The Adorable and Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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Having bridesmaid proposal ideas is important before you have the nerve to pop the question to the girls. Instead of just saying it, try to ask the question using these ideas below. It will make the special moment even well-remembered.

Here are some of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas that you should try. No girl will have the heart to say no to these kinds of proposal. Try to choose one that you think suit your style the most and will make everyone happy.

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    Hamper Box

Hamper Box

One of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas is the hamper box. Every girl loves the hamper box. They contain everything they need to look beautiful. The picture shows you a proposal written on the box.

The box seems easy to make because it can be made out of simple timber. It can be filled with anything you want and anything the bridesmaid-to-be tends to love.

  1. Ceramic Jewelry Box

Ceramic Jewelry Box

When the groom-to-be proposed the woman with beautiful ring inside a beautiful jewelry box, the bride-to-be can do the same to the bridesmaid, without the ring, though.

In the picture, you can see a cute jewelry box made out of ceramic. It is in heart shape and inside the box is the proposal question. It looks so cute and adorable that everyone would love to have one.

  1. Customized Jar

Customized Jar

Mason jar has been around for years and they are very versatile. They can be used for bridesmaid proposing as well. The best thing about the jars is that they can be filled with practically anything.

Take a good look of the picture. It shows you how adorable it is to pop the bridesmaid question using a Mason jar. The jar is customized so that the bridesmaid-to-be feels completely honored.

  1. Balloon Proposal

Balloon Proposal

One of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas is to pop the question using balloon. Decorative balloons are now very easy to find and they can be customized as well.

The picture shows you a bridesmaid proposal using customized balloons. The balloons have the question and it has a box down the bottom. It is presumably filled with gifts for the bridesmaids.

  1. Everyone Loves Ice Cream

Everyone Loves Ice Cream

If you want to ask your friends to be the bridesmaids on your big day and you know they love ice cream, why not use ice cream to pop the question? Surely they will love the idea and say yes.

In the picture, you can see several yummy ice creams with different toppings and flavors. In front of them is the proposal card that should be read by the bridesmaids. Ice cream treats will always work to put a smile on their faces.

  1. Yummy Cookies

Yummy Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. That is for sure. Thankfully, cookies are now considered as arts, too, as they can be customized, decorated, and designed as creative as possible. One of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas here is to involve cookies.

The picture shows you a box of bridesmaid proposal with nothing but cookies inside of it. However, instead of good old fashioned chocolate chips cookies, the cookies in there are in the various shapes of bridesmaid-related theme. It has the question, too, in there.

  1. Cute Tumblers

Cute Tumblers

When you want to give something useful for the bridesmaid and you want that thing to last for goods, you will probably needs durable thing like tumblers.

In the picture, it is shown several customized tumbler made out of metal-like material. The tumblers are engraved in the bridesmaid’s name. They look totally whimsical but they will surely last forever, with proper care of course.

  1. Say it with Chocolate

Say it with Chocolate

There is no doubt that chocolate will practically solve everything, including making sure that the bridesmaid-to-be says yes on the proposal. No one is going to be capable in resisting a proposal written on delicious chocolate.

The picture is the example why bridesmaid proposal ideas involving chocolate is brilliant. The chocolate looks totally adorable and mouth-watering. This is why the idea of proposing using chocolate should always be considered.

  1. In the Bottom of the Mug

In the Bottom of the Mug

The best bridesmaid proposal ideas can always involve breakfast. Invite the bridesmaids-to-be over for breakfast. Then, serve them with some toasts and good old-fashioned cup of coffee.

The mug of for the coffee (or tea) is customized, though. Down in the bottom of the mug, the proposal is written. When the girls are finished with their morning beverages, ask them to look at the bottom of their mug. Surely, they will get totally surprised.

  1. Doughnut Saves the Day

Doughnut Saves the Day

No one, absolutely no one, can resist doughnut. The round and hollow-centered cake can be glazed and topped with anything, making them even more delicious to eat. This is why you need to get doughnut for bridesmaid proposal.

As shown in the picture, the bridesmaid-to-be will love to receive this kind of proposal. It is written in doughnut box. If the girls love to eat the doughnut, she will certainly say yes even before reading the question.

  1. Good Old-Fashioned Gift Box

Good Old-Fashioned Gift Box

The best ways to propose for bridesmaid is by using gift box. The gift box can contain anything that will make the bridesmaid happy. The bridesmaid proposal ideas in the picture show you the example.

It is a gift box of assorted things, starting from cologne to a couple of Ferrero-Rocher chocolate balls. The messages are displayed on the lid of the box, making the receiver reads it directly after the box being opened.

  1. Box with Gems

Box with Gems

If you have enough money for the proposal, you can set up something fancy, like buying the bridesmaid-to-be some jewelry. In the picture, the jewelry is in the shape of rings with gem on it.

The message or the proposal is written on the box. Once opened, the box is going to display the message and for sure the bridesmaid-to-be will be honored.

  1. Wine Bag Burlap

Wine Bag Burlap

Sometimes, the best bridesmaid proposal ideas have to involve wine. Everyone loves wine. It is the best way to celebrate something special. For the proposal, you can be creative and use the wine itself.

In the picture, the proposal question is written on the burlap bag covering the wine. Hand the wine over to the bridesmaid-to-be and then ask her to read what is written on the bag. After she says yes, pop the wine open and celebrate.

  1. Earring Gift

Earring Gift

Again, if you have money or more budget for the proposal, get the girls some jewelry. They will love it and they will say yes for the proposal.

The picture shows you a creative way of using earring gift to ask the question. It looks so cute and adorable that everyone will not resist them for sure.

  1. Tiny Cakes

Tiny Cakes

When the bridesmaid girls love cake, you can surely use individual tiny cakes, just like the ones in the picture, to pop the question.

The cakes are arranged in a box, decorated in pretty toppings and glaze, and then the messages are displayed on the lid of the box and in the cake itself. It looks so stunning (and delicious).

  1. Message in the Bottle

Message in the Bottle

The gift box for bridesmaid in the picture shows you several items, including a bottle. The bottle can be opened and there is this rugged piece of paper inside it.

The piece of paper contains the question. It looks so creative and full of efforts. The girls will totally say yes.

  1. For the Love of Cupcake

For the Love of Cupcake

A lot of types of sweets can be used as a method to propose to the bridesmaid-to-be. However, cupcake seems to the best.

They are adorable and pretty, just like the ones in the picture. The proposal question is written on top of the frosting. They look yummy as well as stunning.

  1. “Mermaid” of Honor

Mermaid of Honor

If you like playing puns, this is the example of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas. Instead of regular gift box, the special girl is given “mermaid” of honor box.

It has everything with mermaid-related themed inside the box, including nail polish and scented candles.

  1. Macarons chic bridesmaid proposal ideas

Macarons chic bridesmaid proposal ideas

When the bridesmaids-to-be has sweet tooth, you cannot miss the opportunity of spoiling them with proposal written over fancy macaroons.

The pink, presumably strawberry, macaroons are lined up and arranged in certain way to create the proposal message. It looks delicious and pretty for sure.

  1. Cheesecake in Jars

Cheesecake in Jars

The last bridesmaid proposal ideas here should always involve cheesecake. Instead of big cheesecake, you can serve your bridesmaid with individual cheesecake in jars.

The proposal question is glued on the top of the jar. They will surely read them before opening the sweet, tempting dessert.

Now that you know there are a lot of ideas to do when it comes to proposing bridesmaid, you can choose any of them that you think the best and most suitable for you. With all these bridesmaid proposal ideas, your wedding plan is going to be dashing right from the start.

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