The Recipes of DIY Leave in Conditioner You Ought to Try

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When shampooing, people tend to lose the natural oil that is within their hair. This condition makes the hair frizzy, dry, and damaged as time goes by. You can make DIY leave in conditioner to prevent the damage from going further. Your hair will be able to retain its natural beauty.

Many people would argue that the conditioner type has more significant effect if compared to other conditioner type. The result lasts longer too. Here are several DIY recipes that you ought to try out at home.

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    Oil and Hydrosol Stimulating Conditioner

Oil and Hydrosol Stimulating Conditioner

The ingredients used in this conditioner are shea butter, oil (argan and coconut), extracts (rosemary and horsetail), as well as hydrosol. The result is DIY leave in conditioner with off white color and thick consistency.

This conditioner does not only make your hair smoother and shinier. The ingredients also stimulate hair growth on regular application. If you have thin hair, this should be a perfect conditioner to try out.

  1. Flaxseed Based Conditioner

Flaxseed Based Conditioner

Flaxseed is known for its health benefits. The benefits also stretch out to your hair’s health. To create this conditioner, you need to mix the seed with purified water and essential oil. The result is seedy mixture that you can spray all over the hair.

The flaxseed based conditioner is able to make your scalp healthier. It also stimulates healthier growth of your hair with regular application.

  1. Oil and Honey Conditioner

Oil and Honey Conditioner

If you prefer liquid DIY leave in conditioner, this recipe will be great for you. It is able to prevent hair loss and stimulate growth quite rapidly. People with frizzy hair also benefits from its concoction since it can mellow the hair.

Distilled water with melted coconut oil and ylang-ylang oil are the main ingredients for this conditioner mix. It also mixes some honey in the mixture. The texture is oily and liquid-y.

  1. Okra Based Conditioner

Okra Based Conditioner

You probably only recognize okra as food ingredients. However, this vegetable actually contains nutritional values that are great for your hair. The vitamin A and vitamin C contained in okra will be able to strengthen the hair.

The concoction is made by boiling cut okra in water. This process is done to extract its gel. The liquid is strained in order to remove its seeds. Therefore, you get clean and thick okra gel as conditioner.

  1. Coconut and Hibiscus Detangling Conditioner

Coconut and Hibiscus Detangling Conditioner

Do you have messy hair that gets tangled pretty often? You should tryout this coconut and hibiscus DIY leave in conditioner. It moisturizes the hair and gives you hair a nice glow. It encourages better growth so you will have overall healthier hair.

The texture of this mixture is liquid, which is why you need a spray bottle to apply it. In addition to coconut and hibiscus, you should use argan oil; vegetable based glycerin, and preferred essential oil.

  1. Agave and Argan Conditioner Spray

Agave and Argan Conditioner Spray

Some people experienced terribly damaged hair. This conditioner is able to rejuvenate the hair until it returns to its original state. The conditioner spray can bring some moisture back into your dry hair. It is especially perfect during dry seasons.

The main ingredients used in this recipe are agave and argan oil. It is important to add cyclomethicone and dimethicone in the mix as well. The liquid has transparent color and thin consistency.

  1. Aloe Vera and Essential Oil Mix

Aloe Vera and Essential Oil Mix

It is an affordable DIY leave in conditioner to make. The main ingredients are aloe vera and essential oils of your choice. The mix creates a clear gel that can be kept inside a close container. You need a small spatula to apply this gel all over your hair.

This conditioner can rejuvenate the hair by helping to moisture and strengthen it. After a period of application, you will notice that your hair has become smooth and shiny.

  1. Moroccan Argan and Honey DIY Conditioner

Moroccan Argan and Honey DIY Conditioner

Curly hair looks beautiful but definitely needs more effort to maintain. This mixture is fairly easy to whip up.  You only need your conditioner product, honey, argan and coconut oil, essential oil, and water. When mixed, the ingredients will have yellow sheen and thin texture.

It maintains moisture in the curly hair. Because of that, the hair becomes easier to style. You will no longer have to endure messy hair.

  1. Micellar Water and Conditioner Mix

Micellar Water and Conditioner Mix

You can easily mix this DIY leave in conditioner without having to prepare for raw ingredients. This mixture only requires store bought conditioner product and micellar water. It has thin milky consistency that you can use spray to apply it.

The result of its application can be seen immediately. Your hair will look shiny and smooth. There will be no wild hair flying all over the place.

  1. Mayo and Egg Conditioner

mayo and egg coditioner

Do not knock it until you try it. Mayonnaise and egg have desirable qualities that can make your hair feels infinitely smoother and moisturized. The mixture is able to repair hair damage made by prolonged exposure to chemical substances.

