20 Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas You Can Use as Inspirations

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Planning a wedding can consume a lot of time and efforts, not to mention it can be really expensive. Of all things you plan for your wedding, wedding centerpieces usually considered as afterthought. However, the centerpieces can be an opportunity to impress your guests. If you’re on a budget for wedding, there are a lot of cheap wedding centerpieces that are affordable and amazing.

These items don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. Below are 20 on budget wedding centerpieces ideas you can get inspiration from.

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    White Roses and Baby Eucalyptus

White Roses and Baby Eucalyptus

This cheap wedding centerpieces idea with white roses and baby eucalyptus, have natural, rustic, and romantic vibes. To match the classic feelings, use wooden tables. White candles and all-white tableware are preferable to suit the white roses.

If you want the roses to go for a long way, you can place them inside small water tube. It won’t take away the aesthetic of the decoration.

  1. Baby’s Breath in Mason Jars

Baby’s Breath in Mason Jars

Baby’s breath will forever be popular for wedding decoration. It symbolizes innocence, pureness, and everlasting love, which are suited with a lot of wedding symbolizations. Baby’s breath also can last for whole day, they are low maintenance, beside easy to find and affordable.

Fill up your mason jars with water, and place the baby’s breath inside. You can decorate the mason jars by tying ribbons around each piece.

  1. Small and Cute Succulents

Small and Cute Succulents

Succulents are gaining popularity as wedding decoration’s plants. They are modern, stylish, and easy to maintain. There are many varieties of succulents you can go with for wedding centerpieces, with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors.

For cheap wedding centerpieces, choose the small succulents. They are simple but still will catch attention of your guests. You can give the succulents as gifts after wedding and they will last for years.

  1. Modern Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces

Modern Hydrangea

Hydrangea is one of the most affordable flower picks for wedding centerpieces. They are easy to find and to work with. With fluffy and voluminous qualities, you can decorate the guests wedding tables with this kind of flower.

You can place the hydrangea in any container like vases or jugs, but if you want to go with modern style, use wooden vases. Don’t forget to remove the hydrangea’s thorn and trim the old petals from the flowers.

  1. Fresh Green Tropical Leaves Wedding Centerpieces

Fresh Green Tropical Leaves Wedding Centerpieces

Botanical theme is the new dominating wedding themes. If you are having tropical themed wedding, then tropical leaves centerpieces would be perfect. They work with almost all kinds of decorations and flowers arrangements.

Monstera is especially the most popular types of tropical leaves. Whether you have white-green or bright colorful wedding color palette, they will suit just fine as cheap wedding centerpieces. To arrange these leaves, you don’t need huge effort or high budget, but they will absolutely leave a beautiful impact.

  1. Faux Pumpkin and Foliage Tray

Faux Pumpkin and Foliage Tray

This one unique idea is suitable for wedding in fall season. Pumpkins are so versatile, they can be decorated in a lot of ways, including for centerpieces. To match with color palettes of your wedding decoration, you can paint the pumpkins in any colors or sprinkle them with glitters.

Faux pumpkins are great option if you want to get colorful pumpkins without painting them. White pumpkins especially exude country and rustic vibes. Place the faux pumpkins on the foliage tray and add few greeneries decorations, and you are done.

  1. Colorful Plaid Wedding Centerpieces

Colorful Plaid Wedding Centerpieces

This one of cheap wedding centerpieces is inspired by Halloween theme. Thus for you who have wedding in fall, can corporate this idea to your decoration.

The idea is basically you can use any flowers that are in-season, so you can cut your budget. To avoid basic and boring centerpieces, lay colorful plaid fabrics across the tables. You can use crocus, dahlia, nerine, or begonia flowers.

  1. Simple Free Spirited Centerpieces

Simple Free Spirited Centerpieces

Wedding tables don’t have to be full covered in decoration. In fact, too crowded decoration can be overkill. It’s important to keep the balanced looks, and if you are on budget, it is better to keep it simple.

With the simple free spirited centerpieces, you only need small flowers decoration and tinted glass bottles. Alliums, sweet peas, freesia, and clematises are few types of flowers you can incorporate for your cheap wedding centerpieces decoration.

  1. Tulips and Candles Wedding Centerpieces

Tulips and Candles Wedding Centerpieces

Tulips are the flowers that symbolize perfect love. There are a lot of color varieties of tulips. Just like any other flowers, different color of tulips can carry different meaning. Red tulips commonly associated with true love.

For unique cheap wedding centerpieces, you will need tulips and tall glass filled with water. Place the full body of the tulips inside the water so they have long durability and can stay fresh during the wedding event.

