Great Doorless Shower References with Various Designs

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Bathroom is the private area. Of course, you need to think about the concept and its decoration. In case you love the simple bathroom, doorless shower can be good ideas to try. As its name, it will give the space for shower without a door.

Some people think this kind of shower does not give privacy. It is not fully wrong, but it is not big problem to worry. In case you have your own bathroom and shower, then the case is closed since there will be no guests or acquaintances suddenly entering the shower.

Moreover, the shower without door will bring nice room decoration. It gives the effect of spacious shower although it is actually in a small space. Moreover, there is nothing to worry regarding the maintenance of the door because there is no glass door that should be cleaned regularly. In this case, there are some great references of shower without door.

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    Doorless shower tiled in brown

Doorless shower tiled in brown

When it comes to color, brown becomes one of the great options. It is not kind of pale or fully neutral color. In fact, it shows the bold characteristic that’s great to choose for the shower.

In addition, the shower has two combination of brown. It has tiles with darker tone of brown, while the outer area has the light tone. Then, the edges of wall only have tiles in the lower half, while the upper half is designed with simple wall with brown paint.

  1. Stone-wall doorless shower 

Stone-wall doorless shower

When you love the details on the wall, this is good reference of doorless shower. The shower has attractive details of stone pattern. It is great since it gives the natural look, as if you are taking shower in the midst of nature.

The outer side of shower does use the tiles. However, it has stone installation, so there is rough surface which is great for the outer part. Then, the inside of shower has tiles. The wall and floor has the pattern of stone, but the floor has the smaller details of pattern.

  1. Clean doorless shower design

Clean doorless shower Design

The next reference of doorless shower shows the great point of simplicity. Instead of using the glass for shower, it has thick wall and it is a clean wall without any additional details. The wall only has the necessary knobs and parts of shower.

It is located on the corner of bathroom, and there is wall as separator and place to install the shower. This wall is nice since it takes the pattern of marble. Therefore, it has luxury look in its simple design. Moreover, the other wall has large tiles in the tone of ivory.

  1. Clean white doorless shower Design

Clean white doorless shower Design

The next part of shower is nice for you who love clean look. It is fully clean since the whole space of bathroom is colored in white. It is bright white that gives calming and spacious feel. It really nice color idea.

The bathroom has two main parts. There is toilet and shower; both of them is separated by glass. There are no complicated details installed in shower and bathroom. However, the floor tiles are unique since they are painted in black with the small square and white lining.

  1. Contemporary doorless shower

Contemporary doorless shower

This is unique doorless shower ideas. It is located in the spacious bathroom. The location of its shower is unique since it is not located in one of the corners of bathroom. Yet, it is found in the middle part.

It is not fully in the midst of bathroom, but it is not attached to the main wall. In other word, it has small space behind the shower and it is looks great. Moreover, it has different tone of wall.

Simply, the shower looks like popping-up part of the bathroom and it becomes the central attention. The whole room is actually dominated by the pale brown. For the shower, it has sleek and simple design with less detail.

  1. Semi-glass doorless shower Ideas

Semi-glass doorless shower Ideas

It is called as semi-glass since the wall of its shower has combination of concrete wall and glass. It does not look bad. On contrary, it is good choice of doorless shower.

The shower is part of bathroom, and it is not large bathroom. That’s why the shower is located in the corner, and there is toilet next to it. The wall and glass becomes the separator between these two spaces.

The wall of shower is tiled in nice brown tiles. The lower half has tiles in horizontal line. However, the upper half takes the diagonal lining for the tile installation.

  1. Small doorless shower Ideas

Small doorless shower Ideas

When you have small space at house but still want to have small shower, it is good reference. The size of its shower is fully small. Moreover, the space is only enough for you to stand and make small movement.

However, it has complete set of shower. Then, there are tiles with the granite texture. It looks nice although it is for the small shower. Surely, it shows good space management.

  1. White doorless shower with complete set

White doorless shower with complete set


After dealing with small space, it is now doorless shower idea for the spacious bathroom. It has large area, and it is painted in white. Surely, this combination creates effect of vast bathroom with shower.

It is perfectly clean white color. The bathroom looks so bright, and there is no other color to find in the room. There is only chrome tone in the shower parts.

It is called as complete set since it has the cabinets with sink and mirror. There are also shower with glass wall. Although it has all things needed in the bathroom, it does not get complicated details.

  1. Doorless shower with bathtub

Doorless shower with bathtub

The other good idea of shower is in combination with bathtub. These two parts are essential for bathroom. There are options for you who want to find comfort there.

The shower and bathtub is separated by the wall. The wall itself has lower part of tiled walls, while the upper part is the glass wall. The tiles are great since these are in brown with solid pattern.

  1. Doorless shower with unique glass wall

Doorless shower with unique glass wall

Commonly, the showers have only transparent glass. However, this has something different for doorless shower. It has great design of glass wall.

The wall looks like glass cubes constructed to become the wall. The wall does not use transparent glass, and it shows the solid material. Somehow, it protects the privacy. Moreover, it is located in the corner of bathroom.

  1. Nice doorless shower with great details

Nice doorless shower with great details

The next idea of doorless shower has unique location. It is not additional part in the corner of bathroom. Instead, the wall is like callused to create the shower. Therefore, it is not a mounted part from the wall.

In term of details, it looks great since it becomes in the united part of bathroom. It has cabinets, small wardrobe, and other decorative parts. There is also window to get natural lighting. The shower also gets some small shelves to place the soaps and other stuff.

  1. Tall doorless shower

Tall doorless shower

It is great idea of shower with large space. The space has different height compared ot the other bathrooms. That’s why it gives looks of tall shower.

The shower is in the part of bathroom. However, it is separated by the transparent glass. The shower has different pattern and color of tiles compared to bathroom, and it makes the shower look darker.

  1. Glass and tile doorless shower

Glass and tile doorless shower

It is nice and unique doorless shower since it does use the full glass for the wall. The glass wall itself is constructed from some blocks of glass. Then, one of its edges does not get full construction, so it shows beautiful pattern of stairs.

Then, the wall is tiled. Brown tiles are installed with the granite pattern. However, there is one line with different tiles and these are installed in different direction. This simple difference makes the shower look unique.

  1. Bluish doorless shower ideas

Bluish doorless shower ideas

This design has nice tone of color. Shade of blue is chosen for the bathroom to give calm look and clean design. Surely, it gives cool sensation inside the bathroom and shower.

The bathroom itself is also painted in the same bluish tone. There are small shelves and these have wooden tone, so they give good variation for the decoration.

  1. Doorless shower with windows

Doorless shower with windows

The last reference of shower is unique due to its window. There are quite large windows with wooden frame.

It is good idea since it gives natural light from the outside. It is also great for the shower decoration with its white frame.

The whole shower itself has nice brown tiles with glass wall on one of the edges. This also becomes separator for the toilet next to the shower. It looks simple and elegant.

Those are some great references of showers without doors. There are many concepts to choose. You can find what you want from these insights, so you can have great quality time in your private doorless shower.

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