DIY Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas for Any Special Occasions

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Special people need to be appreciated with special gifts. Handmade gifts, especially, are perfect way to show your appreciation for your loved ones. They will feel special because you have spent effort, time, and love to give them a pleasant genuine surprise. If you are looking for a perfect idea to give romantic gifts to your boyfriend, this list below will give you DIY gifts for boyfriend inspirations.

Making a DIY gift is a super sweet, easy, and affordable way to show your boyfriend how much you love him on his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or an anniversary. Take a look at 20 ideas below to create unique and romantic gift for your boyfriend.

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    DIY Photo Album

DIY Photo Album

Photo album is a great way to collect photos, which capture and froze the moment that will stay with you forever. In this era where everything are digitalized, flipping through an album, especially a self-made one, is a non-beatable, wonderful feeling.

To create this personalized photo album, print a few pictures of you and your boyfriend. Collect and glue them in creative way on papers with titles, labels and narratives, and bundle them into one like a scrapbook.

  1. Easy DIY Pillow

Easy DIY Pillow

What so great about making DIY Gifts for Boyfriend, is that you can personalize them as much as you want. This highly customizable, easy to create pillow is perfect no matter what your boyfriend is into.

This cute game controller pillow for example, is ideal gift if your boyfriend is into game. It can be easily recreated by using template for the pillow’s layout, basic sewing, and glued flannel fabric as the accessories.

  1. DIY Cute Decorated Mugs

DIY Cute Decorated Mugs

A cup of coffee inside a self-decorate mug can remind him of you every morning. These mugs are suitable for any special occasion as they are easy to personalize.

To create these cute mugs, you need to have plain white mugs as the blank canvases. Get creative with different colors and style, using special markers that are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

  1. Memories in A Bottle

Memories in A Bottle

To know that someone has shared and cherished special moments with you are an irreplaceable, amazing feeling. These memories in a bottle are the great DIY Gifts for Boyfriend to let your boyfriend know how much you appreciate all the moments you both shared together.

Write down your favorite moments shared with him, or things you love about him in pieces of paper. Fill them inside a jar and decorate the jar with label tags or special notes.

  1. “Open When” Letters

“Open When” Letters

The “Open When” letters are the DIY Gifts for Boyfriend that can make his day, not only on special events but for a long time afterwards. You only need papers, envelope, and a pen to create these.

Create several “Open When” letters, especially for a bad day when he needs your support the most. For example, create “Open When You’re Stressed”, “Open When You’re Mad at Me”, “Open When You’re Bored”, or “Open When You Missed Me” letters.

  1. Homemade Scented Candles

Homemade Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love wonderful aromatic scented candles. They’re simple to make, easy to personalize, and budget-friendly.

To create your own candles as DIY gifts for boyfriend, you will need candles wicks, your boyfriend’s favorite fragrance or essential oils, colorants, and jars. For the jars, decorate them as much as like.

  1. DIY Candy Bouquet

DIY Candy Bouquet

If your boyfriend has gifted you with a beautiful flower bouquet, maybe you can give a bouquet gifts back to him. But instead of using flowers, sweet candies will probably please him better.

To match the bouquet with romantic feelings on Valentine’s Day or his birthday, choose chocolate candies or pink lollipop. Wrap them in decorative paper and tie with red ribbon.

  1. Mini Liquor Bouquet

Mini Liquor Bouquet

For your social butterfly boyfriend, this liquor bouquet is a perfect customizable gift for any special occasions.

Try to experiment different bottles of liquors, snacks, or decorations. Use a bucket or flower pot as the place to hold the liquors. Use decorative accessories such as balloon and ribbons.

  1. Personalized T-Shirt

Personalized T-Shirt

One way to create a personalized t-shirts is to paint it. Use a white plain t-shirt as your canvas. It’s possible to use oil paint, fabric paint, latex paint, or permanent markers. Oil paint has been proven to produce the best result after wash.

Before you paint the shirt, print out the design you want first, and then sketch it on the shirt to prevent mistake. Paint your boyfriend’s favorite character. Instead of drawing, you can write your boyfriend’s quote instead. 

  1. Romantic Floral Wreaths

Romantic Floral Wreaths

Heart-shaped wreaths are the suitable Valentine’s Day DIY gifts for boyfriend. Your boyfriend can hang them as home decoration.

