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Finding the best house number ideas is important. Displaying the numbers will make it easier for the guests, delivery guys, or basically everyone to find your house.

Here are some of the best ideas related to house number sign that you can find these days. They will make it easier for you to get inspired.

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    Glass Bottle House Number

Glass Bottle House Number

There are a lot of things that you can recycle and turn into house number. One of them is an old glass bottle. Take a look at the picture above. It is a great example of how beautiful a house number sign made out of old glass bottles.

The bottles are cut and lined up. Then, numbers are drawn on the bottles. Once they are installed on the outer wall of the house, they simply look outstanding. Surely, this is one of the best house number ideas available out there.

  1. Wooden Collage House Number

Wooden Collage House Number

If you want to make your house looks unique, try to make this house number style. The plaque is made out of colorful wooden collage. It looks fresh and yet very bold.

In the picture, you can see that the owner of the house use variation of color and combine it together into a plaque. Then, he uses numbers made out of black metal to give beautiful contrast to the plaque.

  1. Plant-Based House Number

Plant-Based House Number

A lot of people love gardening and they want to take every aspect of it to the house. One of the best house number ideas for those who love plants and gardens is this house number.

The house numbers in the picture is made naturally from plants. It is usually made by making planters in the shape of the numbers and then let it grow naturally.

  1. Bohemian Style House Number

Bohemian Style House Number

Bohemian style is loved and adored by many people. They love the beautiful patterns and bold colors used in the particular style. Of course, they can be brought into house numbers as well.

The example is in the picture. It is a gorgeous-looking plaque of house number made using Bohemian style. It is made out of clay, dried and hand painted right away. The result is simply stunning.

  1. Classic Cedar House Number

Classic Cedar House Number

When the outer wall of the house is using classic brick style, the best house number ideas to try is the classic cedar plaque. Both bricks and the plaque are complimenting each other so well.

The plaque displays the natural beauty of cedar wood, including its color and grain. Combined with the unique cut and bold numbering on the plaque, everything looks so mesmerizing.

  1. Copper Shield House Number

Copper Shield House Number

There are numerous people who own rustic-themed house. Sometimes, they even go beyond by taking medieval or castle-like theme for the house. The best house number ideas for that kind of house are this copper shield one.

In the picture, it is shown that the totally unique house number is made entirely out of metal. It has copper-colored frame and numbering as well as a decorative dragon right above the numbers. It looks unique, unusual, yet intriguing.

  1. Old Plates House Number

Old Plates House Number

When you have too many old plates that you no longer use at home, turning them into house number seems to be a good idea. Rather than throwing them away, the plates can be recycled into something so beautiful.

The plates are glued into a wooden strip. Then, each plate is painted with the numbers. After that, the plaque is ready to be installed anywhere in the house. It works for outdoor usage as well as indoor one.

  1. Ceramic Tiles House Number

Ceramic tile is probably one of the most common materials used in house number ideas. They are easy to find and relatively cheap. They also have a lot of different designs and colors to choose.

The example is in the picture. It is a house number plaque made out of ceramic tile. It has colorful frame in classic patterns. It works so well for old-fashioned houses or vintage-looking ones.

  1. Rustic Plaque House Number


Rustic Plaque House Number

Rustic plaque, just like the one displayed in the picture, is better be used when someone own a house with large front yard. That way, they will have the space to install a wooden pole and complete it with a hanging rustic plaque.

The result of this kind of house number is simply stunning, especially when the house is adopting a rustic style or old-fashioned ones. It works great as well for farmhouse and Victorian style, too.

  1. Contemporary Style House Number

Contemporary Style House Number

Instead of using wooden plaque, modern houses can make house number out of something more contemporary, like this glass plaque. The glass house number is given a 3D effect by having it installed on top of a metal plaque.

It is using a sort of small poles on both end to levitate the glass layer and give it a 3D effect. This is the perfect house number ideas for those who want something sophisticated and advanced as the house number.

  1. Numbered Pillows House Number

Numbered Pillows House Number

If you have a porch and it is completed by some benches, there should be some pillows on it. The pillows can be used to display the number of the house, too. All you need to do is making some pillow cases with the numbers on it.

When it is done, arrange the pillows in the correct order and then display them on the porch bench. It will have double functions as the decorative elements for the bench and to tell the house number to everyone.

  1. Flower Pot House Number

Flower Pot House Number

Flower pot is cheap to buy and incredibly easy to find. This is why a lot of DIY house number ideas are involving flower pot. One of the examples is in the picture.

The multi-tiered flower pot is used to display the house number. The numbers are boldly written on the bottom part of the pot. It is totally unique and adorable.

  1. Nailed It House Number

Nailed It House Number

If you have a lot of nails at home, grab a plank of wood and a hammer. You can create your very own house number sign made entirely out of nails.

The picture above shows you a beautiful house number sign made out of nails. The nails are installed in the shape of the number and displayed on a wooden plaque.

  1. Cool Planters House Number

Cool Planters House Number

When the front yard leading to the house is vast, try to make it even more beautiful by using a lot of planters. The planters can be filled with numerous types of plants and used to display the house number.

The example is in the picture. It is using three pots and each pot display a single number. The result of the house number ideas is just incredibly beautiful.

  1. Stone Plaque House Number

Stone Plaque House Number

Painting house numbers on stone is nothing new. People have done this particular thing for a long time. The example is in the picture. It is a stone plaque placed by the front door.

The stone is crafted to have flat surface on the bottom so that it can stand perfectly. The house number is engrave first and then emphasized by painting the number using black paint.

  1. Mason Jar Planters House Number

Mason Jar Planters House Number

A lot of people have Mason Jar at home and they do not use it anymore. Instead of getting rid of them, try to make house number plaque out of them.

The picture shows you a house number plaque with the combination of wooden strips and Mason Jar. The jars are lined and filled with plants. The numbers are boldly drawn on the wooden strips.

  1. Heart-Shaped Plaque House Number

Heart-Shaped Plaque House Number

If you really want a unique-looking house number display, go contemporary and choose this heart-shaped plaque. It looks totally dashing and unique.

The house number ideas display a pink-colored plaque with cotton candy pink color scheme. The main material used here seems to be fabricated glass or the combination between glass and acrylic.

  1. Fish on Hook House Number

Fish on Hook House Number

House number sign can be used to display the hobby or the particular interest of the owner of the house. The fish on hook number in the picture seems to tell everyone that the owner of the house loves fishing, most likely.

The sign is made out of wood strips cut into fish shape. They are hanged into a wooden branch stick and installed on the wooden gate of the house.

  1. Hand-Painted Tiles House Number

Hand-Painted Tiles House Number

If you have quite a talent on free hand painting, why not put your talent to use. You can buy a blank tile or flat stone tile and paint them into house number sign.

The example is in the picture. It is a beautiful looking sign made entirely by hand. The designs and numbers are painted on the top of the tile surface.

  1. Cast Metal Plaque House Number

Cast Metal Plaque House Number

The last item in the house number ideas here is this cast metal plaque. Even though it seems like the metal plaque is boring, you can see that the frolic design on top of the number makes the plaque looks whimsical.

It is such a great idea to use when you want your house to look amazing and subtle at the same time. This plaque seems to work in every house theme in general.

Beside those 20 house number ideas above, surely there are a lot of more them. Choose one that you think is the best one for your house and certainly the sign will help the house to look more dashing.

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