Christmas Classroom Door Decorations to Welcome the Special Celebration

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When Christmas is coming, it is time to bring the nice decoration. In this case, sometimes schools hold event, so it is necessary to have some good Christmas classroom door decorations. It is needed to make things ready for the Christmas party.

Fortunately, you can have various great decorations for Christmas. There are many kinds of door decoration that will work well on your school along with many details. It will surely make the celebration perfect.

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    Green deer christmas classroom door

Green deer christmas classroom door

For the first idea of Christmas classroom door decorations, you can have green door with the deer. It is good animal to symbolize the vibe of Christmas.

The picture of animal is decorated on the green door. Then, on the horns of its deer, there are colorful ornaments hung to create the decoration. Then, the door frame also gets other Christmas decoration.

  1. Red door of Christmas

Red door of Christmas

Then, Christmas is also identical with the color of red. It is the color of Santa’s outfit and it suits well with vibe of Christmas. That is why it is great to paint the door in this color.

In order to make it a perfect decoration, the door also has the nice details of the Christmas tree decoration. There are glowing balls and some small Christmas trees decorated on the door. These really give nice and simple decoration.

  1. Christmas tree on the door

Christmas tree on the door

Christmas will never be complete without the iconic tree. Then, what is going to happen when the tree is installed on the door?

Of course, it becomes great reference of Christmas classroom door decorations. The door is decorated with the Christmas tree and it looks perfect. The tree is colored in green with some details of gifts. There are also decorations on the tree.

  1. Snowman on classroom door

Snowman on classroom door

When you are celebrating Christmas, snow can be outside of the house. That is why kids love to make the snowman during the Christmas moments. Then, it will be great to have the snowman on the door.

The classroom door is decorated with the big snowman. It is actually made from rolled paper. In order to give perfect design, the door is covered in blue color with some details of snow flake.

  1. Christmas chimney

Christmas chimney

Chimney and fireplace is known as the passage of Santa to enter the house. Santa will come and give special Christmas gift for the good kids.

This chimney can become good idea of Christmas classroom door decorations. The door can be decorated with the picture of chimney of fireplace. Then, the background covered in blue with some details of snow.

  1. Three deer on the door

Three deer on the door

It seems that Christmas cannot be separated from deer. The animal is like the good friend of Santa and there will always be deer with Santa in many kinds of occasion.

That is why it is good animal to decorate the classroom door. The door looks cute with the face of three deer. Then, the background is covered by the color of green and red. These two colors are also iconic in the Christmas theme.

  1. Santa entering the fireplace

Santa entering the fireplace

In the Christmas Eve, Santa will come to every house where there are good kids. The kids will get special present from Santa as the reward of being nice kids. In entering the house, Santa uses the chimney and fireplace.

It is the nice story for kids, and it is also nice idea of Christmas classroom door decorations. In decorating the door, chimney can become the design of door. Then, above the door frame, Picture of Santa’s feet and shoes can be shown as if Santa is entering the house.

  1. Christmas snowman classroom door decorations

Christmas snowman

Christmas is not only about red and green. Blue is also the color to represent this special moment. Then, the blue color is perfect when there is snow.

Snow and blue color can be used for decorating the classroom door. Of course, it is great when there is also face of the snowman on the door with the snowflakes.

  1. Colorful Christmas tree

Colorful Christmas tree

For the next reference of Christmas classroom door decorations, Christmas still can become good ideas. There can be various designs of tree to apply on the door and it is one of the good choices.

The tree is actually made from the hand palm. The palms are in various colors and formed into nice tree. On top of the Christmas tree, there is nice star on the sky with black color as the background.

  1. Christmas gift on the door

Christmas gift on the door

The door can be decorated as a Christmas gift. It is nice and easy way to decorate the door. Of course, the results will not make people disappointed.

It is not just simple gift box. The box has two colors, red and blue. Then, there is a big ribbon. All over the box, there are decoration of Santa and snowflakes.

  1. Santa’s workshop

Santa’s workshop

The wall and door can also be decorated as the Santa’s workshop. It surely becomes creative idea of Christmas classroom door decorations. The classroom looks great with the red colors.

The front wall and door is decorated as if it is the view of Santa’s workshop. The wall is decorated in red with details of snow. There are also pictures of Christmas trees. With this, entering classroom is like entering the workshop owned by Santa.

  1. Group of deer

Group of deer

The next idea of door decoration uses the deer. There are surely many kinds of decorations using the picture of deer and these variations always look great for the room decoration.

It is also what is found in this reference. There are many faces of Christmas deer on the door. Among those face, there is the biggest face and it is made from different material.

  1. Gigantic Santa classroom door decorations

Gigantic Santa

Door can also be decorated with big size of Santa Clause. It is nice design and idea of Christmas classroom door decorations to apply for the kindergarten.

The door surely has big picture of Santa. The door is only for the body. Then, the Santa’s head is found on the door frame. It looks nice and cute.

  1. Santa on the beach

Santa on the beach

It is already too common to see Santa on the snow. It will also be nice to see Santa on the beach. It is what is found in the door decoration for the Christmas celebration.

The door is decorated with the view of beach together with the wave of ocean. Then, there is a coconut tree with Santa Clause under the tree.

  1. Christmas sweater door decoration

Christmas sweater door decoration

Since Christmas usually occurs in the winter, sweater becomes the common outfit to wear during the moment. Then, it can become nice idea of Christmas classroom door decorations.

The door can be decorated with the picture of sweater. The door is for the sweater and its trouser. Then, the sleeves are outside the frame. Of course, it has other ornaments and there are snowflakes and socks everywhere.

  1. Smiling Mr. Snowman

Smiling Mr. Snowman

Christmas is about the joy and happiness. That is why it should be moment filled with smiles and laughs. Because of that, Mr. Snowman should also smile on the door.

The smiling Mr. Snowman can become good idea for the door decoration. The snowman has nice smile with its scarf and hat. There are also branches as the hands of snowman attached on the door frame.

  1. Christmas cookies

Christmas is not only about the tree and gifts. There are also popular cookies in a shape of cheerful kids. These cookie dolls are popular and already parts of the celebration for years.

Then, it will be great to use the Christmas cookie for the Christmas classroom door decorations. The whole door is for the body and face of the cookie doll. Then, the feet and hands are outside the frame. It is simple, but the result is awesome.

  1. Christmas penguins classroom door decorations

Christmas penguins

Christmas is identical with deer. However, it does not mean that penguins cannot be included as the cute animals for this special moment. Since there is snow and cold air, it is also nice to see penguins.

Because of that, the door of classroom can be decorated with the picture of penguins. Many penguins are on the stairs with some decoration of snowflakes. It makes the door look cheerful.

  1. Olaf on the door

Olaf on the door

Olaf is one of the most popular snowmen in the world. This character is loved by kids, so it will not be wrong to have face of body of Olaf on the Christmas classroom door decorations.

The smiling Olaf is attached on the classroom door. It is attached on the blue background. There are also some snowflakes to complete the decoration of smiling Olaf for the Christmas.

  1. Shiny Christmas tree

The last idea is about the Christmas tree, but it is different tree. The tree is only made from the sting or wire with some image of glowing pendants.

The Christmas is on the black background. There is also picture of Santa with his deer around the tree. It is looks simple but attractive.

Those are some good decoration ideas for the classroom door. All of these ideas surely will make the Christmas celebration perfect. Most of Christmas classroom door decorations can be chosen based on the preference and all of them are great.

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