Best Ideas of Garden Tool Organizer for You to Try

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Gardening is a fun hobby. It has many benefits for health as it can relief your stress, burn calories, and reduce the risk of stroke and dementia.

However, it’s not exactly easy to maintain a garden. Beside the needs to keep an eye on your plants intensively, you also have to take care of gardening space and tools. The longer you’ve been gardening, the more amounts of tools you will own and organize. To arrange gardening tools so they won’t be cluttered, you may want to consider creating a garden tool organizer.

An organizer for gardening tools can save your time to find tools you might misplace. If you have no idea how to create an organizer or want to upgrade the current garden tool organizer, below are the 20 ideas to try.

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    Minimalist Garden Tool Organizer

Minimalist Garden Tool Organizer

If you are a beginner in gardening world, you probably do not have a lot of tools yet. With this minimalist rack, it is possible to build an organizer in less than an hour.

First you need to measure the length needed for your rack. Then cut the rack and create holes for your tools by drilling on it. Attach the rack to the wall by using brackets, and place your tools on the rack’s holes. 

  1. Wooden Pallet Garden Tools Organizer

Wooden Pallet Garden Tools Organizer

This well-formed wooden pallet is a perfect garden tool organizer to set your tools in one neat place. Buy or create pallet with solid healthy wood, or do a wooden reconditioning process.

To recondition the wooden pallet, pull out all the nails. Drill the holes into pallets for nut and bolts, to assemble the pallets according to the structure you’d like. Place them vertically against the wall and place your tools inside the pallet.

  1. Recycled Rake

Recycled Rake

For a small scale gardener like staying-at-home mom whose gardening is a side hobby for leisure time activity, this organizer is just the ideal option. Especially if you are only use small handy gardening tools.

For this garden tool organizer, all you need are old rake, nail, and hammer. Remove the rake’s handle, attach the nail on the wall using hammer and hang your repurposed rake to the nail. The metal tines on the rake are where you should hook your tools so they can be displayed nicely.

  1. Simple Hanging Garden Organizer

Simple Hanging Organizer

 If you store your gardening tools inside the room, like in your garage, this simple organizer is a nice option. The idea is to hang your tools against the walls using peg rails.

To modernize and make your organizer look neater, paint the hook or knobs strips in the same color as your wall. This organizer will fit for every size of tools since you can customize the strips’ lengths and distances.

  1. Rolling Shelved Cabinet

Rolling Shelved Cabinet

This rustic styled storage is just giving total farmhouse vibes. This movable garden tools organizer can store your gardening tools and materials at the same time.

Try to use various types of creative, unique, and easy-to-get smaller storage inside this cabinet. For example, an old dish drainer, jute-lined bins, wooden crates, carpenter’s caddy, or recycled glass bottles.

  1. Cute Wicker Baskets

Cute Wicker Baskets

For you who strive for a simple, lightweight, easy-on-the-eyes organizer, this baskets organizer can be the solution for you. Since they are small, they fitted more for small garden gears, like rubber gloves, trowel, or shears.

Hang a wicker basket on the wall for a quick access to your tools. If you do not have many tools yet, start by placing one basket first, and add more when your collections start to increase.

  1. Repurposed Potting Bench

Repurposed Potting Bench

A decent sized potting bench will help you hold all your gardening tools and materials. If your potting bench is big enough and you’re willing to invest your time and skill, it is possible to add a sink and watering system connected to the hose on this potting bench.

However, the essential part of this garden tools organizer is the peg board and hooks installed on top of the potting bench. Organize your gardening tools by hanging them on it. Floating shelves can be added to store materials like plants’ seeds, pots, or fertilizer.

  1. Garden Storage Bench

Garden Storage Bench

Hidden storage is a must have if you do not want the tools to interrupt the sight of your beautiful garden. Store your things away and avoid the disorganized tools problem.

Not only it serves aesthetic purposes, it can actually add durability to your tools. By storing them in closed space, it gives protection from humidity or harmful sunrays.

