable gift, this idea on how to make a candy bouquet can be a great alternative. Whether it’s for hostess gifts, holiday gifts, or just small appreciation gifts, the candy bouquet in a soda can is a beautiful option. Plus it is environmentally friendly as you will use a recycled material.

  • To recreate this bouquet, you need a beverage can, foam, candies such as sweets, lollipops, or gums, glue, wooden or plastic sticks and curling ribbon.
  • Cut open the can, and place foam inside as a base. Stick the candies using glue and set them inside the can.
  • Do not forget to cut the ribbon to cover the bare spot of the foam.
  1. Sour Candy Bouquet

Sour Candy Bouquet

What makes this bouquet is special is the fact that the container is built from candy boxes. You will need 4 candy boxes in the same size and glue them together in a form of cube container.

  • Measure the container’s opening and cut a foam or floral block in that size. Insert the foam inside the box.
  • Attach a skewer or wooden stick behind each candy you have prepared before. This bouquet only uses sour candies, but you can modify them to suit the gift receiver’s taste or yours.
  • Finally, arrange the candies inside the box and decorate it with ribbon to make it prettier.
  1. Candy Bouquet with Cash Addition

Candy Bouquet with Cash Addition

This candy bouquet is equipped with cash as addition for the gift. Let’s move to the steps on how to make a candy bouquet.

  • To recreate this candy and cash bouquet, you will need a bucket or vase, skewer sticks, foam block, colored tissue paper, candies, cash, ribbon, and gift cards.
  • First wrap the foam block with colored tissue paper. Then tape the candies and the cash to the stick. Do not use glue as it can be hard to take off the cash from the stick.
  • Arrange all the goodies by sticking them into the block. Modify the size of the bouquet or the amount of the cash included, according to the needs.

Whether it is a gift for your friend, partner, parent, family member, or teacher, they sure will appreciate this wonderful present. This list of tutorials above will help you if you have no idea how to make a candy bouquet as a present for that special person.

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