How Expert Foundation Inspections can Minimize the Cost of Foundation Repairs

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A sturdy foundation is crucial for the stability of any structure. If you notice that the floors have become uneven or cracks have started to appear on walls, there is a possibility that your foundation is not in good condition and needs urgent repair work.

Many foundation repair companies offer free repair estimates. If you consulted a few companies and received free repair estimates, you might be surprised to see the vast differences in them. After looking at these estimates, the most common question that will crop in your mind is how much does foundation repair really cost?

An average person will not answer correctly, but expert foundation inspectors can. Here is some critical information on how expert foundation inspections can remarkably minimize the cost of foundation repairs.

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Examine the Cracks

Most people panic when they see cracks in the foundation or walls. They assume that the foundation has suffered severe damage, and the repair costs would be high. However, expert foundation inspectors argue that not every crack in the wall or foundation is an alarming sign. Some cracks are normal. And they are the result of natural foundation settlement and concrete shrinkage. These cracks can be cured or left alone as they pose no risk to the house’s stability.

However, if the cracks are abnormally large, they will gradually allow water to seep inside the foundation and extend the foundation damage to other areas. After a close analysis of the cracks and the structure, the foundation inspection experts will present you with a report of foundation damage and the repairs that need to be taken.

The inspection report will provide an answer to your question – how much foundation does repair really cost? The inspection report will mention the repairs that need to be carried out and prevent the contractor from doing unnecessary repairs that increase the repair costs.

Finding the Cause of Cracks

When you undertake foundation repair, you would want to know the reason that causes the cracks and ensure the cause for foundation damage is also fixed during foundation repair. Foundation inspection experts mention there can be several reasons behind foundation damage. Some of them are:

  • Shrinkage – Concrete shrinkage generally happens after the house is built. One of the reasons for concrete shrinkage is the poured concrete dries quickly, causing hairline cracking. The foundation repair inspectors will ensure that the contractor uses the correct ratio of cement and water and take preventative measures to keep cracks at bay after drying.
  • Soil SettlementSoil settlement refers to soil’s movement in the vertical direction due to stress changes. Experts assert that soil settlement can lead to foundation damage. If the foundation repair is performed without considering the soil settlement problem, you could find yourself spending a significant amount on foundation repair every few years.

Foundation inspection experts can analyze the soil type and understand the soil settlement problem. They will direct the contractor to use pressure jacking, mud jacking, and slab jacking to minimize stress-induced soil movement. After soil settlement is fixed, the foundation inspection experts will direct the contractor to use cost-effective and best foundation repair solutions to fix the damage.

Conduct Detailed Inspection

The foundation inspection experts will perform a basement foundation, slab foundation, and pier foundation inspection and present you with a detailed report. The inspection report will help you discuss the best possible solution to fix foundation damage and restore strength and stability to the structure.

Thus, these were a few ways in which expert foundation inspections can minimize the cost of foundation repairs.

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