Crawl Space Insulation: What You Should Know

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Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces are a vitally important part of any home. In order for the space to work well, you’ll need to make sure it is properly insulated.

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What Does a Crawlspace Do?

Many modern homes and lots of preexisting homes have crawlspaces. A crawlspace is an efficient way to keep the house’s utilities away from the main space. That allows for more space for the rest of the house. It also makes it possible for the homeowner to reach these HVAC systems and adjust them as needed.

If you have a crawlspace, the space can be a source of air leakages and unwanted moisture. That’s why the experts at ‘58 Foundations recommend all of their clients install crawlspace insulation.

The Benefits of Insulation

There are many benefits to installing insulation of this kind in your home. This will help you remove a source of moisture in your basement. Too much moisture can lead to problems such as mold growth that can damage the foundation.

Doing so can also help ensure you have enough airflow so that you’re bringing fresh air into your home and removing the stale air. That will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can do this process yourself.

If you have prior experience in the field of home repairs, it’s something you can do on a weekend. For many people, it’s a process best left to the professionals. They know what to do to make sure the insulation is properly installed.

Ventilated vs. Unventilated

In general, there are two kinds of crawlspaces you’re likely to find in your home. Ventilated spaces have a way of releasing moisture into the outside air. That will make the process of installing crawlspace insulation a lot easier for the professionals you hire to get it done. Many will make sure they take extra steps to prevent any moisture from flowing into the basement and the rest of your home.

In some instances, there may be insulation that is already there. However, it may not be in the best shape. There may be visible cracks and other issues. In that case, it is best to get rid of it. Installing new insulation is a better course that lets you start over and have it done correctly this time.

Unventilated Crawl Spaces

Crawlspaces that are not ventilated can pose a greater problem. It can be harder to remove sources of moisture and keep air flowing properly in the rest of the home.

However, this can also be addressed by professionals. Like any other form of insulation, they’ll start by making sure no moisture gets into the home. They will also seal all areas so that it is properly protected against the elements. A vapor barrier can also help. That will reduce the amount of moisture that gets into the space even further.

A crawl space is very useful. Make sure it’s properly insulated and that will keep your home in good working order.

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