18+ DIY Creative Date Night Jars for Happy Couples

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In theory, date nights are great, fun, and should be enjoyable. But in fact, once you and your significant other have been together for a while, coming up with different ideas to keep the date exciting can be pretty hard. One unique way that may help you to plan an interesting date is by using a date night jar. This list below will help you to come up with special date night jar ideas.

Date night jars are highly customizable to fit your personal style. There are plenty of design ideas of date night jars, but the basic materials and tools you need are mason jars, papers, glue, scissors, and a few decorative things like ribbons, glitter, or stickers.

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    Simple Basic Date Night Jar Ideas

Simple Basic Date Night Jars

Let’s start with the easiest, simplest design of date night jar ideas. This date night jar is not really decorative, but still pleasant and easy on the eyes.

For this date night jar, all you need is a jar, and colorful papers. Cut a paper in a circular shape; title it your date night jar, and glue the paper to lid. Finally fill the jar with your ideas for date night or ones you get from the internet.

  1. Wooden Stick Date Night Jars

Wooden Stick Date Night Jars.jpg

If you are looking for more unique date night jar ideas, you might want to try this one. This cute jar is filled with ideas written on wooden stick.

Paint the wooden stick in various bright and vibrant colors. Write your ideas on the wooden stick. Decorate the jars by tying it with ribbon that has similar color with the lid.

  1. Cute Pastel Jars

Cute Pastel Jars

These soft-looking jars are just the perfect lovely date night jar ideas. You can give them to or create them with your partner.

To create these, paint the body of the jar with pastel colors. Print a floral pattern and glue it to the lid. Write date night ideas on a paper, and create a hole on it. Then attach the paper to the rope and tie it to the lid.

  1. Sea Glass Paint Jars

Sea Glass Paint Jars

Sea glass paint jars are really easy to make. All you need to make these beautiful beach-themed jars are mason jars, sea glass paint, brush, and brown papers.

Paint your jars with sea glass paint. They have this semi sheer quality and available in many different colors. Then fill the jars with your ideas for date night. Tie a thin rope around the neck of the jar, and you are done.

  1. Vintage Style Date Night Jar Ideas

Vintage Style Date Night Jars

If you have an artsy skill and love to paint, there is nothing wrong with trying to recreate this jar. It looks pretty and cute; also the vintage vibe is a timeless theme people can never get tired of.

To create these date night jar ideas, use few jars with different sizes. Paint them with chalk paint, and draw a flower pattern on the jars. To add the vintage feeling, tie a thin rope to the jars’ neck, and fill the jars with you date night ideas.

  1. Rustic Date Night Jar Ideas

Rustic Date Night Jars

Recreating creative date night jar ideas doesn’t have to be hard. It’s okay to just use craft materials you already have.

For this rustic looking jar, you will need a jar, spare burlap and raffia ribbon. To stick the burlap around the jar, use glue dots. Cut a piece of the burlap and glue it to the lid.

  1. Categorical Date Nights

Categorical Date Nights

Doesn’t this jar look really adorable simply by adding a cute fabric on the top? All the materials you need for this jar is patterned fabric, jars, thin rope, and of course, your date night ideas.

What makes this jar special is because the dates can be chosen to match the weather, your budget, or other circumstances. Write the date ideas on colored paper based on the categories you made. Wrap the fabric on top of the jar and tie it with thin rope.

  1. Blue Palette Date Night Jars

Blue Palette Date Night Jars

If blue is your favorite color, then this blue-themes date night jar ideas is perfect for you. Inspired by the color of the ocean at night, this easy to create jar is really pretty and soft looking.

Use ice cream sticks to write your date ideas and paint them in bright blue, violet, turquoise, or leave them in natural color. Wrap a soft blue plaid ribbon around the jar and it is done.

  1. Mini Garland Jars

Mini Garland Jars

This is one of the easiest date night jar ideas for you to try. They are perfect for you and your partner, or to give them as a gift to friends or family.

