The Easy and Beautiful Deck Skirting Ideas to Try at Home

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Deck Skirting Ideas

Finding the right deck skirting ideas is the most important thing to do when you have a porch or a patio at home. Skirting is the process of giving extra level or height to the house, mostly on the porch, to elevate its beauty and aesthetic value.

So, even though the house is limited in size, it will look grand from the outside. It can surely make the house looks even better. For those who are looking for deck skirting ideas, there are 17 of them down below that you can easily take as inspirations. Here they are.

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    Horizontal Deck Skirting Ideas

Horizontal Deck Skirting Ideas

The most common look of the skirting on the deck is the horizontal look. It is that way because it is also the easiest design to make. The wooden boards used here are the long, thin ones. They are installed horizontally, allowing the deck to have an old-fashioned look.

This is the best idea to try if you wish to have a traditional-looking deck that will support the entire look of the house. The material is also easier to get and cheaper in price. This is why a lot of people are just adored this idea.

  1. Easy Deck Skirting Ideas

Easy Deck Skirting Ideas

When you are looking for deck skirting ideas, you will have to find the easiest one. This one over here is the easiest deck skirting that you can do. It allows you to build the deck using only a few raw-looking wooden boards.

The wooden boards are installed vertically, supporting the deck. If you love rustic look on the deck, this is the look you are going to love for sure. It is doable on your own and you do not even need professional help to make one.

  1. Metal Deck Skirting Ideas

Metal Deck Skirting Ideas

Even though wood is the most common material for the skirting, you can find metal ones. Metal is strong and easy to get. You will have to do the planning very carefully as metal is a bit permanent and it is not easily changed once installed.

This picture over here is showing you a metal deck with amazing design and shade. It looks really sophisticated and you can effortlessly make your house looks even better with the skirting using the deck skirting of this kind.

  1. Modern Deck Skirting Ideas

Modern Deck Skirting Ideas

Modern house needs deck skirting ideas. This is exactly what you are going to find on this picture over here. The deck skirting is designed in the most sophisticated way as it is combining some materials and designs.

You can see there are stone deck, metal lattice deck and advanced-looking staircase, too. It looks definitely amazing and sophisticated for sure. Everyone who owns a modern house should try this idea.

  1. Vinyl Deck Skirting Ideas

Vinyl Deck Skirting Ideas

If you want a non-permanent skirting for the deck, the material that you like to buy is vinyl. It is a sort of thick canvas and you can tell that this material is not that strong. Even so, it offers a lot of benefits, including its waterproof nature and that it is easy to clean.

This picture right here shows you the best deck using vinyl. The deck looks simple and elegant. You can tell that the deck is beautiful and patterned in lattice pattern. It is not sturdy but very pretty indeed.

  1. Stone Deck Skirting Ideas

Stone Deck Skirting Ideas

Stone is the strongest material that you can use for building the deck skirting. That is why most of the deck skirting ideas that you will find revolve around stones. This deck is using natural stone.

It looks like the combination between rustic-looking deck and the sophisticated one. It is the perfect choice when you wish for a sturdy, long-lasting, yet beautiful deck to be in front of your house.

  1. Deck Skirting Uneven Ground

Deck Skirting Uneven Ground

For those who have the porch built in uneven ground, you can take an inspiration from this picture right here. This is the picture of a beautiful porch. The uneven ground you can see in the bottom is leveled with the help of stone-like base.

It makes the porch looks even because the base is the one made uneven. This idea is going to make your porch looks dashing and the skirting will elevate the beauty of the porch for sure.

  1. Lattice Deck Skirting Ideas

Lattice Deck Skirting Ideas

One of the most famous deck skirting ideas is definitely the lattice one. Lattice pattern has been known for a long time as the traditional, almost mandatory pattern for the deck skirting.

It looks like criss-cross and it makes the deck looks full and strong, yet it gives colors, textures and pattern, for sure. Take a look at this picture and you can see why the house looks stunning. The wooden lattice deck looks simply amazing for sure.