  1. Hanger From Recycled Cribs

Hanger From Recycled Cribs

Don’t throw away your old crib yet. It can be repurposed as your garden tools organizer. It may be crusty, but with a little bit of care, it can be hung to the wall and create a pleasant little garden spot.

Hang your favorite small gardening tools such as trowel and hand gloves on it. As decorative additions, hang a few of your small flower pots too.

  1. Vintage Old Door Organizer

Vintage Old Door Organizer

The back door of your yard is old, stained, and underutilized. It is time to repurpose them as your garden tools organizer. It gives beautiful vintage looks, but you can customize and personalize it as much as you want.

The key to this old door organizer is to clean and repaint your door first. Due to the underuse, it may be a little bit dirty so make sure you wash it to get rid of dirt and mildew. Then paint it and add hooker to hang your gardening tools or have them stand against the wall.

  1. DIY Rustic Decorative Garden Tool Organizer 

Rustic Decorative Organizer

Decorate your garden by this double purpose organizer. It matches well with the spring vibes when your garden is blossoming with beautiful flowers.

You will need few wooden boards. Set them right next to one another. Then set your gardening tools again the wooden boards. Add few decorative rustic styled things like old wheels and plants in vintage pots.

  1. Mini Garden Shed

Mini Garden Shed

If your backyard is not big enough to build a fancy garden shed, consider this mini garden shed instead. You can place all your tools inside. This garden shed can be attached to the wall of your garage or on the side wall of your house.

Install peg board to hang the garden tools. To organize things further, divide the inside of the shed using painted wooden board.

  1. Fabric pockets Garden Tool Organizer Lowes

Fabric pockets

This is one of the most affordable garden tool organizer alternatives. By using the fabric pockets, all your gardening tools can be stored neatly.

Consider buying one with lots of pockets because fabric pockets are relatively small in size. You may only able to store one piece of tool inside each pocket.

  1. Industrial Peg Board

Industrial Peg Board

If you have specific wall dedicated for garden tool organizer, try to incorporate this modern industrial styled organizer. It has stylish, chic, and minimalist looks.

To install this organizer, you will need customized size peg board. Spray or paint them with black. Divide it in parts just like a wardrobe closet and place your tools inside by hanging them.

  1. Bins And Shelf Organizer

Bins And Shelf Organizer

This garden tool organizer is like a mix between minimalistic and futuristic style. Using silver colored bins and shelf, this idea can be an inspiration for your organized space.

Place the taller and bigger tools like brooms, hoes, and rakes inside the bins and have them stand against the wall. Place the smaller tools such as trowel on stacked shelves.

  1. Classic Potting Bench

Classic Potting Bench

A classic potting bench works beautifully as an organizer. Use peg board and shelves inside, so you can store so many gardening tools.

Use a repurposed hutch as a frame and turn it into dreamy garden tool organizer. It also has table that can be used for garden works.

  1. Tension Rod as Modular Storage

Tension Rod as Modular Storage

To create storage for your garden tool organizer, use tension rods and place them between the studs in your space. It looks pretty simple and minimalist, and also really easy to install.

You need to pin the tension rods vertically. Add hooker to your trowels or shears to hang them to the rods.

  1. Customized Cabinets


Customized Cabinets

This garden tool organizer use repurposed vintage wine crates as storages. You can get them from the flea market or online shops.

To set the cabinets, plan the layout of the cabinets first. Then stack the crates horizontally and vertically against one another.

  1. Portable Practical Garden Tool Organizer

Portable Practical Organizer

If you need to store your various sized tools but only have limited space, this might be worth to purchase. It is movable, practical, and come in a really handy shape.

This garden tool organizer has holders where you can set your tools. It also has a base underneath so the dirt from the tools won’t create mess on your floor.

  1. Garden Trolley

Garden Trolley

Another practical organizer is the garden trolley. It is small in size, so it will be fit for beginner and amateur gardeners.

This unit comes with wheelers so you can move it everywhere. Another unique quality is it has interchangeable bins and shelves.

Running a garden is meant to be a fun activity. It can be hard at times, but if you already commit to create a beautiful garden it will give a well payoff. A well-functioning garden tool organizer will make your gardening experience easier and more effective.

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