20 Crochet Baby Hat Patterns Ideas to Use as Inspirations

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Crochet hat is a perfect fabric to keep newborn’s head warm and safe. Crocheting is also a wonderfully relaxing activity: it can reduce stress and anxiety, help to ease depression, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

If you are beginner to crocheting, however, and you want to create a crochet hat for your baby or give it as a gift, there are so many different crocheting techniques to use that it can be a little bit overwhelming. Here, you will find crochet baby hat patterns ideas to use as inspiration.

Make sure you have prepared your yarns, crochet hooks, and needles ready. There are so many, many, different types of yarn’s fibers and weights available out there. So does the hook which has a lot of material options. For needles, use tapestry needles that have about 9 or 10 pieces of needles in one set.

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    The Basic Crochet for Beginners


The Basic Crochet for Beginners

For you who just started crocheting, here is the easy pattern you can try. It’s perfect for beginner because it’s a double crochet beanie with only a single crochet edging.

If you see more closely, the seam is hardly visible and no gaps present near the join, so it looks really polished. Match the diameter size with your baby head size, because every baby’s head sizes are slightly different.

  1. Chevron Crochet Baby Hat Patterns 

Chevron Crochet Baby Hat Patterns 

A lot of crochet baby hat patterns use two or more colors of the yarns. This chevron crochet baby hat for example, is using pastel pink, bright gray and navy yarn colors.

To recreate this baby hat, you will need to follow zigzag pattern. Once you learn this technique, not only you can create a baby hat, but almost anything that involves knitting and crocheting.

  1. Crown Crochet for Newborn

Crown Crochet for Newborn

Treat your little prince or princess by creating the lovely crown crochet baby hat patterns. It is an ideal crochet hat even for preemie or newborn.

What makes this hat special is the brim of the hat is foldable, so it is adjustable for the head size of the baby. That crown part will ensure the hat to stay better in its place.

  1. Earflap Crochet Hat

Earflap Crochet Hat

Babies are sensitive to temperature change, so they might feel colder than you do in winter especially if they are brought outside. This crochet hat with earflap will make sure your baby’s head and ear are protected from the cold.

The earflap crochet hat above is using only one color of the yarn. But you can incorporate different colors to create an ombre or rainbow colors.

  1. Baby Bear Hat Crochet Pattern


Baby Bear Hat Crochet Pattern

This adorable baby bear hat is gentle to touch, doesn’t have gaps or holes, and has neutral color to make it look modern. For high quality crochet baby hat patterns, it is recommended to use soft and squishy yarn.

Obviously you will need to create different sizes for different age baby categories. Work the base of the hat first and then create the ears by making a half moon shape using the yarn.

  1. Reindeer Crochet Hat

Reindeer Crochet Hat

What make this reindeer hat really special are the antlers and the plaid fabric on the ribbon and the ears. The brown color is a perfect match for the fall season where the weather is mostly cold and windy.

Despite the fancy and expensive look to it, it’s not really hard to create. This crochet hat is a nice gift to give to your family’s or friends’ baby.

  1. Dinosaur Baby Hat


Dinosaur Baby Hat

To stay on the animal-themed crochet baby hat patterns boat, here’s another cute ideas to use as inspirations. Release the inner Jurassic out of your baby by creating this dinosaur baby hat.

The spike at the top will make your baby look really cute. The earflap and the hat’s tails will ensure warmth for your baby by making the hat stay in the place.

  1. Christmas Pudding With Bobble Hat

Christmas Pudding With Bobble Hat

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the baby of your friends or family member, consider this cute Christmas pudding hat. The red pompom on the top of the head is making it even cuter.

To recreate this crochet baby hat, use a brown, white, red, and green yarn, as they are the common colors for Christmas themed things.

  1. Spring Crochet Hat

Spring Crochet Hat

There’s nothing better than enjoying a picnic with your baby to celebrate the spring. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the warmer weather and the beautiful blooming flowers.

Keep your baby comfortable by putting this pretty spring-themed crochet hat for them. To create the crochet baby hat patterns above, you will need yarn with spring color palette like pink, white, and green.