These pretty wreaths are made from a bunch of affordable bunch of artificial flowers. You will also need grapevine wreath form, wire cutters and hot glue gun.

  1. DIY Coffee Soaps

DIY Coffee Soaps

Not only it’s beneficial drink for health, coffee is a good natural exfoliator for skin. These coffee soaps are made from brewed coffee and coffee grinds that acts as scrub for your boyfriend skin.

To create these coffee soaps you need to melt basic soap, and mix it with coffee grounds and essential oil. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to make it, but it must be chilled for about an hour.

  1. DIY Warm Scarf for Winter

DIY Warm Scarf for Winter

Creating scarf may remind you to your grandmother who gifted it to her grandchildren. But worry not, this easy designer looking scarf is the special DIY gifts for boyfriend that knitted with love and pride and will make him warm and proud.

If you are beginner to knitting, scarf is a great gift since they are simple. You also do not need to be afraid to mess up because scarf materials are cheap and easy to get.

  1. DIY Leather Passport Cover

DIY Leather Passport Cover

An old leather bags or purse can be recycled into stunning passport holder. Repurpose leather bag into passport covers are the amazing and environmentally friendly DIY gifts for boyfriend.

It’s a perfect gift if you’re going to travel together with your boyfriend. It’s also customizable by ironing your weed-negative-space design to the passport leather using an iron press.

  1. Sweet and Soft Donuts

Sweet and Soft Donuts

Donut is the gift that can match any special occasions, even if it’s just to make your boyfriend’s day. It’s a pure happiness that makes anyone hungry just to think about it.

Donuts are easy to make and fun to give. If you’re not the cooking type, you can just buy plain donuts, and decorate them with sprinkles or frosting. Don’t forget to decorate the donuts box to make it attractive.

  1. Handmade Pillow Covers

Handmade Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are the easy to make DIY gifts for boyfriend to help him redecorate his space. There are plenty of super simple tutorials cute pillow covers on the internet.

Choose a fabric with your boyfriend’s favorite color and pattern. You may need basic sewing skill, but if you’re not feeling like sewing, you can try to find pillow covers tutorial with adhesive or hot glue gun. Fill the covers with pillow insert or your boyfriend’s old pillow.

  1. Sweet jar for Christmas Gift

Sweet jar for Christmas Gift

If your boyfriend has sweet tooth, this is the ideal Christmas gift to give to him. With decorative jar, despite being easy and inexpensive, it can look attractive and will make your boyfriend happy.

Find a glass jar, and fill it with sweets like marshmallows, candies, or cocoa. Decorate the jar with various looking ribbon and a sweet short message.

  1. Romantic gift basket

Romantic gift basket

The only thing that’s better than cute DIY gifts for boyfriend is the gift that will fill and satisfy his needs. A beautiful basket gift can do both, being useful and decoratively stunning.

To create a gift basket you will need a decent sized wicker basket. Fill it with necessary things for his daily needs like shaving cream, gel, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and so on.

  1. DIY Hammock Chair

DIY Hammock Chair

This fun DIY project is great to hang on your boyfriend’s room. It’s amazing for chilling out or reading a book. Make sure you create one that can hold a grown up weight.

This hammock chair is also customizable as you can choose the color and pattern for the chair. For small sitters, add a soft pillow as extra cushioning.

  1. Homemade Shaving Cream

Homemade Shaving Cream

The homemade shaving cream is the simple gift that will leave your boyfriend’s skin silky smooth after shaving. Also it can be made using his favorite scent of essential oils.

Homemade shaving cream is made from natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oils, and olive oils. It is usually can be stored for several weeks in cool and dry area.

  1. Gentleman’s Survival Kit

Gentleman’s Survival Kit

This unique gift will flatter your boyfriend if vintage style is his way to go. The gentleman’s survival kit needs to be set in a suitcase with some simple leather straps.

Fill the suitcase with hatchet, match tin, vintage flask, and fire matches. These things will be needed during emergency case and situation for your boyfriend.

As DIY phenomenon is becoming more and more popular, there is nothing wrong with trying ideas above. These DIY gifts for boyfriend have so many benefits instead of store bought gifts. It can be cost effective, can be highly personalize, and can become a treasure for him. Plus, if you are making it yourself, it will become a unique, one of a kind gift that its worth cannot be measured by money.

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