Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

As the temperature rises, it’s time to plan your outdoor space. You may want time on the patio or a summer in the pool. This three-season living space can be more comfortable with just the right soft goods.

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A Place to Relax

A Place to Relax

If you have an outdoor dining table, it’s easy to rely on the chairs that go with the table to serve as your outdoor seating. However, consider adding some lower, more plush chairs or benches to your outdoor area as well. While dining al fresco is lovely, you can also enjoy time on your patio or deck with a great book and a glass of wine.

Flexible seating can also be built-in. For example, outdoor pillows from Pier 1 can be added to a storage bench to turn it into a cozy spot to sit. When you’re ready to go in for the evening, simply tuck the cushions into the bench so they’re protected until tomorrow.

Design with Storage in Mind

Look for a storage bench to keep undercover on your patio for items you need for outdoor dining. For example, you can keep vinyl placemats and some grilling gear right where you need it for a quick meal as the sun sets. Small tables with a drawer can be a wonderful spot for lighters and other grilling necessities.

Define the Space

A simple tool for your patio or deck can include a rug for outdoor use. Define your dining space, or create a spot at the edge of the patio for pool users to clean off their feet before getting in the water. Make sure that this versatile rug includes some of your favorite shades, then bump up these tones with

  • tablecloths
  • napkins
  • plates and glasses
  • place mats
  • cushions

in your favorite tones. You can turn your outdoor dining spot from casual to elegant by adding napkin rings or swapping out your tablecloth. If your furniture is wood, consider adding all the shades of sunset in your fabric choices. Be bold with blues and purples, and add pops of fire with orange and rose.

Perk Up the Space with Plants

Perk Up the Space with Plants

Invest in some pretty pots and make sure you add solar lights for even more color. Basil can serve outdoors as mosquito repellent and indoors as a delicious herb for cooking. Put peppermint in a tall pot and fight the bugs while you improve your cocktail making skills. Lavender on the perimeter of your yard will keep the bees happy and send pests away.

A single solar light that changes color can be a lovely addition to any pot. Try to use a measuring stick to set each light at a particular height from the pot lip; as you look from your patio to your garden space, you’ll get a nice visual variety.

Your summer patio space can be colorful or calm, depending on your need. Dress things up with bright cushions or soothe the space with pots full of white lights and flowers. Create a space that invites lingering with the right furniture and soft goods.

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