  1. Character Baby Hat

Character Baby Hat

What outfit theme is fitter for baby and kids more than animation character? This hat is using the vibrant and pop out color like yellow and red to create a cute looks.

For the eyes part you can use googly eyes or make them from flannel fabric that cut into circular shape.

  1. Double Function Scoodie

Double Function Scoodie

The next idea for crochet baby hat patterns is the multipurpose scoodie. Scoodie is the genius combo of scarf and hoodie. It is the ideal accessorize for winter when the temperature drop for your baby.

Scoodie will give maximum protection and warmth for newborn or infant. The scarf part will make sure that the hat part doesn’t slip off for baby with smaller head.

  1. Double Pompom Crochet Hat

Double Pompom Crochet Hat

This double pompom crochet hat is really easy to create! All you need is making the rectangular tube basic crochet hat. Then attach the pompom on the top like animal ears.

There are many pompom variations to choose, including the fur ones. You can create the hat with more neutral color like the example above, or you can use colorful yarns.

  1. Fresh Pineapple Hat

Fresh Pineapple Hat

There are plenty of fruity crochet baby hat patterns ideas like watermelon, strawberry, or raspberry. This pineapple hat is one of them.

It serves both functional and decorative purposes. So this cute little hat is perfect to use as accessorize for newborn photography.

  1. Pastel Hat with Flower

Pastel Hat with Flower

This crochet hat with flower looks cute and stylish for a baby girl. It is ideal for both daily use and as a photo prop.

The pink flower attached is what makes this crochet hat really pops out. It has soft, warm, and stretchable quality so it can be adjusted to the baby’s head size.

  1. Sun Baby Hat

Sun Baby Hat

Not only to protect your baby from cold, crochet hat is also useful to protect them from the heat of the sun. A sun crochet baby hat patterns will help your baby to avoid harmful sun exposures.

Start to introduce the sun baby hat early to your newborn, so they will be able to adjust to it for a while. Make sure you choose the right type of yarn so the hat won’t irritates the baby if they sweat under the hat.

  1. Halloween Themed Crochet Hat

Halloween Themed Crochet Hat

Halloween is heavily associated with pumpkin. Get your baby ready for the holiday by creating this cute pumpkin crochet hat. 

You can mix the Halloween theme with character theme as the crochet baby hat patterns. Aside from wearing it on Halloween, it can also be used as a gift for baby shower.

  1. Gingerbread Baby Hat

Gingerbread Baby Hat

This crochet hat is as charming as it sounds! Using the gingerbread man as inspiration, this crochet baby hat patterns can be easily recreated by using basic materials for crocheting and two black buttons.

You will need yarn in white, red, and brown colors. Start by creating the base and adds red ribbon to the hat. The black buttons will be used as the eyes of the gingerbread man.

  1. Pixie Bonnet Pattern

Pixie Bonnet Pattern

If you’re looking for a last minute gift and have only little amount of yarn, consider this pixie bonnet crochet hat to give. It is very easy, quick, and doesn’t need to use many yarns to create.

To make this pixie baby hat, work the pattern from the front or face part. Use a simple shaping and increase it bit by bit to create the pixie part.

  1. Cowboy Crochet Hat

Cowboy Crochet Hat

There is no more perfect gift for your country baby boy than this cowboy crochet hat. It’s also nice to wear on a sunny summer day that your baby will enjoy.

Use a soft tan colored yarn to match the raffia straw color of the actual cowboy hat. The wider the brim you create, the more protection and extra coverage it will provide.

  1. Cupcake Baby Hat

Cupcake Baby Hat

Look at this super cute crochet baby hat! It even completed with cherry and sprinkle on top. It is perfect for everyday use.

Basically you are free to choose the color of the yarn, but you will need a main color, a contrasting color, red color for the cherry and colorful colors for the sprinkles. Create the cherry in the similar pattern as the common pompom pattern.

The best thing about the crochet baby hat patterns is that anything can be used as an inspiration, from the animal, fruit, cakes, and animation characters. It will benefit both you as a hobby and your baby as they will receive warm and cute new hats to wear.

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