15+ Best Coffee Station Ideas You Can Try at Home

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Buying your coffee at coffee shop seems cheap for a day, but when you do it daily, it can be expensive in accumulations. You may want to consider having your own coffee station at home. The plus side is, you do not have to walk out of home just to get a cup of coffee. If you are convinced enough already, it’s time to research for some coffee station ideas for your set.

There are some things you have to take into consideration. First is how much space you have. Second is the design of coffee station, and the third is the things you want to place on coffee station like mugs, coffee maker, or even microwave.

To make things easier for you, here is a collection of some coffee station ideas. You can apply any of these at your home.

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    Coffee Station with French Bakery Vibes

Coffee Station with French Bakery Vibes


You don’t have to live in French to have Parisian feelings in your place. This station looks chic and classy.  Dominated by white furniture and black chalkboard, this design exudes vintage energy.

The focal point of this coffee station is the ornately carved table. Place baskets, creamers, and sketch on your chalkboard to achieve fanciness. To get the monochrome looks, use white mugs, white jugs, and glasses jars.

  1. Country Farmhouse Style Station

Country Farmhouse Style Station


This one of coffee station ideas is just perfect if you prefer more traditional, rustic design rather than modern and minimalistic style. It can make you feel like you drink your coffee straight in a farm. It looks especially great if you have hardwood floor and white based background.

You need an antique style table to start with. Set a cabinet with wood materials, with fading color and some dark stains. If you need more space for coffee mugs, use additional two wood pallets. For additional aesthetic, place wicker baskets and a vintage tray.

  1. Bookshelf Coffee Station

Bookshelf Coffee Station

Coffee station doesn’t have to be expensive. You can bring this one of the coffee station ideas into reality by recycling your old bookshelf. It simple, does not occupy most your room, and easy to do. Depend on the size of your old bookshelf; you can stack the coffee mugs to save space.

Redecorate your bookshelf by paint it white. Place some canisters and baskets to complete it. You can personalize it by placing few of your photographs. Cute decorations like framed arts are also good choices.

  1. Colorful Coffee Station

Colorful Coffee Station

Add fun to your morning by using this one of the coffee station ideas. The colorful coffee bar can be a reflection of your personality. It can raise your energy level, influence your thoughts and mood just by looking at it. Choosing the right color combinations may need a little bit of effort, but it is definitely worth it.

You can repurpose old dresser and paint it with vibrant color. Place some shelves above it. Add some colorful plants or flower to make it more colorful. Choose some mugs with cute decoration.

  1. Corner Coffee Station

Corner Coffee Station

It’s okay if you don’t have extra space for an extravagant coffee shop. This coffee station is compatible for you who have limited room. Turn the corner space in your kitchen into coffee station.

You don’t need extra cabinets because your kitchen cabinet can work as well. Keep the design simple to make it pleasant, because you have to match it with your kitchen design. Choose utensils with monochrome colors. To decorate it, add mini chalkboard and mini vintage wooden box for sugar and creamer.

  1. Wood and Copper Coffee Cart

Wood and Copper Coffee Cart

This is one of the coffee station ideas that fit the definition of minimalist and stylish. Even better, you can do it by yourself.

This cart doesn’t need a lot of space. You can just place it everywhere in your kitchen. Thanks to the wheelers, you can also move it easily if you plan to redecorate your room.

To enhance the appearance of this coffee cart, you can hang several photos on the wall. Some green plants will also match the design since wood is a natural material.

  1. Industrial Style Coffee Station

Industrial Style Coffee Station

There are a lot of coffee station ideas, but if you want a modern style, you should try to incorporate this model into your home. Black pipes are the color of the materials commonly used.

Prepare some pipe and wires. Or you can buy the industrial metal basket and install it to your wall. That is where you’re going to place your mugs. Hang a mug holder under it. If you still need some space, place a wooden shelf under your mug holder.

  1. Wooden Desk Coffee Station

Wooden Desk Coffee Station

This is one of the most easy-to-install coffee station ideas. You can easily find wooden desk in any furniture stores or repurpose your own. You can also turn it into varieties of styles like vintage, retro, or rustic, according to things you put on the desk.

Disposal cups can be placed on the bottom part of the desk. Set a flower vase to make it looks pleasant. You can also set a chalkboard beside the desk and be creative with the menu.

  1. Wide Cabinet Coffee Station

Wide Cabinet Coffee Station

If you have a wide cabinet, consider this one of the most grand coffee station ideas. It looks neat because all your coffee related things are placed inside the cabinet and you can just close it when you do not use it.

This wide cabinet can save extra things like basket of fruits, microwave, toaster, mixer, even books. No fuss needed because all of them are organized inside.

  1. Simple Personalized Coffee Station

Simple Personalized Coffee Station


So you want to DIY your coffee station because none of the things in the market can match your style and taste. This one of the coffee station ideas is dense but still simple. It’s also perfect if you have small space.

Even if it small, you can place almost anything you want, since it can be personalized. Chalkboard, fruits and treats, infused water, can be placed on your station. You can also choose the color pallet to be colorful or monochrome.

  1. Holders on the Wall Coffee Station

Holders on the Wall Coffee Station

Don’t even have desk, cart, or cabinet to place your coffee station? Or you don’t even feel like organizing things? This is probably the simplest idea of all the coffee station ideas out there. This will save your energy, especially if you live with friends, family members, or roommate because you don’t need commitment to have this coffee station.

You just need a wall, wood pallets, and some mugs holder to apply this style. Drill holes into the wall, to install the mugs hangers. Set the additional cups above the wood pallet. Sugar, coffee powders or beans, and creamer can be place into jars that glued into the bottom of the wood pallet.

  1. Modern Bold Coffee Station

Modern Bold Coffee Station

Similar to colorful coffee station, this design plays with color for the focal point. The difference is that you only need single bright color for the coffee desk that stands out and will catch the attention of your visitors. It is also going wake you in the morning.

Choose a modern cabinet with strong color like blue or yellow. Place it against the white wall or background. Choose anything else in a matching softer colors or more neutral colors. It’s best to use cabinet with a lot of storage so you can keep the top part neat. Separate the jars and cattle on a tray from the coffee maker and other decorations.

  1. Giant Chalkboard Coffee Station

Giant Chalkboard Coffee Station

What is a coffee station without a chalkboard? Almost all of the coffee station ideas incorporate chalkboard into their design. But what if you make the chalkboard the focus of your space?

Prepare a large chalkboard as wide as your cabinet to make it looks beautiful and satisfying. Be creative and have fun with the sketch and the menu you draw on the chalkboard.

You can also write anything from your favorite quotes or some coffee recipes. If you still have some free space on the cabinet, place plants and flowers to give a natural feeling to it.

  1. Pastel Themed Coffee Cart

Pastel Themed Coffee Cart

Wooden materials match pastel colors the best. Both have soft and relaxing looks that will calm your morning.  You can DIY your cart with wheelers so you can adjust the position of your coffee station.

Place your coffee jugs, mugs, and tray on the stacked shelves of the cart. Choose a pastel color pallet and go choose your things according to the colors.

  1. Fancy Dressed Up Coffee Station

Fancy Dressed Up Coffee Station

Your old fancy dresser can be repurposed to a coffee station. There’s plenty of space on the top of drawer and it has storage below.

The point of this design is the elegant piece of art placed above the station. It also looks neat and tidy because you don’t need a lot of things beside the essentials.

Well-designed and well-organized coffee station can boost your morning. You can customize and build one on your own according to your taste and budget. Now, you have taken a look of 15 coffee station ideas above. It doesn’t have to be a hard or headache-induced task anymore.

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