Creative and Awesome Cork Board Ideas to Decorate Your Space

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cork board ideas

Cork board is the item that has endless functions, whether it is in house, office, or classroom. Luckily, to have a not only functional but also eye-pleasing board to hold your reminders, memos, and photos, you can just use cork board ideas below as inspiration.

There are different craft cork board ideas that simple and easy enough to recreate. You just need to prepare some materials and tools such as the cork board sheets, paint, glue, scissors, and maybe a box of creativity to start with.

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    Office Cork Board

Office Cork Board

Cork board can be designed in professional and stylish ways at the same time. Take an example from work cork board above, where you can put white painted frames on several equally sized boards and put them in such a neat and organized layout as treat to the eyes who saw them.

The frame emphasizes the board textures. All that left to do is just to pin some important information, announcement, or reminders on them.

  1. Kitchen Cork Board Ideas

Kitchen Cork Board Ideas

As one of the most visited room in the house, decorating kitchen to be as pleasant as possible might be worth it to do.

You can hang not only kitchen-related things, such as recipes cooking measurement chart, grocery lists or meal schedule, but also make it as a family cork board by pinning family memos, chore charts, or invitations. It is especially applicable if you set a big one as seen above, where it stretches along below the kitchen cabinet.

  1. Classroom Cork Board

Classroom Cork Board

Cork board ideas can be more than a colorful decoration to spruce up bare and dull-looking wall. It is actually a powerful learning tool for preschool to high school students, even beyond.

The board can be used to relay educational and academic information, display their works, as well as reinforce lessons from teachers. A wide range of displays related to school such as academic calendar, class schedule, periodic table, and many more can be put on the board.

  1. Small Cork Board Ideas

Small Cork Board Ideas

In tight living space such as studio apartment or dorm room, mini cork board may be the ideal decoration items. It is a perfect tool to display your memo, notes, photos, and even jewelries in the same place without cluttering around the rest of the wall. If you’re lucky to have more available space, you can simply another small board. Despite the size, you are totally still able to decorate the board, like by adding frame or washi tape similar to the ones above.

  1. Aesthetic Cork Board Ideas

If you’re feeling fancy and want to put up a  board that match with your room’s style, then take inspiration from these aesthetic cork board ideas. The key to create this type of board is to add your favorite photos, art, or inspirational words. Take some time to sit down and think about how you want to design it and what to put on it. Feeling even fancier? Put string light around the edge of the board to let it light up during the night.

  1. Art Cork Board Idea

Art Cork Board Idea

Looking for a way to show your kids’ artwork? There will be some point when kids reach a stage where they come back from school with more and more art creations such as drawing and painting that you’d need more space to display them.

The giant, floor-to-wall board as the picture show is just one example of how you can take things creatively. It takes one defined side of the room because it takes up considerable big area – however you’d be provided with more space to use. It is one of cork board ideas you can apply.

  1. Bedroom Cork Board

Bedroom Cork Board

Cork board is a really versatile item. You could choose cork board ideas that look as professional or personal as possible, according to where you set it up. If you plan to hang the board up on your bedroom, you are able to make it whatever it is that you want: as a planner, reminder, motivation, memory, or multifunctional board.

For those of you who lucky enough to have spacious bedroom, take inspiration from huge cork board above. If you’re struggling with space limitation, there is always an alternative to choose from. Put the cork board against the back of the door or on the head of your bed as creative solutions.

  1. Business Cork Board Ideas

Business Cork Board

Effectiveness is an essential thing to any business. Using cork board as bulletin tool is beneficial to boost employees’ productivity and saving time to spread any new information, without having to go through the hassle layers and channels of communication between staffs.

The business cork board ideas above are designed elegantly while maintaining the function, by given the dark wooden style frame. The fine grain cork itself is a suitable for professional setting since it is resistible to tear and wear even after repeated uses and pushes of pins.

  1. Collage Pictures Cork Board Ideas

Collage Pictures Cork Board Ideas

Need to space to channel your creativity and your artsy pictures or photos? Cork board can be a great alternative to the traditional photo frame at wall. Collage pictures board is basically just a board where you could hang the pictures of yourself or your family members. You’d also be able to create memory board by putting up pictures of places you have visited or to show your past outfit of the day.

  1. Cork Board for String Arts

Cork Board for String Arts

Not only it is possible to pin and hang things on the board, it is also a good media to create string art. The retro cork board ideas were once popular around 70s, and likely to make a comeback because it is so fun and easy to create, even for beginners. There is no special skill required to form this artwork.

  1. Cork Board for Jewelry

Cork Board for Jewelry

Say no more to boring and cluttered jewelry organizing. Cork board can be a convenient home for your bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. It is a creative and stylish way to display your jewelry collection without having to dig your wallet or get a headache because it is such an affordable and easy to do DIY project. Moreover, board provides plenty of space so there is always room for your always growing collection.

  1. Rustic Cork Board Ideas

Rustic Cork Board Ideas

In addition, rustic cork board ideas are the easiest type of cork board to create because you can just repurpose your existing board. The one above, for instance, using wire material to emphasize the rustic vibe and it does work so well. To make the materials used look harmonious, paint them in the same or completely contrasting color.

  1. Wine Cork Board Ideas

Wine Cork Board Ideas

If you or your father happened to be a wine lover, then consider creating this wine cork board. It is the perfect craft to hang on the workshop, garage, or even kitchen. Sure, you’ll need tons of wine corks, but after all the materials are gathered, it is really easy to make. Not only it works as artwork on its own, it’s also possible to use it as a bulletin board to pin your notes and memos.

  1. Cute Cork Board Ideas

Cute Cork Board Ideas

This cute board works perfectly as a cute reminder for your next cute appointments. Instead of just let the plain, frame-less board hanging on your room, it is a good idea to decorate it with decorative frame and attach some colorful pictures. You’ll only need basic tools and supplies such as paint, paper, scissors, glue, and so on. Keep in mind that there is a wide range of paint finishing to choose such as enamel, thick, or high glossy effect for the frame.

  1. Hexagon Cork Board Ideas

Hexagon Cork Board Ideas

Don’t feel like settling with the typical, ordinary rectangular board? Then try your hand on these creatively shaped hexagonal cork board ideas. The way it resembles honeycomb shape, makes it easy for you to combine several boards. It can also turn as the main decoration of the room if you decide to sync more than three boards. The versatility of each piece allows you to decorate and paint them in different colors while still looking harmonious enough.

  1. Large Cork Board Ideas

Large Cork Board Ideas

Why go with standard cork board when you can choose giant full wall board? The option may seem intimidating at first, but it truly is awesome once you manage to actualize it. The process is also fairly simple as long as you plan the entire step thoroughly from measurement to execution. The benefits and satisfaction you’ll get when it finally settled won’t be comparable to having the normal sized cork board.

  1. Modern Geometric Cork Board

Modern Geometric Cork Board

Sure, it is totally acceptable to just hang the traditional board on the wall, but there is just a little, if none fun in that at all. By simply using white paint and tape, you can create the modern and simple geometric cork board like the one above.

Cork board is a great complement material if you’re into neutral, bit rustic, and balance decoration. By using these cork board ideas above, you also contribute to use the eco-friendly material to décor, which is recyclable and renewable to help protect the earth.

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