  1. Elegant Tall Candles Wedding Centerpieces

Elegant Tall Candles Wedding Centerpieces

If you prefer not using flowers, candles can be great alternative. These elegant centerpieces have pink, gold, white, and rose gold color palettes. They are simple, beautiful, stunning, and easy to create or find.

Choose candles with different heights and colors, but stay on the color theme. You can pair white plates and gold colored tableware.

  1. Winter Paper Flowers

Winter Paper Flowers

If you happened to hold your wedding in winter season, it may be hard to find fresh blossoming flower. They would absolutely be pricier than flowers in spring season. Paper flowers can be your solution for cheap wedding centerpieces.

The white color of the paper flowers match well with the winter theme. To give a nod to the Christmas holiday, you can use silver Christmas ball as the center of the flowers. Arrange them in mint colored julep cups and silver trumpet vases.

  1. Wildflower in Cups Wedding Centerpieces

Wildflower in Cups

Not only beautiful, these cheap wedding centerpieces using white wildflowers are so cute they will melt your guests’ hearts. You don’t need a lot of flowers because teacups are available in relatively small size so you can save your budget.

You can use any types of wildflowers. But white wildflowers such as Ontario wildflowers will fit the best with the wedding theme.

  1. Bright and Fresh Fruits Centerpieces

Bright and Fresh Fruits Centerpieces

There is nothing wrong with using fruit as centerpieces. Vibrant and bright colored fruits such as oranges and citruses can give fresh vibes to your wedding. It is especially easy to do if you live in a place with high productivity of certain fruits.

Place the fruits inside wooden box or basket. Besides being an eye candy, your guests can also taste them and you can promote specific fresh fruits from your area.

  1. Seashell in a Glass Centerpieces

Seashell in a Glass Centerpieces

Seashell is a great material for cheap wedding centerpieces. It is especially perfect if you are having a beach themed wedding. You can buy seashell in a big bulk with affordable prices.

To have these seashell centerpieces, you need to fill soil to one eighth of the glass. Then place your seashell inside according to your liking. Clear displays work best. Also match your tableware with soft, neutral, and pastel colors.

  1. Magical Paper Lantern

Magical Paper Lantern

On the nighttime of the wedding events, consider these beautiful paper lanterns. Paper is inexpensive, easy to get, and easy to decorate materials. You can light the paper lanterns up by using candles or led lights.

To add textures into the paper, cut flowers and leaves patterns into the paper. Be careful not to cut them too much. You can find the papercut template on the internet and make your DIY paper lanterns.

  1. Soft Pretty Peonies For Wedding Centerpieces

Soft Pretty Peonies For Wedding Centerpieces

What’s better flower for wedding decoration than peony? Peony symbolizes happy marriage, good fortune, romance and prosperity, everything you wish for a marriage. With varieties of soft and pastel colors like white, pink, and cream, you can make peonies as the decoration for cheap wedding centerpieces.

All you need to prepare are a bulk of peonies, water, and clear glass displays. Fill the clear glass with water, and arrange your peonies inside them. It is simple, easy, and elegant to set on your wedding tables.

  1. White Lily of The Valley

White Lily of The Valley

Lily of the valley is the iconic flower for wedding decoration. You can use it in any elements of wedding decorations, including the bouquet, the brides’ hairstyle, and of course, the centerpieces.

You can use only lily of the valley or mix it with other flowers. They give elegant feelings and their tiny white buds will beautifully contrast with their bold green leaves. They also have heavenly fragrance as a plus.

  1. Modest Vintage Gerbera Daisy

Modest Vintage Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisy is the popular, delightful, easy to find, and budget friendly option for cheap wedding centerpieces. They are simple, not plain and dull kind of simple, but the charming and easy on the eyes kind of simple.

Place your gerbera daisies in a mason jars filled with water. Decorate the mason jars with thin rope or ribbons. For additional decorations, add greenery or small flower buds like baby’s breath.

  1. Long garland and Candles

Long garland and Candles

This style of cheap wedding centerpieces is inspired by Italian rustic styles. They look minimalist and elegant.

All you need for the centerpieces are candles and long garland. Place the candles in small jars and set them beside the long garland.

  1. Periwinkle Hyacinth and Blue Anemone

Periwinkle Hyacinth and Blue Anemone

Hyacinth is an underrated flower for wedding centerpieces. So are different shades of blue and violets. Together with anemone, they can make stunning cheap wedding centerpieces.

During the spring, hyacinth can bloom with really pleasant fragrance. Use bud vases and set them sparingly on your wedding tables.

Above are 20 options for cheap wedding centerpieces. Choose an idea for your centerpieces according to the season or your wedding theme and decoration. It help your budget if you choose in-season flowers for your wedding centerpieces.

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