15 Funtastic Game Room Ideas For Kids and Familly

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Kids Game Room Ideas

Games room ideas – They can be challenging, tense, emotional, but one thing for sure, they are more than fantastic – even funtastic. You can invite your friends to play some games together with you, or you can even play them by yourself to blow off steam. The fun will remain there. And funtastic games need funtastic game room ideas.

Yes. The room in which you play the games also plays a very crucial role. You want a super cozy room for blowing off steam, don’t you? Therefore, you need to refurbish your room and turn it into a safe haven for gamers.

The problem is what kind of game room that suits your style very well? Check these 15 funtastic game room ideas to take your me-time to the next level.

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    Small Game Room Ideas

Small Game Room Ideas

A tiny and cramped room can be such a dead end. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with it. By harnessing some creativity, a cramped room can turn into a small game room that packs a lot of fun.

A cramped room is very suitable for a video, computer games, or any games that do not require many movements. To make it look more spacious, you can furnish it with low-level furniture such as a low-level drawer and sofas.

Always remember to keep this room simple by not putting much furniture in it.


  • The game room is just great, and the sofas are icing on the cake.


  • The sofas make the cramped room have few spaces to move. They also look exorbitant.
  1. Game Room Bar Ideas

Game Room Bar Ideas

Having a special room used for playing games is every man’s dream. No wonder many men look for great game room ideas and turn one of the rooms in the house into a game room in which he can have a ball. And one of the best game rooms is in the basement.

A finished basement can be turned into anything including a fancy game room bar. Furnish it with some chairs and a bar counter to provide a relaxed and casual ambience like in a bar.

Don’t forget to add a pool table, a set of video game, and a pachinko machine for your me-time. Say “good bye” to the dank and dark basement.

  1. Game Room Lighting Ideas

Game Room Lighting Ideas

Game room ideas are not only about what kind of furniture that will be a safe bet for the room, but also about how to organize things in order to get an ultimate comfort. And accentuating a game room also entails organizing the lighting.

The lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable room. It will be better if it is not too bright, but not too dim, either. You can make the light focus on a certain area such as the billiard table to highlight it. The subtle lighting that surrounds the room will accentuate the highlighted area.

  1. Game Room Ideas for Adults

Game Room Ideas for Adults

Playing games is not always synonymous with kids’ stuff. In fact, adults are also really into playing games to get rid of pent-up energy and boredom. However, adults’ games are slightly different from kids’. And thus, the game room will be a little bit different, too.

Game rooms for adults tend to be more sophisticated with an epic interior design. You can add some paintings and plants to better the artistic look. Sofas and a huge LED TVs will comfort your friends and family. And what is a game room without a bar?

Now you have all the things you need to indulge yourself at home.

  1. Game Room Ideas for Family

Game Room Ideas for Family

Instead of playing games by yourself, why don’t you play games with your family while catching up with them?

Since this is a room that is occupied by your entire family including your kids, you may want it to look brighter because vivid colors seem appealing to kids as well as adults. Adding some colorful chairs and arrange them around a table is such a great idea.

The arrangement indicates that the table is the center of the room where you can play board games, scrabble, chess ── you name it!

Adding some book shelves and some books is also a brilliant idea because you can spend time with your family while gaining more knowledge.


  • Putting the table and chairs near the window will provide a relaxing ambience.


  • The chairs are not the best choice to either flop down or lounge on.
  1. Cool Game Room Ideas

Cool Game Room Ideas

Being a computer geek is not always synonymous with a boring person. In fact, being a computer geek is cool. He knows many things about computer and computer games. Since he enjoys staying in his “cave” all day, he does need more than just pillows and bed.

A cool gamer needs one of the coolest game room ideas. A thematic interior design will be your best bet. Star Wars room entails outer space look. And how to get that landscape? Paint the room blue.

You can add a shelf to store action figures of Star Wars. Some blue sofas can also be the best furniture that you can use to lounge on when you are extremely worn-out.

If it is about Star Wars, it will be better if you have the picture and action figure of Anarkin Skywalker ── the antagonist of Star Wars. Now, let the games begin. You deserve it.

  1. Kids Game Room Ideas

Kids Game Room Ideas

Typical kids and toddlers tend to be active. They can’t even stay still within a minute, so a game room for kids needs to be spacious. But if there is not enough space for a game room, there will always be some ways to tweak the room ── make the furniture low.

Low-level furniture is the best trick to make a room look more spacious. Furthermore, it is safe for your kids who like climbing the tables. They can also grab their toys easily as they are stored in accessible place.

Adorning the room with colorful alphabets can create an exhilarating ambience. Don’t forget to lay a carpet or pad with either play mat or foam tiles for an extra safe finishing touch.

