1 Year Anniversary Ideas for Boyfriend and Various Cute References of Items

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Celebrating your anniversary with your boyfriend can be good moment. It is moment to remember all things that have been passed. It will be better when you and your boyfriend can have anniversary gifts. In this case, you may need 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend.

Basically, it is not too difficult to find the gifts. Men will love gifts from the beloved person. However, it does not mean you can give simple things. It is better to get something special, and here are the references.

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    Leather wallet

Leather wallet

First reference of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend is a leather wallet. Men need wallets and leather is perfect material to show the masculine side of your man. He will love the wallet.

For the design, it looks simple. It has natural color of leather it keeps the natural texture. There is also patter of flag as the only design applied on this wallet. It looks simple, yet it has classy design.

  1. Unique watch

Unique watch

Watch also becomes good gift for the anniversary. You can find couple watches both for you and your boyfriend. Of course, he will always have the watch on his hand.

Related to the watch, both of them have similar design. They are made from wooden for the watch material. Then, there is leather for belts. On the back, there is engraved sweet quote.

  1. Wooden dock

A multifunction dock is another good reference of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend. The dock is fully made from wood. In order to show that it is for your boyfriend, you can carve his name on the dock.


It is quite simple but it has complete part. There is part for smartphone.  Then, there is place to hang keys. Even, wallet, watch, and bracelets can be placed nicely on the multifunction dock.

  1. Classy watch with special text

Classy watch with special text

Men love watches. When he does not like the unique watches, you may give him watch with classy design. In order to make it special, of course you will need to do something.

For the design, black color and white details look attractive and masculine. Then, the watch box has special quote. It is a handwritten quote and surely it is good reference of how to make special gift.

  1. Anniversary box

Anniversary box

It is good idea to give him what he loves. There can be some gifts in a box and it is good reference of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend.

In the box, it has joystick for game console. There are also other stuffs to find. Then, the box is customized with some ornaments and photos. It surely makes the box more meaningful.

  1. Sweet collage

Sweet collage

When you have many photos with your boyfriend, you can make them into nice and special gift. Collage is good idea to arrange the photos.

Since it is your first anniversary, you may arrange the photos to from the number of your anniversary. It will not be difficult, but the result will be special.

  1. Shoes and lovely quote


Shoes and lovely quote

It may be annoying to see your boyfriend wearing the old shoes. If it is your problem, you can pick shoes as the idea of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend.

Of course, it should be special shoes. You may pick based on his favorite color or brand. Then, sweet handwritten quote will make the gift more than just special gift. It will surely make him love you more.

  1. 365 sweet quotes

365 sweet quotes

Giving him sweet box containing 365 quotes is good and unique idea. You do not need to make sweet quotes. In this case, you can write reasons why you love him in each paper.

He will surely love to read each of the paper. Even, he will keep repeating the reasons. In order to make it more special and personal, you may give your kiss on the box. It is surely sweet.

  1. Reasons of loving your boyfriend


It is similar to the previous idea of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend. However, it is designed in different way and concept. In this part, the is written and shown in photos.

It is big photo album. The cover is decorated with sweet ornaments. Then, there are many photos of you and your boyfriend. Each of photos gets quotes and reasons why you love him. 

  1. Anniversary box


Anniversary box

Box is good media to send your gifts. There is no rule stating that you can only give him a gift. It is fine to have some gifts and it is good to make them into a box.

It is an anniversary box. The box is made from the used box. Yet, it gets additional layer with some sweet words on the some sides. Inside the box, there are some stuff loved by your man.

  1. Bottle of reasons

Bottle of reasons


It is nice to write down your reasons of loving him. In this case, you may write each of reason in a piece of paper. Then, you can make them as gift for him.

Bottle becomes good package. It can be simple gift, but your boyfriend surely appreciates it. It is because it becomes lovely jar of your reasons in loving him.

  1. Mug with quotes

Mug with quotes

For the next reference of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend, mug can be chosen. It is gift that will always be used. Even, it can be special mugs for you and him in enjoying the quality time.

In order to make the mug more special, customized mugs is good option. Adding sweet quote is what is needed to do. Funny quotes can be chosen when you love making jokes with him. 

  1. Medal of first anniversary

Medal of first anniversary

First anniversary should be celebrated and it is good achievement. Then, both you and your boyfriend deserve a medal. It will be your lovely medal.

The medal has “1” as the main part. It is covered by some photos of you and your boyfriend. In order to make it more special, there is additional part showing your and his special date.

  1. Coin of history


Coin of history

As its name, coins become important part of the gift. There are some coins with different value. Each of them is made to represent your and her special year.

It is unique idea of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend. The coins are arranged on a paper. Then, the paper and coins are framed. To make it more brilliant, adding some quote is good idea.

  1. Wall of fame


Wall of fame

For the anniversary gift, you can make your own wall of fame. It is not wall decorated with various achievements, but you can make wall of your boyfriend’s room full of sweet quote. The quotes are written on papers.

It is unique idea of gift. Of course, it is special since the quotes are written by your own hands. Then, there are various quotes that will be custom wallpaper in your boyfriend’s space. 

  1. Customized pillow


Customized pillow

If your boyfriend loves spending time on bed or sofa, customized pillows become nice option of gift. It is not big problem to customize the pillow case and you only need to get the design.

Your and his special date becomes the main design. Adding some text and his name will make it perfect gift. It is simple, but your boyfriend will always remember the special moments with you.

  1. Artistic folded paper

Artistic folded paper

When you need something artistic and special, folded paper is good choice. This is kind of special art and it can have your and his initial designed by the folded papers.

The papers are folded in the book. It is like having pages of paper is folded and designed to create the initial. It is nice and it can be made as the good gift and room ornament.

  1. Couple t-shirt

Couple t-shirt

Couple t-shirt becomes next reference of 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend. You may have ever seen this kind of gift, but it does not mean that it is not special.

You can make the design. It is not necessary to make complicated design. Simple and nice design is enough and then you can wear the t-shirt for photo session. It is surely good idea. 

  1. Sweet keychain

Sweet keychain

Keychain is also nice and simple idea. It is small and cute. You and your boyfriend can use the keychain in some spots where you both can always see.

Similar key chains made from metal will be great idea. Of course, you dp not need ot make it by yourself. It is only about the design and professionals will do the job. It is small yet memorable gift.

  1. Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner

For the last gift idea, you can have invitation of romantic dinner. The invitation can be written or designed on a piece of paper and sent by using gift box.

Romantic dinner will be special moment to celebrate all great things faced in the whole year. It is good time to recall all memories and gain bigger power for upcoming journey.

Those are some ideas of gift to celebrate the first anniversary. You get plenty of ideas of gifts for your boyfriends. These all will be enough to give you insights of special item to give. He will always love your gift, but it is always better to find special 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend.

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