5+ Eco-Friendly Party Hosting Necessities

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If you want to through a party or host another special event, you can celebrate responsibly by doing everything possible to limit your event’s environmental impact. These environmentally friendly party supplies can help you keep waste and your carbon footprint to a minimum while still allowing you and your guests to have a good time.

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Plantable Invitations

Plantable Invitations

Traditional paper invitations often get thrown in the trash after they’re read, and plantable invitations provide a greener solution to this problem. With plantable invitations, your guests can simply plant these invitations in the ground to grow their very own small gardens. These invitations are printed on paper with flower seeds that are infused into them, and they can grow into beautiful daisies, snapdragons or other flowers after they’ve been planted.


There are several ways to make the cups, plates, silverware and other items that are used for food and beverages more environmentally friendly. According to Smarty Had a Party, you can always get some recyclable paper or plastic dinnerware, or you can order some eco friendly plates and other disposable dinnerware items that are made from birchwood or square palm leaf. You can also use some of your old dinnerware items that can be washed and reused. You may even consider getting some inexpensive dinnerware items at a thrift store to keep the waste from your event to an absolute minimum.

Local and Organic Food

Local and Organic Food

Food that comes from local stores doesn’t have to travel as far to get on the store shelves, and this can help reduce carbon emissions. Organic food doesn’t go through the same treatments as other foods that are often processed with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. As HGTV states, you can also get many of the best local and organic foods at a farmer’s market. It’s even possible to find organic wines and beers that are produced locally.

Honeycomb Tissue Ball Decorations

Colorful honeycomb tissue balls that are made from recyclable paper can be hung from walls and ceilings to add more festive appeal to the gathering. Some of the best environmentally friendly honeycomb tissue balls are handmade so that no machinery that could generate high carbon emissions needs to be used. You can save these decorations after your event for future gatherings so that they aren’t discarded and end up in landfills.

A Centerpiece Made from Natural Materials

Nature may hold the key to the perfect centerpiece, and you can gather some fallen branches and pinecones from outside to craft a centerpiece that your guests will surely love. You can also take some potted plants around your home and arrange them to create an eye-catching centerpiece that’s also good for the environment.

Whether you’re hosting a large, lavish party or a small, intimate event with a few friends, you can make your gathering a lot greener by using these fabulous supplies for the occasion. These items will fit in well with your event and won’t stop anyone from having an enjoyable experience.

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