  1. Game Room Decorating Ideas

Game Room Decorating Ideas

Take your game room to the next level by adorning it with some scenes that you come across in the video games such as Pacman, Super Mario Bros, or Tetris. These epic designs will never fail to impress your friends.

Not only do the characters of video games embellish your room very well, but also help you store things. You can store books, your collections of action figures, living plants, and many more. They are quite fruitful, aren’t they?

  1. Elegant Game Room Ideas

Elegant Game Room Ideas

Men are usually synonymous with games. They are keen on playing games despite being adults. However, the games played by men are different from the ones played by kids. Men’s games are bolder and more elegant. Therefore, an elegant game room will be suitable for men.

What are elegant game room ideas all about? Are they about lush furniture? Not really. You only need to organize things right to create an epic and elegant game room in which you can play games while bantering with your friends.

To create an elegant game room, choose the furniture with dark colors such as dark brown sofas with light brown wallpaper. Lighting also plays an important role in creating an elegant look. Simply make the lighting focus on the billiard table only which is amid the dim light.

  1. Game Room Ideas for a Small Room

Game Room Ideas for a Small Room

Don’t make a small room hinder your creativity. You can even do big things in a small and cramped room especially if it is related to having a ball. Turn your small room into a place with thousands of fun.


  • Do not furnish the room with elevated furniture because it will make the room look more cramped.
  • It will be better if you paint it in bright color and furnish it with low-level furniture to make it more spacious and neat.
  1. Game Room Ideas for Boys

Game Room Ideas for Boys

Boys usually like spending their time in their bedroom and hanging out with friends. They can get bored easily. Thus, you can do something to their room and let them indulge themselves with some indoor games.

Replacing your son old bed with a bunk bed will be a great idea to begin with. Then, tweak the bunk bed a bit by removing the lower bed and replace it with a chair or a sofa along with the television and video game set.


  • This new look will exhilarate your son and impress his friends.


  • Elevated furniture will make a small room look cramped.
  1. Game Room Ideas for a Professional Gamer

Game Room Ideas for a Professional Gamer

For some people, playing video games are not only about having fun, but also making a bundle. There are some gamers who make a living by only staying at their rooms, watching the screens, playing the games while grabbing some potato chips.

As a professional gamer, you need to adorn your room so that it looks professional. Lighting and furniture play a significant role in creating a professional room for a professional gamer.

Choose the furniture that has the same color as the lighting of your room. Using a rolling office chair instead of a regular chair will accentuate your professional look. A simple table also looks great with the rolling chair.


  • The dim light with vivid color makes your game room look great.


  • Insufficient lighting can lead to nearsighted.
  1. PSP Game Room Ideas

PSP Game Room Ideas

Are you addicted to games on PSP? Do you want to take your game room to the next level? Get some tools and roll up your sleeves. Let’s get to work!

This room denotes your interest very well. The interior and furniture are specially designed for any avid gamers. Even the tables are the replications of dice and a piece of jigsaw puzzle.

One thing that can make your friends gobsmacked for sure is the television installed in a board that looks like a PSP. This is what an ultimate coziness really is. You will find yourself addicted to playing games and lingering over the games.


  • The interior design is extremely great. It can be used as a family room, too.


  • The board that looks like PSP needs special materials, and thus it costs an arm and a leg.
  1. Pool Table Game Room Ideas

Pool Table Game Room Ideas

Pool games are always synonymous with colorful balls on a green pool table. You can apply these colorful balls to embellish your game room.

Combine your creativity with the vivid color of the balls to create a colorful game room that can be occupied by everyone. The colorful sofas and their cushions embody the balls in the pool games, make it a perfect place to catch up with the entire family while lounging around the room.

  1. Teenage Game Room Ideas

Teenage Game Room Ideas

A game room for teenagers doesn’t have to be arduous and sophisticated. It can be a simple room that packs a lot of fun. Since they are teenagers meaning they are not a grown-up yet, furniture with dark colors will not be suitable with them.

Furniture with bright colors denotes their cheerful personality. Choose the furniture with a simple design and isn’t made of leather. They will prefer simple look to elegant one.


  • Adding a dart board game will accentuate the interior design of the room.

There are a lot of things that you can do with your game room. Picture the game room in your mind and explore your creativity. However, you need to consider several things before adorning a room and turning it into a funtastic game room.

Some game room ideas suit adults very well while some others only suit kids well. You should ask yourself for whom the game room will be. If it is for adults, choosing leather furniture with dark colors will be great. However, if it is for the entire family, bright colors will be more preferable.

The most important thing that you must consider before creating applying one of these funtastic game room ideas is the available budget. A great game room doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

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