The Inspirations of Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

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There are a lot of easy baby quilt patterns to choose. When you are beginner, you cannot choose a complicated pattern yet. You will have to choose the simple ones. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy patterns to make when it comes to quilt.

Down below, there are tons of easy baby quilt patterns to choose. They are ready to make you get inspired to quilt. They can all be made with ease and you will be having the quilt in no time at all. Here are the patterns for you.

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    Disney-Themed Quilts

Disney-Themed Quilts

Disney is always on the list of easy baby quilt patterns. There are a lot of Disney characters in simple silhouette and perfect to be used in the blanket-making process, including the infamous Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The quilt in the picture is the example. It shows a cute blanket with Minnie Mouse pattern on it. The chic mouse silhouette is basically effortless to make and so are the pretty little ribbons on the head.

  1. Rainbow Flowers

Rainbow Flowers

Kids love everything colorful. This is why the easy baby quilt patterns must involve something with rainbow colors. The pattern in the picture is an incredibly stunning idea to make on the quilt.

It is using lots and lots of colors with frolic pattern. In the middle of each flower pattern, there is this cute little heart to add even more cuteness to the overall blanket. It is the perfect pattern to choose for girly-themed nursery, too.

  1. Tilted Stripes

Tilted Stripes

For beginners who have just tried to make quilts, they cannot go crazy (yet) on the pattern. They will have to choose simple but stunning pattern.

The tilted stripes easy baby quilt patterns in the picture are the example. It is as easy as ABC. To make the blanket, all you need to do is cutting stripes of assorted fabrics and arrange them diagonally before sewing them together.

  1. Cute Windmill

Cute Windmill

The cute windmill in the picture requires minimum quilting skill to make. The pattern is so adorable to look at and very colorful, too. Every kid would love to have the blanket in their bed for sure. The pattern looks great in every theme of the nursery.

The windmill pattern can be created by using a lot of triangular-shaped fabric sewn together. The quilt in the picture is using inner and outer frames, too, to make the blanket looks even bigger.

  1. Flying Triangles

Flying Triangles

If the windmill pattern is still too complicated for you, you can go with this flying triangle pattern. The pattern is basically easy to make and everyone can do it in short time.

All you need to do is just preparing a large, blank fabric as the base. Then, cut small triangles out of random-colored fabric, scattered around the base, and sew them all together.

  1. Cute and Whimsical

Cute and Whimsical

Cute and whimsical patterns just like the one in the picture are always loved by children. You can add anything on the quilts, including many shapes and silhouettes. It is as wild as your creativity.

The quilt in the picture is using dragonfly, bee, and heart easy baby quilt patterns. It also has multiple-colored squares to make the appearance of the blanket so whimsical indeed.

  1. Lone Star

Lone Star

A big single star in the middle of the quilt is one of the easiest patterns to make. The blanket will look colorful but simple when you use this pattern. It looks dashing, too, for sure.

The pattern is great to make, too. It only needs several cuts of fabric for the stars. Then, they are aligned on the base, sewn together, and turned into a quilt.

  1. Diagonal Patterns

Diagonal Patterns

Diagonal patterns are easy to create. They look incredibly stunning, too. The quilt in the picture is the example. It is using a lot of patches of fabric aligned in diagonal pattern.

When you take the pattern, you will be free to use as many fabric scraps as possible. As long as it looks cohesive when they are combined together, the final look of the blanket will be stunning.

  1. Jelly Rolls

Jelly Rolls

Jelly rolls pattern is an easy pattern but with a little bit of challenge to make. It is the combination between making pinwheel pattern and mosaic pattern, too.

Take a look at the picture. It shows you a beautiful quilt in jelly roll pattern. The pattern looks very colorful and fun to have on the kids’ nursery for sure.

  1. Ragged Squares

Ragged Squares

When you do not like clean cuts, you can always use this pattern. The pattern is the combination between squares and rugged look. The example can be seen in the picture and you will see how the pattern works perfectly.

It shows you how beautiful it is to have lots of gothic-colored fabric squares combined together in rough look. It is perfect to add more warmth to the blanket as well.

  1. Pastel-Colored Stripes

Pastel-Colored Stripes

The picture shows you how pretty it is to use pastel colors on blanket. The pattern is simple stripes, lined together in horizontal and vertical position.

It is using several different colors, too, to make sure that the final look of the blanket is beautiful to look at and far from plain.

  1. Large Diamond Pattern

Large Diamond Pattern

This large diamond easy baby quilt patterns should be very easy to make. It only needs several different fabric cuts and they can all be combined together effortlessly to make the quilt. It looks so stunning at the end.

The large pattern allows beginners to avoid details, too. This is the perfect pattern to make if you are making your very first blanket on your own.

  1. Tumbler Pattern

Tumbler Pattern

The tumbler pattern is the one to choose when you try to just combine fabric scraps into one big quilt. The picture shows you how the tumbler pattern works that way.

All the fabric cuts are sewn together and framed into a big quilt. They are extremely colorful and neat. Surely it is a great addition to the kids’ bedroom.

  1. Square and Hexagons

Square and Hexagons

The combination between square and hexagon is always great to look at. The picture shows you the great overall look of a quilt adopting squares and hexagons pattern.

The squares are drenched in different colors. However, the hexagon easy baby quilt patterns are left white and blank to balance the look of the quilt. It looks dashing overall.

  1. Assorted Stripes

Assorted Stripes

This is truly the easiest pattern to make when you are a newbie in the world of making blanket. The blanket needs huge stripes of fabric.

All the fabric cuts in stripes are lined together horizontally and one of them is lined vertically across the pattern. Then, they are all sewn together. It is done and it is that easy.

  1. Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone pattern is a go-to pattern when it comes for quilt. The easy baby quilt patterns in the picture are the perfect herringbone with numerous colors on it.

This is the pattern that you should choose if you have the patience to combine lots and lots of different fabric stripes here. It may take longer time than other patterns.

  1. Colorful Diamonds

Colorful Diamonds

The colorful diamond pattern in the picture is also incredibly easy to make. It requires minimum skill, too, to make it. The final look of the blanket is so stunning.

The picture shows you how beautiful it is to use colorful diamond pattern in softer, pastel colors. They are looking like stunning wrapping paper and they look so beautiful overall.

  1. Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic Colors

If your kids do not even like colorful everything, you can use monochromatic colors instead. The picture shows you square-shaped patterns with lots of black, white, and gray colors.

They look so pretty and a little bit edgy. This is a great decorative element for the nursery, too, as the room is going to look unique with the blanket inside of it.

  1. Basic Squares

Basic Squares

The most basic easy baby quilt patterns of a blanket are these squares. The squares are just plain old boxes like cuts that you are lining up together and sewn into a big blanket.

They are easy to make as they requires to skill on patterning at all. They just all get sewn and combined together to form a warm blanket to use.

  1. Pinwheel


The last idea ofeasy baby quilt patterns here should be the pinwheel pattern. Pinwheel is just effortless to make. They need only triangular shapes scrapes to get aligned together forming the pattern.

Take a look at the picture above. It shows you how beautiful it is to have pinwheel pattern in colors combined with blank, white basic. The overall look is so stunning for sure.

Now that you know there are a lot of great options of pattern to choose, you can start choosing the best one from now on. They are all great and fun to make. This is why all of those easy baby quilt patterns should be kept in mind.

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