Digital Wayfinding Signage: What to Look for Before Ordering?

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Digital Wayfinding Signage

Navigation is a vital element of any successful real estate, shopping center, airport, or other commercial property. The best wayfinding system can work for you for years without needing to be replaced or updated.

When looking to order digital wayfinding signage, several factors can help you narrow your list of potential suppliers—understanding what features and capabilities you want will make it easier for you to decide which company to buy from. Consider these factors to ensure that your choice will continue to serve your needs and the needs of your patrons for many years to come.

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Set of Templates

One of the factors in choosing a digital signage provider is whether they have a set of templates that you can use or whether they have an online designer tool where you can design and build your displays.

If your designer has a template that most closely matches what you want, this would be a better starting point.

Is It Easy to Update the Content?

If it’s too complicated to update, you’ll have to hire a graphic designer or programmer each time you want to change your sign.

You can do away with a few such issues by choosing a platform to update content yourself. Ensure you know what kind of updates are included in your price and how long your warranty covers them.

Are There Any Maintenance Costs?

If there are ongoing costs associated with your digital wayfinding signs, you will want to make sure that these costs won’t break your business in the future.

You don’t want to order digital wayfinding signage that ends up costing more than what it takes to purchase and install permanent signage down the road. Be sure to ask your provider about any potential recurring fees.

Does It Need Any Special Hardware or Software?

If you’re purchasing digital signage to stream videos, movies, or music, your system will need compatible equipment to play them back.

  • Does your digital signage system come with a DVD player?
  • Is it possible to add one? Is there software that comes along with your purchase?
  • What about particular components like speakers and cables?

Is It Easy to Install?

Any signage with a complicated installation process will be costlier than other options. Remember that you’ll likely need to hire an installer or specialized contractor, which means added costs.

You should ensure to achieve up to your expectations before ordering your digital signage, especially if it requires complex installation processes. You may end up paying more than anticipated if you have to pay someone to install your new display system.

Material Used

Make sure that it’s hardy, sturdy, and reliable. The signage should be made of such materials to be long-lasting and do not easily get damaged or worn out.

Also, try to look for signs that are very easy to clean, which will make it more convenient for you to always keep them in pristine condition. The most popular material is aluminum.

The Bottom Line

In today’s competitive real estate market, digital wayfinding signage is becoming integral in marketing and leasing a property. Not only does it help to drive foot traffic toward a specific direction, but it also provides detailed information about specific areas within your property. So, choose the one wisely.

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