  1. Cheap Deck Skirting Ideas

Cheap Deck Skirting Ideas

When it comes to DIY deck skirting ideas, you will have to select the easiest one. This picture over here shows you one of the best ideas of deck skirting that you can build on your own.

The material is a pre-made processed wooden board. It is easy to handle and to work with. The grey-colored boards here are combined together and then paired with wooden railing in red-brown color.

  1. DIY Deck Skirting Ideas

DIY Deck Skirting Ideas

This picture is showing you the affordable idea for the skirting. The front area of the house is given extra shield to make the house looks higher on the ground. It is applied on the back, too.

The main material here is the PVC-like material. It surely is making the deck looks more elegant and dashing over all. This skirting is applicable on the deck pool as well; you can see that on the picture.

  1. Two-Tone Deck Skirting Ideas

Two-Tone Deck Skirting Ideas

So far, the ideas are indeed beautiful and some of them are easy to do. Also, there are several of them as well that are labeled as DIY. If you want the one that has more than one tone, you can find one over here.

This is the example for that. The porch is using two shades of brown, the lighter one and the deeper one. The combination of color makes the porch looks even more outstanding. It has that elegant and fancy look over all.

  1. Tall Deck Skirting Ideas

Tall Deck Skirting Ideas

The benefit of doing this skirting process is the enhanced look of the house. Also, skirting can make the house looks higher and more elegant. This is the example for that. This house is completed by tall skirting.

The tall deck is supported by some pillars and it makes a huge space underneath the porch. It can be used for anything. As for this picture, the space under the tall deck is used to place a make-shift pool.

  1. Deck Skirting With Privacy Screen

Deck Skirting With Privacy Screen

If you wish for privacy on the deck and you want to protect your family from preying eyes, you can do that by building deck skirting with privacy screen. One of the best deck skirting ideas for that purpose is the one over here.

It shows you the deck with tall privacy screen built in lattice pattern. This way, it is impossible for strangers or passerby to take a look at the porch easily. Your family’s privacy when doing activity on the porch is now private.

  1. Wooden Deck Skirting Ideas

There is nothing that you have to think twice about skirting on the deck. They will surely make the house looks incredibly amazing. The example can be seen in this picture. You can tell that this wooden deck is amazing.

It makes the house looks even more stunning with the entire traditional-looking pattern. All you have to do is just installing several wooden boards and the look will be yours. It is highly doable by everyone.

  1. Patio Deck Skirting Ideas

Patio Deck Skirting Ideas

As you can tell, deck skirting is not only applied to porch. It is applied to patio as well. This is the example of deck skirting applied to a patio. It makes the patio looks more elegant, like it is built on a stage.

The patio is looking even better with the color and shade from the deck skirt. Basically, it is the kind of thing you want to have to enhance the look of the patio.

  1. Elevated Deck Skirting Ideas

Elevated Deck Skirting Ideas

To make the house looks even higher, you need to elevate the skirting on the deck. Take a look at the example over here.

It shows you a beautiful house with beautiful deck as well. The deck is built taller as it is elevated and supported by several staircases. So, if you have the plan of making the skirt for deck at home, this one is to choose.

  1. Mobile Home Deck Skirting Ideas

Mobile Home Deck Skirting Ideas

Mobile home needs non-permanent skirting. The permanent one is for the real structure of the house, whether it is for the deck on the porch or the deck on the pool back in the backyard.

As for mobile home, take a look at the picture over here. You can see that the material here is vinyl sheet. It is not permanent and you can simply remove it as the house moves away.

Those are the examples and inspirations about deck skirting ideas that you can use. It means that you can do it on your own. You can always use all of those inspirations up above.

Choose one or two of those ideas up there and start designing your porch. It will surely help the house to look incredibly stunning on the outside. All you have to do is taking a good look of those deck skirting ideas above.

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