14+ Inspiring Floor to Ceiling Windows for Comfortable Homes

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Floor to ceiling windows are often used in large houses these days. When the house has enough space to spare, there is nothing wrong in building a massive window with the height reaching from floor right to ceiling. This kind of window gives the room a majestic look indeed.

The best benefit of using the windows that are so big is the fact that the room gets more natural light. The room does not have to waste electricity, especially during the day, because the room has glass-window with immense size to cover almost the entire side of the wall.

This is why the windows are getting more and more popular these days. If you are planning on building a house or renovating one, you need to consider establishing floor to ceiling windows. As long as the building is large, the windows are going to be fit in there.

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    High-End Style

High-End Style

Almost every window built in floor to ceiling style is going to look high-end. It is because the windows are so big and they take up the space of the entire wall. Take a look at the picture. It shows you how an apartment of sophistications uses floor to ceiling windows.

The windows are used almost on every side of the wall. It gives an amazing view of the outside. You can see that the usage of the windows, which obviously made out of glass, are making the room so bright and beautiful.

  1. Loft Style

Loft Style

Even though large windows with the height reaching up to the ceiling are often found in modern houses, there are also some of them installed on old-fashioned houses. The example is in the picture. It shows you a loft style house with massive window as well.

The windows are reaching up to the tip of the roof. The loft style house makes the floor to ceiling windows look majestic and elegant.

It helps improve lighten the mood of the wood-dominated area as well. The lower part of the windows can be closed with curtains or blinds while the upper part is left open all the time.

  1. Rustic Style Floor to Ceiling Windows

Rustic Style Floor to Ceiling Windows

When a room has rustic style, with timber as the main material for the wall and furniture, the immense window that has the height from the floor to the ceiling can still be used. Take a look at the picture above. The picture shows a room using this kind of window in great style.

The room itself is a blend between a rustic house and a contemporary one. The window, however, is clearly built in simplicity and rustic tone on it. It has straight frame made out of wood entirely. It looks sturdy, strong, and very bold.

  1. Gallery Style Floor to Ceiling Windows

Gallery Style Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor to ceiling windows with gallery style is usually applied in vocational houses. The result is to get as much outdoor view as possible. A gallery style window, just like the one in the picture, is like a large screen with frame and it takes up an entire side of the wall.

The window does not have any partition, allowing people in the room to stare outside with ease. To give privacy, curtains or blinds are usually installed on the windows, even though they are concealed or hidden most of the time.

  1. Sliding Glass Style Floor to ceilling

Sliding Glass Style Floor to ceilling

A large window does not have to be a literal window. Take a look at the picture. It is a picture of a modern house with unique floor to ceiling windows.

However, the windows are not actually windows. They are sliding glass door that can be folded to allow people to get inside the house.

Even so, the construction and concept of the entrance make it looks like window. So, it is counted as windows most of the time. The windows has strong frame in black color. The frame is obviously foldable and it also has rails to slide the window easily.

  1. Floor to Ceiling Windows Gothic Style

Floor to Ceiling Windows Gothic Style

Gothic style does not have to be dark and gloomy. The original style of Gothic is actually about the shape, not about the dark, emo stuff. The window in the picture is using Gothic style.

The windows are built in arched style with petal-shaped addition on the upper part. It looks totally gorgeous and matches the room so well.

  1. Floor to Ceiling Windows Corner Style

Floor to Ceiling Windows Corner Style

When the floor to ceiling windows is meant to allow more light to the room, you do not have to stop at one side of the wall. Instead, use two sides and allow the windows to take up the corner.

The result will be so stunning, just like in the picture. It shows you how the massive window gives an obvious view of the outside, hence enhancing the brightness of the room.

  1. Luxurious Style

Luxurious Style

Luxurious house can use the large window so easily. They are large so that the window has to be immense as well. The example is in the picture.

It shows you a massive house with luxurious touches everywhere, including the upholstered furniture, chandeliers, and so on. The windows are completed by long drapes, increasing its luxury and extravagant look.

  1. Cathedral Style

Cathedral Style

When you are stepping inside a Cathedral, you will notice large windows as well. They are reaching up from the floor right to the ceiling. The windows can be taken into your house, though. The example is in the picture.

It is an old-fashioned looking house with Cathedral window. Instead of using stained glass, the window is using regular see-through glass. The Cathedral vibe can be seen on the top of the window with the arched shape that resembles the windows you see on the Cathedral.

  1. Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Style

If you love anything Mediterranean, you are going to love this style of window. The windows in the picture are obviously built in Middle East tone. It has three arched shapes that resemble the windows you can find in the area.

The window is kept simple by not adding any partition or noticeable frame on it. They are slightly blank but match the entire style of the room, with pale white color scheme as well as some poles and unique-looking light fixtures.

  1. Arched Style

Arched Style

The floor to ceiling windows do not have to be following the entire shape of the wall. It can be made a little bit eccentric by taking up arched style. The example is in the picture above. The arched window glass with the height from floor to ceiling is great to decorate the rom.

The room in the picture is the indoor swimming pool, apparently in a really large house or mansion. The room is using a lot of grand materials, such as the granite floor. The arched windows add more elegancy to the room.

  1. Castle-Inspired Style

Castle-Inspired Style

Back in the days, castles were always completed by large windows. The windows were mostly immense for the sake of letting daylight’s sunshine and light up the space. The picture above shows you a castle-inspired window with height from the floor to the ceiling.

The windows are built in arched style. It has bold frame with shapes and some embos wall around it. The window matches perfectly with the accent wall of red brick on the upper part. It gives more castle-like vibes to the room.

  1. Round-Shaped Style

Round-Shaped Style

Floorto ceiling windows do not have to be in square or rectangle shape. A round shape one is also great to have. It looks unique and eccentric. The example is shown in the picture. The windows of round shape are apparently used in an apartment.

It shows you enough view from the outside but not too much. The shape is so striking. It makes the house looks like a gallery or a space for exhibition. However, it can be used for any purpose, though, including a regular living space.

  1. Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is a cute style adapting French castle interior design in the 18th century. The style is using a lot of small furniture with detailed carvings. It also uses a lot of frolic curtain and pastel color. The example of a room with a floor to ceiling windows with shabby chic style is in the picture.

The room is obviously looking very classic. It is like stepping back in time, especially with the old-fashioned looking furniture and decorative elements. The large window is the focal point. It is covered by multi-layered treatments including valances and drapery.

Those are some of the best ideas about floor to ceiling windows that you can consider. Make sure that the windows you are about to build at home are large but sophisticated. Surely, it will increase the value of the house as well as the aesthetic value of it.

The windows should help you cut on your electricity bills because with windows that massive, there is no way that you will need tons of electricity to light up the room, especially when the house is located in relatively-sunny area. The floor to ceiling windows will help soak up sunshine and light up the room.

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