Home Design Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Stunning

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Stunning Home Design Ideas

Designing your own home is a huge undertaking, but a rewarding one! From the color of the walls to the feel of the floorboard, having full control of every decision is a blessing!

Home design trends are always changing, and it can be difficult to combine your own style with what’s hot today. To be the envy of your neighbors, the theme this season is clean, cozy, natural, and functional spaces.

If you’re looking for some home design ideas to keep your home looking stylish and up to date, look no further! From timeless pieces to current colors and themes, to modern twists, here’s everything you need to know about what’s hot and what’s not!  

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Color Blocking

Color Blocking is one of the hottest current design trends, which is why it’s the start of this list. Color blocking in home design refers to decorating whole rooms using a single shade of color.

While the idea may seem daunting at first, it’s the perfect way to create drama and ooze style. Experiment with bold, luxurious colors, and don’t be afraid of natural shades either. The proper color blocking brings a sense of excitement and intrigue to any room.

Don’t forget to break up the monochrome with patterns, textures, and plants to avoid making this design trend too overwhelming.

Trims and details of color

If you feel that color blocking might be too extreme for you, you can go for something a little more subtle. Add some color into your home, without going overboard with the newest trend by painting the trims of open doorways.

This is a subtle, yet sophisticated way to add some drama and surprise to your home while accenting your doorways. Other ways to add color are by keeping the rest of the room muted or monochrome and adding splashes of color in the forms of pillows, rugs, or items of furniture.

The devil is in the details when it comes to adding color to your rooms, so feel free to experiment!

Functional backyard accessories

After the pandemic, backyards have become all the rage. Stylized, cozy, and accessorized back yards are in, and if you want your home to look stunning, you’d better hop on this trend.

Trending backyard accessories include multifunctional furniture, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and edible gardens. Mix and match and experiment with these functional backyard additions. Finding backyard roofers and kitchen installers remotely has become much easier since the pandemic too.

Your search for louvered roof companies and other backyard designers can be over with the simple click of a button. Home design this season is all about making both your indoor and outdoor space functional yet stylish.

Fresh flowers and plants

Fresh flowers and plants

Piggybacking off of the spring and summer trends, fresh flowers and plants are still going strong into autumn. Outdoor and indoor plants are still a popular and easy way to bring life and style to your home.

Flowers add a dash of color and make great, perfumed accents to any room. Plants add a hint of green to your home and keep things looking natural. Aloe vera plants, snake plants, Chinese money plants, and other plants with characteristic leaves are in.

Herbs and edible plants are a great alternative to add some greenery and some spice to your kitchen and home. If you’re not good with plants, go for some cacti that are harder to kill! 

Declutter your shelves and surfaces

Another growing trend this season is restyled and decluttered shelves and surfaces. Bookshelves are all the rage this year either as a statement piece for your room, or an addition to your cozy reading nook.

However, cluttered and disjointed shelves are not in, so keep your shelves organized and aesthetically pleasing. Use your shelf space wisely and create interesting shapes with your books, paperweights, and trinkets.

Create dimensions with taller items in the back and shorter ones in the front. Consider a color gradient to match the palette and theme of your room to really tie things together.

Set up a private nook

Whether because of the pandemic or the home arrest, privacy and comfort have become big in the world of home design. A hot new trend is the existence of a quiet, cozy, and private area of the home.

From creating your own personal reading nook to a private home office to a breakfast nook for your family, intimacy is big this season. Having any nook of some sort is a great way to add dimension and personality to a room. A nook will provide comfort and purpose to the user and an aesthetic way to get some peace and quiet after a long, busy day.

Ambient lighting

Last but not least, a great way to add some charisma to your room and make it look stunning is to focus on lighting. Gone are the days of having one central light to illuminate your room. The hot new trend this season is all about combining ambient with functionality.

Alongside your traditional overhead lighting fixtures, experiment with smaller light sources around the room in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A few lampshades or reading lights dotted around the room can make the room cozier.

Lighting really makes a difference in how we experience and view a room, so don’t be afraid to make it your own.

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So there you have it! To make sure your home looks stunning, combine functionality with beauty and create cozy spaces for you to live in. There are plenty of ways to keep your home up to date stylish this season, starting with color blocking.

Pick a color and make it your thing, just remember not to overdo it! Bring back spending time outdoors and accessorize your backyard with pergolas and edible plants! While on the topic of plants, bring some life and character into your home with some greenery. 

To keep up with this season’s sense of style, make a habit of decluttering your home. Simplicity is in, so keep those new bookshelves looking populated and organized. Go back to basic comforts and create a private and cozy nook in your home, be it for reading, sleeping, or family time. Create intimate moments while staying stylish this fall!

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