It is made by mixing mayonnaise and raw egg. The result is slightly thick conditioner with soft yellow color that can be applied from the root to your hair tip.

  1. Pure Shea Butter Conditioner

Pure Shea Butter Conditioner

This DIY leave in conditioner recipe is also able to repair heavy damage to the hair. In badly damaged hair case, the hair will require high amount of moisture to slowly regain its strength. Of course, the process takes very long time.

The main ingredient used in this conditioner is shea butter. Some drops of aloe vera and jojoba oil are also added. The milky white conditioner has thick and heavy consistency.

  1. Organic Coconut Milk Conditioner

Organic Coconut Milk Conditioner

Perhaps you often hear about the use of coconut oil in conditioner, but what about coconut milk? The ingredient promotes hair moisturizing. After a while, you will see that your hair becomes less dry and feels easier to manage.

You are recommended to use organic coconut milk for this concoction. The other ingredients required are coconut oil, conditioner product, and honey. This mix has white color with gloppy consistency that can be applied easily to the hair.

  1. Vegan Natural Conditioner

Vegan Natural Conditioner

It turns out that vegan DIY leave in conditioner is very easy to make. This concoction is a mixture of vegan store bought conditioner, coconut milk, and extra virgin olive oil. When mixed, the result looks like a beaten egg with its goopy texture and soft yolk color.

Although it looks very simple, the conditioner will be able to replenish nutrition that is needed by your hair. It can be massaged into the scalp for better result.

  1. Avocado and Oil Conditioner

Avocado and Oil Conditioner

Moisturizing your hair should not be that hard. You can create all natural concoction using avocado butter and olive oil. This mixture has soft cream color with thick consistency. You should apply it to your hair after shampooing.

The conditioner stimulates better hair growth, so it is perfect for people who have to deal with thinned out hair. It also promotes deep conditioning.

  1. Hibiscus and Rose Water Spray

Hibiscus and Rose Water Spray

You will love this DIY leave in conditioner not only for its easy application but also because it smells really good. The liquid consistency allows you to apply it using spray. The liquid conditioner has slightly pink color due to hibiscus petal and rose water ingredients.

This conditioner is a great choice if you want to moisture the hair throughout the day without drenching it completely. It is perfect to use before hairstyling.

  1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

This is perhaps the simplest DIY hair conditioner that you can prepare at home. It uses only organic apple cider vinegar. You can definitely add essential oil for fragrant and nutrition. Because of its texture, it can be placed inside spray bottle to help with the application.

The conditioner helps detangling messy hair. People have reported that it makes their hair easier to brush. It also promotes better shine on your hair.

  1. Whipped Shea Butter Conditioner

Whipped Shea Butter Conditioner

The texture of this DIY leave in conditioner resembles whipped cream. It is light, airy, and spreadable. This conditioner is made of whipped shea butter, egg yolk, store bought conditioner, rose water, and gelatin. The application is fairly simple.

The combination works to moisturize your dry hair and scalp. Protein content in the egg yolk promotes growth and stronger hair integrity.

  1. Avocado and Banana Mix

Avocado and Banana Mix

Who knows that avocado and banana are not only good for your metabolism? When mashed together, the two fruits can provide extra nutrition for your hair. It helps moisturizing hair from scalp to the tip. Damage that has been retained from harsh treatment can be repaired as well.

This mixture is made by mixing mashed avocado and banana. It creates soft green paste that can be applied easily on the hair.

  1. Mashed Pumpkin Conditioner

Mashed Pumpkin Conditioner

This is another DIY leave in conditioner mix that you can whip up using kitchen ingredients. The mix uses unsweetened mashed pumpkin, honey, and coconut oil. It just looks like a pumpkin pie filling, except that you use it for your hair.

The conditioner is highly recommended for people with curly hair. It is able to tame one’s curls so the hair becomes more manageable to style.

  1. Yoghurt and Fenugreek Conditioner

Yoghurt and Fenugreek Conditioner

Only two ingredients are needed for this recipe: Greek yoghurt and ground fenugreek seeds. The result is earthy colored paste with seeds throughout. It has fragrant fenugreek scent that you might appreciate in your hair.

This conditioner has benefits beyond moisturizing the hair. It promotes hair growth and prevents thinning. You can also see reduced dandruff rate on your hair.

As you can see the concoctions mentioned in the list can probably beat the conditioner products sold in the market. You can try to get a hand on a DIY leave in conditioner recipe that suits your preference and needs.


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