You will need a jar, brown paper, and mini faux garland. Fill the jar with your date ideas first, and then tie the mini garland around the jar. Create a label for the jar by using brown paper. It is optional, but you can write your name on the jar’s lid to complete it.

  1. Movie Date Night Jar Ideas

Movie Date Night Jars

Going to watch movies on date night is a timeless activity that can never go wrong. Use this movie date night jar ideas to watch movies with your partner by randomly picking it.

Write the titles of the movies in pieces of paper and put them in the jar. Create a bold movie date night labels that looks like a cute movie theater tickets. Add a cute ribbon to complete the cute look of the jar.

  1. Heart Shaped Date Nights

Heart Shaped Date Nights

Not only colored paper or popsicles’ stick, unique looking paper like these heart shaped paper can be used to fill your date night jar.

Find the heart shaped paper on your local stationery, or cut it yourself. It’s also fine to cut it into other extraordinary shapes like round shaped or leaf shaped.

  1. Radial Arts Date Night Jars

Radial Arts Date Night Jars

Get your hand on these beautiful artsy painted jars. You only need acrylic paint to paint the jar and your date night ideas written on paper.

Paint the jar with black as the base first. Then draw your radial art on top of it. There are a lot of radial flower art examples on the internet that you can follow. Once you’re done, put the date ideas inside the jar.

  1. Ombre Rose Gold Jars

Ombre Rose Gold Jars

Rose gold used to be and still popular color to these days because it is so stunning and elegant. Recreate one of these rose gold date night jars ideas using only white paint and rose gold spray paint.

The ideas on papers may not be visible from outside due to the paint, but you can write the date night ideas in both white and rose gold colored paper to match the jars.

  1. Sparkling Glitter Date Night Jar Ideas

Sparkling Glitter Date Night Jars

Glitter is the sparkly, magical, dreamy material people love to use in their craft projects. This glitter jar is one of the date night jar ideas to use as your inspiration.

First you need to put the glue evenly on the body of the jars. And then roll the jar in a container full of glitter to ensure an even coverage. Shake the jar to get rid of excess glitter and you are done.

  1. Unicorn and Flowers Jar

Unicorn and Flowers Jar

Look how gorgeous these jars are. Using faux flowers and unicorn sticker, these simple but stunning jars is perfect for date night jar ideas.

Get the faux flowers in your nearby crafty store. Opt for soft and pastel colored flower. The unicorn silver sticker is adding the brilliance into the decoration.

  1. Fruity Date Night Jars

Fruity Date Night Jars

There are no better dates than ones in summer. You can go all day in the warm weather to anywhere.

These cute jars took decoration inspiration from summer. Plan your summer dates, write them on papers, and put them inside these fruity jars.

  1. Fancy Date Night Jars

Fancy Date Night Jars

Create a fine looking jars with a bit of effort is worth it for your loved one. Choose various patterned paper to write the date ideas and unique decorative jars to put them in.

If you feel like this jar is looking a bit plain, add sweet quotes in the front part of the jar. It sure will remind you of your partner and vice versa.

  1. Red Themed Jars

Red Themed Jars.jpg

Red is the color representation of love. Fill this red themed jar with surprise date plans for your significant other.

Choose decoration for the jar with red color. This jar also filled with heart shaped papers to emphasis the romantic vibes.

  1. Plan Ideas In The Sand

Plan Ideas In The Sand

We’ve been familiar with message in the bottle concept. Now you can create date night jar ideas with similar vibes and feelings.

Fill your jar half full with sand. Add decorative stickers to the jar’s body part and tie thin rope to the neck part. Roll your paper with date ideas and put them inside the jar.

  1. Decorative Papers Date Night Jar Ideas

Decorative Papers Date Night Jars

Instead of decorative jars, try decorative papers instead. This cute idea is a perfect gift for your partner.

You need to roll the papers with your written ideas and tie them with colorful thread. Set them inside the clear glass jars and add a labeled paper with sweet message to them.

From free movie date at home, to fine dining night out, there are many date ideas possible. If you only come up with few ideas on your own, search the fun and unique ideas on internet. And do not forget to write and put them inside your date night jar ideas.

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