15 Romantic and Cute Things to do for Your Boyfriend

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There are numerous cute things to do for your boyfriend to show him your love and attention. It does not have to be on special days that you do all the romantic and cute things for him. This is why the list of cutest thing to do for the man is necessary.

For those who are looking for cute things to do for your boyfriend when long distance, birthday, on valentine’s day, or while he away, here are some examples for you. These things are very great and fun to do. Of course, the boyfriend will also get very pleased as well. Here is the list:

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    Sweet Surprise with Chocolate

Sweet Surprise with Chocolate

There are a lot of cute things to do for your boyfriend, one of them is certainly giving a romantic surprise using chocolate. Chocolate is well-known as the most romantic thing in the world, beside flowers. That is why chocolate is found everywhere during romantic events, like Valentine’s Day.

In the picture, you can see a box of chocolate decorated prettily with a picture of flower. The chocolate itself also has the sentence of “You and Me Forever” molded on it. It is such a beautiful gift for the boyfriend, especially when he has sweet tooth and loves chocolate.

  1. The “I Love You” Cake

I Love You Cake

If you love baking and you can decorate cakes beautifully, the most romantic things you can make for the boyfriend of yours is baking him delicious “I love you” cake. The example can be seen in the picture above.

The cake looks so adorable and incredibly romantic. It is covered in pink fondant and decorated with flowers, ribbons, banners, and whimsical figures on the top. You do not have to wait for special occasions to bake this kind of cake. Every day will be special with this cake of course.

  1. Beer and Booze Surprise

Beer and Booze Surprise

Surprising a boyfriend is something quite tricky, actually. It is because most of them are not romantic and do not like the idea of being surprised intentionally. This is why you have to be clever in picking what kind of surprise you will give to your boyfriend.

The cute things to do for your boyfriend in this case can be in the form of beer and booze “cake”. The picture shows you everything. It is just a tons of canned beers and some bottles stacked together forming a “cake”. It looks amazing and the boyfriend will surely get pleased.

  1. Decorating His Bedroom

Decorating His Bedroom

On special occasions, such as the birthday of your boyfriend, Valentine’s Day, or at the first date anniversary, you can do something really special, including decorating his bedroom. Sometimes, men’s bedroom can be a mess. This is why making them neat and decorate it should be so special.

Take a look at the picture. It is an example of decorating a boyfriend’s bedroom with balloons, framed pictures, and lots of gift bags on the bed. Of course, you can do whatever you want with the decorations, including choosing the colors for the balloons and picking up other decorative elements.

  1. Customized Notebook

Customized Notebook

If your boyfriend loves to scribble or doodle on good old-fashioned notebook, you can make it so special by giving him customized notebook. The cute things to do for your boyfriend here is just ordering a notebook with special cover and it will be such a great present for him.

The notebook in the picture is decorated with the flying house from “UP” movie. It has the colorful balloons made out of buttons and also the tagline “You are my greatest adventure”. The notebook will be with your boyfriend all the time with special, customized cover like this one.

  1. The Ultimate Gift Box

The Ultimate Gift Box

One of the most special cute things to do for your boyfriend is to give him an ultimate gift box. What is an ultimate gift box? It is a box containing every single thing the man will need. The example of this kind of box can be seen in the picture.

In the box, for example is a complete set of shaving kit, a comb, scented candle, and cocktail kit. It has also several other things that all men will love to own. Giving this box to your boyfriend clearly shows him that you care about him and that you do love the man.

  1. Romantic Letter

Romantic Letter

Writing romantic letter may sound very old-fashioned. However, it is incredibly romantic. This idea is also the cheapest one among all the cute things to do for your boyfriend. It costs you nothing at all except for a few pieces of paper to write on.

The letter in the picture is shaped and folded in beautiful shape. If you have the skill in origami or paper crafting, this may be the best idea for you to make. The heart-shaped letter is then decorated further with “I love you” message inside of it.

  1. Comforting Box

Comforting Box

When the boyfriend of yours is sad or having a rough time, you can cheer him up by presenting him this comforting box. A lot of people sending comforting box to their families and friends to make sure they are okay, too, in difficult situation.

Inside the box, you can see that there is a lot of good stuff, including a set of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, some booze, coffee, and a cute mug, too. There is also a letter inside the box to send your message and to tell the boyfriend that you care about him and always there to support him.

  1. Say It With Donuts

Say It With Donuts

If your boyfriend is a big fan of donuts, one of the cute things to do for your boyfriend is to send him a box of donut of course. Donuts are inexpensive and very delicious. It comes inside a box where you can write a message on.

The perfect example is the picture. The sweet-looking treats are packed neatly in a box. On the back of the lid, a romantic message is written. You can write anything romantic and sweet as the message and please the boyfriend who is about to receive it.

  1. DIY Surprise Box

DIY Surprise Box

A lot of girls have the determination to create DIY surprise box for their boyfriends. The box is considered as one of the cutest gifts. From the outside, the box is just like a regular box. However, once opened, pictures, messages, and other surprises will ooze from the box.

Giving the boyfriend this kind of box is probably very romantic. You can see in the picture that the box contains a lot of pictures for the sake of great memories, too. If you have a lot of spare times, this kind of box is worth making.

  1. Matching Sweaters

Matching Sweaters

In chilly weather like during the winter or fall, wearing matching sweaters with your boyfriend is very cute and romantic. This is why one of the cute things to do for your boyfriend is to order and buy matching sweaters.

There are a lot of designs for matching, boyfriend and girlfriend, sweater. The best one is probably this one shown in the picture. The pizza slices literally send the message of “You complete me” judging by the design.

  1. Cooking Dinner

Cooking Dinner

If you do not want to give any presents, you can try cooking dinner instead. You do not have to get bothered by present selection and you can do it inexpensively, especially when you cook in regular basis and quite good at it.

Invite the boyfriend over dinner and cook him something special. You should know what kind of dish the boyfriend would love to have for dinner. Cook for him that special dish. Cooking dinner for him always gets included in the list of cute things to do for your boyfriend.

  1. Cupcake Surprise

Cupcake Surprise

Cupcake is such a romantic kind of sweet treat. They are cute and very delicate. Even boys will love to eat some cupcakes. If your boyfriend loves them, too, you can bake him or buy him some cupcakes.

Choose cupcakes that are decorated prettily in romantic colors, like pink. The cupcakes in the picture are the examples. They are clearly delicious with the strawberry frosting on top of it and some sweet decorations as well.

  1. Photo in a Box

Photo in a Box

Being in a relationship, you may have taken tons of pictures of you two together. Instead of just keeping the pictures on the computer or on the phone, print them out of make something cute out of them like this photo in a box craft.

The photos are printed and then lined up together into strips. Then, the strips are folded and arranged inside a cute little box. Once opened, the box is going to reveal the series of photo kept inside of it. It looks incredibly cute and romantic.

  1. Six Pack of Love

Six Pack of Love

One of the best remedy of having a rough time is by drinking refreshing beverages, including beers. Instead of giving your boyfriend regular six pack of beer, the cute things to do for your boyfriend is to pack the beer a little bit more special.

The example is in the picture. The beers are packed in wrapping paper-like casing. They look more appealing and more romantic of course. The beer casing can be bought at stores or you can just make one on your own.

Those are some of the cute things to do for your boyfriend. Choose one that you think fit your concept of surprise the best. Surely, the boyfriend will feel very appreciated and loved after receiving the surprise.

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